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During the life nearly everybody somehow is connected with Bodybuilding and Fitness.
Being the World‘s Leader of the Official Sport of Bodybuilding and Fitness the WFF-WBBF (World Fitness Federation, World Body Building Federation) International Federation is working over the „World Bodybuilding Encyclopedia“ and
preparesthe historical Article - Revue of the World‘s Bodybuilding Sport.

The International Bodybuilding Organizations and the Countries that were and still are really important for the Official International Bodybuilding Sport will be covered in this Article. You know that many of so called „International Federations“ just fool the public as they are not official by Law and play no role for the Official Sport in real.


Working on the above mentioned materials the WFF-WBBF International prepares analytical revue of the bodybuilding sport in Czech and Slovak Republics. The revue includes the history of bodybuilding in both Countries (former Czechoslovakia), most important sportsmen and sport organizers of all times.

Few or us know that at the definite period of time Czechoslovakia bodybuilding has played such a very important role for the International Sport. We will cover the history and we will tell this strory.
The similar historic revues are already done about the bodybuilding sport in USA, UK, France, Scandinavia Countries, Belgium, India, Iran, Argentina, Poland, Belarus, Ukraine and Estonia. Still remaining only a few Countries.



Last Century for a long time the World was divided by the „Iron Wall“ in two parts: the Socialist and the Capitalist. For political reasons the Bodybuilding Sport was prohibited and prosecuted in all Socialist Countries. Effected by the occasionally from the Western World received  Bodybuilding Magazines the Bodybuilding Sport in Socialist Countries went their own original way.

Quite a long time the only one traditional regular International Bodybuilding Contest of all the Socialist World was the famous historical „Amber Prix International“ („Gintarinis prizas“, „Янтарный приз“, 1968-2014). Today all know that during the long years of the Bodybuilding Sport prohibition and prosecution the „Amber Prix International“ was the uofficial Bodybuilding Championship of the USSR (Union of the Soviet Sociqalist Republics). Later on the USSR Sport Ministry („Goskomsport“) officially accepted this fact and started presenteing prestigeous „USSR Sport Master“ degrees for the „Amber Prix International“ Champions. In real due to the number and the level of the participating Countries and Competitors the „Amber Prix International“ was the unofficial World Championship of the Socialist Countries.

Czechoslovakia Bodybuilding as it was in all Socialist Countries can be divided in three periods:

-          First period until 1975. Then due to the initiative of the President Czechoslovakia National Bodybuilding Federation VOTECH FIALA this Federation joined the International Sport Society and get political permittion to participate at the private IFBB (International Federation of Body Builders) Commercial Company World and Europe Championships. For a long time the Czechoslovakia was the only one Socialsit Country which had this unique permittion. No one other Socialist Country could do the same for a long time.


-          Second period until 1988, when Bodybuilding Sport was under severe prosecution in the Socialist Countries


-          Third period after 1991, when the National Bodybuilding Organizations of all Socialist Countries felt real freedom to join the International Bodybuilding Sport Society.


We will speak about each period individually.



The history of the Czechoslovakia Bodybuilding starts in 1967. Then the first Czechoslovakia Bodybuilder JURAJ VISNY was known  after a number of sucessfull contests on International Level.


In 1975 for two months DSc. EDMUNDAS DAUBARAS  was working in Prague. Remember - it was the time when for political reasons Bodybuilding in all Socialist Countries was prohibited and prosecuted. Being afrayed nobody of the Sport Leaders in the Socialist Countries dared to do anything to develop Bodybuilding (more information and documents about this are published in various languages in the International Magazines „Sport of Fitness and Bodybuilding“ («Спортивныйфитнесикультуризм») and on the International Web Site, read Articles on the main page and forum topics „World Bodybuilding History. How it was in real“ and „Various International Organizations“).

1975 was the unique year for Czechoslovakia bodybuilders. Then the  President Czechoslovakia National Bodybuilding Federation was VOJTECH FIALA.  Due to VOJTECH FIALA personal efforts and personal relations with the Government Czechoslovakia and a number of International Organizations Czechoslovakia Federation got the unique political permittion to participate at the Competitions of the „Western World“. That were the Contests organized by the Owner and the President of Commercial IFBB Company BEN WEIDER. This was the unbelievable Winning of all Socialist bodybuilders as for nearly two next decades no other National Federation af any Socialist Countiries could participate in the „Western World“, but Czechoslovakia.

After meeting the President Czechoslovakia National Bodybuilding Federation VOJTECH FIALA  in 1975 DSc. EDMUNDAS DAUBARAS  could not only watch but he could even to participate at the very important International Bodybuilding Events as well. Then DSc. EDMUNDAS DAUBARAS was invited as a VIP Guest to participate at two Meetings of the Czechoslovakia National Bodybuilding Federation Executive Council in Brno. Another Czechoslovakia Bodybuilding Leader Professor FRANTISEK BULVA  was present at the above mentioned Meetings too. Among other guestions the matter of the relations with the USSR Bodybuilding was discussed over. In order to continue the relations the Executive Council appointed IVAN MACH to be responsible for the USSR matters (later Ivan Mach became the President of the Czechoslovakia National Bodybuilding Federation).

Under the initiative of the President VOJTECH FIALA  DSc. EDMUNDAS DAUBARAS again as a VIP Guest attended the Camp of the National Bodybuilding Team of Czechoslovakia. DSc. EDMUNDAS DAUBARAS  personally met and spoke with the Czechoslovakia Team Leaders PETR STACH, PETR TLAPAK, ALOIS PEK  and a number of other Bodybuilders and National Trainers. In 1975 PETR STACH  was the first historical representative of the Socialist World who became Europe Bodybuilding Champion. Then in Sweden Czechoslovakia Bodybuilders was a shok for the „Western“ representatives as they demnostrated them a beautiful complex individual routines. Until this routine compositions of the „Western“ Bodybuilders vere plain and often primitive.



Through the time of the prohibition of bodybuilding sport in the Socialist Countries nobody even dreamed about the bodybuilding literature. The exception was in Czechoslovakia Bratislava issued  „Trener“ Magazine (in nineties a German DDR Weight Lifting Magazine started to publish some information too). During this time DSc. EDMUNDAS DAUBARAS  used to give articles and contest information for these Magazines. Also for BEN WEIDER‘S „Flex“ magazine. All magazines used to publishe the DSc. EDMUNDAS DAUBARAS given materials. First of all it was information from the World‘s Oldest Traditional Bodybuilding Contest, the only one anual International Bodybuilding Event in all Socialist Counties, the „Amber Prix International“ (1968-2014). The Czechoslovakia „Trener“ Magazines were published by JOZEF MAZAK and later by MILAN PERDOCH.



The first great victory against the political Communist Regime during the time of  prohibition and prosecution of bodybuilding sport in the Socialist Countries was achieved in 1977 by personal efforts and personal risk of DSc. EDMUNDAS DAUBARAS. Then the USSR political power gave him the unique exceptional permittion to organize anual bodybuilding  contest „Amber Prix International“ in Klaipeda, Lithuania.

That were the exact activities and actions of the President WFF-WBBF International DSc. EDMUNDAS DAUBARAS which during his  Official Visit to the Vatican Administration were named by the Vatican Congregat Prefect J. Em. JOZEF KARDINAL TOMKO  as the „dissident“ actions against the political Communist Regime (2011).

For this work done the Vatican Congregat Perfect J. Em. JOZEF KARDINAL TOMKO presented the Vatican Pontific Medal (Medaglia Ufficiale di Pontificato di Sua Santita Benedetto XVI) to the International President WFF-WBBF DSc. EDMUNDAS DAUBARAS  (Headquarters State Vatican, Cita del Vaticano, March 29, 2011). More information and documents about all these matters are published in various languages in the International Magazines „Sport of Fitness and Bodybuilding“ («Спортивныйфитнесикультуризм») and on the International Web Site, read Articles on the main page and forum topics „World Bodybuilding History. How it was in real“ and „Various International Organizations“.

In 1977 already for the second time in a row DSc. EDMUNDAS DAUBARAS  went to work in Czechoslovakia for two months again. After the first real political victory to organize „Amber Prix International“ was achieved,  DSc. EDMUNDAS DAUBARAS went to Prague with another unbelievable brave International idea that did not corresponded with the political Communist Regime again. During the time of bodybuilding prohibition DSc. EDMUNDAS DAUBARAS set a plan to organize International Bodybuilding Competition between USSR and Czechoslovakia National Bodybuilding Teams. Thet was the unbelievable fantastic idea. First the contest should be organized in Klaipeda (Lithuania) and after in Prague. The USSR and Lithuania Sport Stuff did not support DSc. EDMUNDAS DAUBARAS. Even more, they wanted to stop and thretenned him. But the big wish of DSc. EDMUNDAS DAUBARAS to do good for the bodybuilding sport was very big and he dared to go on.

Then in Prague were organized a number of mutual meetings of DSc. EDMUNDAS DAUBARAS  and the President Czechoslovakia National Bodybuilding Federation VOJTECH FIALA  and his assistant IVAN MACH. After this all of them met the Chairman of the Ministry Sport Czechoslovakia. During these meetings were set and spoken all details to fulfil the International DSc. EDMUNDAS DAUBARAS idea.

It was very good that Czechoslovacs were positive towards DSc. EDMUNDAS DAUBARAS International plans as the Czechoslovakia bodybuilding was on the same way as the prohibited USSR and Lithuania sport. All of us had to behave brave in order to get the positive results in standing against the bodybuilding sport enemies we had to use not standard methods.

Nobody of the Bodybuilding Sport Leaders believed in success, but DSc. EDMUNDAS DAUBARAS  won again. It was the second time DSc. EDMUNDAS DAUBARAS  managed to make the Political Communist Regime Officials (not Sport officials who were afrayed to move!!!) to beleive of the necessity of the International Sport Cooperation between the Socialist Countries. In Bodybuilding as well. Especially it was about the Czechoslovakia Republic which was right after the 1968 unsuccessfull  anti – Communist Revolution.  The polititians a little changed DSc. EDMUNDAS DAUBARAS  palns and suggested to organize the first International Bodybuilding Event in Czechoslovakia Prague and only after this in Klaipeda. But that was not so important . We won again!

Step by step DSc. EDMUNDAS DAUBARAS received for all top USSR Bodybuilders personal invitations to participate in Prague in 1978. The best bodybuilders of the USSR were the Lithuanian ones and that made DSc. EDMUNDAS DAUBARAS  contest preparation work much easier. It seemed that it is the time to make the last finishing touches... Unfortunatelly some bad sides of the human being appeared – the envy. The USSR and Lithuania Bodybuilding Leaders who were afrayed to support DSc. EDMUNDAS DAUBARAS  initiatives and works before, now they could not stand the success of the coming International Project. They wrote blackmailing letters to the Political Police. And their intriques and activites ruined the plans and all the hard work done went to zero. Later on the same USSR Bodybuilding Officials many times did the same „devils“work  - they offended and blackmailed their collegues. It happened during the first visits of the Owner and the President of the IFBB Commercial Company BEN WEIDER to the USSR (1974 and 1987). They organized International intriques  about the Over All „Amber Prix International“ Champion OLEV ANNUS (Estonia, 1981). They organized International intriques  about the Over All „Amber Prix International“ Champions ROLANDAS BUCINSKAS  and JURUJ GUSEV (Lithuania, 1980-1981). They organized International intriques  about the Over All „Amber Prix International“ Champions VIKTORAS JUCYS  and SAULIUS MISEVICIUS (Lithuania, 1988). End a number of more similar facts...



As we have written before, after DSc. EDMUNDAS DAUBARAS efforts for Bodybuiding Sport the „Iron Wall“ was broken and the sport life became more easy.  The constant relations between Socialist Countries started to be regular. Still only the Czechoslovakia bodybuilders used to participate at the „Western“ contests and this was a very important example for other Countries to follow. Anyway the Socialist Countries always did their best to organize their own International Bodybuilding Events. In the nineties of the last Century the best USSR bodybuilders used to participate in Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary and German Democratic Republic (DDR).

During this time a famous top level bodybuilding trainer LUDEK NOSEK  organized the  regular traditional International Bodybuilding „Sandow“ Competitions in Czechoslovakia Marianske Lazne resort. Later LUDEK NOSEK was the President National Bodybuilding Federation of Czechoslovakia. Appointed by the Ministry Sport Lithuania (Minister Sport ZIGMAS MOTIEKAITIS) DSc. EDMUNDAS DAUBARAS  several times led the National Team Lithuania to the „Sandow“ Contest. Among the participants were the best Soviet time sportsmen „Amber Prix International“ champions ROLANDAS BUCINSKAS, ZIGMAS PRALGAUSKAS, RIMONTAS MAZIONIS  and SAULIUS MISEVICIUS. It used to be that  right after the Marianske Lazne „Sandow“ Contest a number of International Bodybuilding Events were organized in other Czechoslovakia places. And Lithuanians participated at those competitions too.

More information and documents about all these matters are published in various languages in the International Magazines „Sport of Fitness and Bodybuilding“ («Спортивныйфитнесикультуризм») and on the International Web Site, read Articles on the main page and forum topics „World Bodybuilding History. How it was in real“ and „Various International Organizations“.



Supported by the Ministry Sport Republic Lithuania DSc. EDMUNDAS DAUBARAS organized first Europe Championship in Lithuanian Klaipeda City in 1996. In Lithuania that was the first so high ranked International Bodybuildin Event ever. Also it was the first Official  International Event in Lithuania after the Country restored it‘s Independence in 1991. Then it was Czech organizer BOB DIVILEK who led the Czech National Team at this Event. Knowing so many years lasting DSc. EDMUNDAS DAUBARAS International work in Czechoslovakia, BOB DIVILEK invited Lithuania National Team to the International Bodybuilding Contest in the City of Zlin (1996).

DSc. EDMUNDAS DAUBARAS led the National Team to Czech that consisted of the National Champions ALGIRDAS KILCIAUSKAS, VYTAUTAS KINDURYS  and IDALIJA KAMINSKAITE. One of the Contest Judges at the Event was Professor KAREL TUCHACEK from Prague. Seeing the high status of the participating Lithuania Bodybuilders Professor KAREL TUCHACEK invited them to the soon coming International “Mega Pro” Contests in Prague and Brno Cities. Lithuanians agreed to remain in Czech and to continue participating further. Again among the numerous International participants Lithuanians took high places. Due to this the main “Mega Pro” Contest organizer and the former Europe Champion LIBOR MINARIK  invited Lithuania National Team to the same International Events in Pargue and Brno  next year (1997).

After back from „Mega Pro“ Lithuania Bodybuilders became very famous as Lithuania Press and National Television made numerous reports about their wins. Unfortunatelly not everybody liked this success...

After received the official Invitation Lithuania National Bodybuilding Team led by DSc. EDMUNDAS DAUBARAS went to Chech Contests again in 1997. Right before Lithuanians went on the Contest stage the National IFBB Lithuania President called to the Czech Organizer LIBOR MINARIK  and insisted he will not let Lithuanians participate at these Events. His reason was that the Lithuanians were representing another sport Federation but IFBB (International Federation of Body Builders). LIBOR MINARIK  told him that he ivited his old friends to Czech Competitions and he see no reason to forbid them participating. Again in 1997 Lithuanians took high places among all International Competitors. But that was not the end. Envying the wins of their natives the Lithuania IFBB leaders wrote a letter to the Owner and the President of the IFBB Commercial Company BEN WEIDER (Canada). BEN WEIDER told the Czech IFBB representatives that if they will alow Lithuanians participating again the Czech National  Team will be suspended for a long time from all IFBB Contests. This was the last important Lithuania International Bodybuilding wins in Czech Republic. After this no other Lithuanian won any important International Event in Czech Competitions again.




It seems that even one man can do a lot on International Level. A famous Czech businessman MARTIN KUTA was always a fitness sport fan. In 2005 MARTIN KUTA  addressed the WFF-WBBF International President DSc. EDMUNDAS DAUBARAS asking permittion to represent as the Chairman the WFF-WBBF Federation in Czech Republic and to organize anual WFF Fitness Professional World Championship in Prague. From 1999 MARTIN KUTA used to organize a fitness competition in Prague, but this contest had no official International Contest Status.

The initiative of MARTIN KUTA  was supported by the Major City Prague and by one of the Czech Socialdemocratic Party Leaders PETR HULINSKI. The WFF Pro World Championship Organizers took the responsibility to collect every year five hundred thousand Euro for the competition as the prize money for Pros, as the payment for luxuriuos transport, food and accomodation for the International Delegates. The WFF-WBBF International was responsible to collect the Best International Pro Fitness Competitors.

The common work started in 2006. Every year the Czech Organizers hired a famous historic barocco Zofrin Palace that was placed on the Vltava river island right in the centre of Prague City. The Major City Prague was personally present at every WFF Pro Event and all possible Czech Media was televising and covering the World Championship  as well. Every Event was crowned by a superious banquett where Czech VIP persons could communicate with the famous International Ahletes direct.

At the WFF contests in Prague worked a number of famous Czech bodybuilding personalities among which were PETR STACH  and Professor KAREL TUCHACEK.

Once it happened that a famous USA Pro Bodybuilder JUSTIN DEXTER after his win at the JOE WEIDER‘S „OLYMPIA“ was in Prague. Having no possibilities to honour the famous bodybuilder themselves the Czech IFBB Leaders asked the Czech National WFF-WBBF President MARTIN KUTA  to help them and to let JUSTIN DEXTER  stay at one of his hotels in Prague. The WFF-WBBF President agreed to help another friendly Federation. Why not?

During the mentioned period of time MARTIN KUTA led the WFF-WBBF Czech National Federation Delegates at the WFF-WBBF International Events in Austria, Poland, Germany and Lithuania. MARTIN KUTA  was among the International Delegates at the Official Meeting at the Parliament Republic Lithuania (2007, 2008) and at the International Press Conference at the Lithuania News Agency „ELTA“ (2008).

The nice initietive stopped when in 2010 MARTIN KUTA went to constant work to the USA. Nobody else in Czech Republic could replace MARTIN KUTA to continue the International activities he started once before.


More information on the International Site, see forum topics. Also information available on the Facebook pages: WFF-WBBF International, WFF-WBBF North America, WFF-WBBF South America, WFF-WBBF Asia, WFF-WBBF Europe, WFF-WBBF Africa, WFF-WBBF Asia Continental Federation.