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Every year the International Sport Society meets a number of new National and International Federations of various names and various kinds. Being very little public information available people and sportsmen have difficulties to understand what is what. Every of these federations  use to declare they are better than the other ones. But that are only declarations. For example NABBA (National Amateur Body Building Association, juridically it is a UK Public Club) was split three times during the last twenty years and the new federations appeared then. After these organizations also fighted inside and again were split. The process never ends and it gives nothing positive especially on for the Official Sport, for the recognition of bodybuilding...

For decades due to the false ways of development by the former International Sport Leaders today nobody looks towards bodybuilding seriously. Former beautiful kind of sport is turned in to business only. Manipulating with sportsmen, doping affairs, health and even lives of bodybuilders is a „normal everyday‘s“ case. Nothing is official and it seems like never stopping children‘s game. Bodybuilding lives in a closed inner circle, closed narrow society, which most people do not like or even hate. This is the image of bodybuilding today. And this image is very negative.

The main question for every federation today is the only one: what really positive this federation is doing for the OFFICIAL SPORT, what it can do to make contemporary problematic bodybuilding to be RECOGNIZED  and RESPECTED sport not only for bodybuilders themselves, but for all World‘s public society? We say „really positive“ because most federations say one and do the opposite. For example, a private commercial company IFBB (International Federation of Body Builders)  declared many interesting positive things. But some years ago after inner fighting the IFBB was split and divided. Then the Vice President IFBB PAUL CHUA (Singapore) and IFBB Lower ALEX BAUER (Austria) published the IFBB juridical documents. The long lasting IFBB lies was finished. The documents proved that he IFBB is not a federation, it is a provate commercial company. High International IFBB Officials were manipulating with doping. They were hiding doping results, for definite amount of money they let the guilty for doping usage sportsmen and officials remain unpunished. They were selling the programmes of how to use doping. That was the reason of a number of court trials in Poland for the High International IFBB Official and National President IFBB Poland PAVEL FILEBORN. The IFBB was hiding the cases when young sportsmen died. For these reasons IOC (International Olympic Committee) refused to recognize the IFBB. For this reason the IFBB was thrown out of the World Games and Asia Games, not long ago after a scandal at the International Event in Azerbajan Governments Poland and Ukraine stopped supporting and financing national IFBB federations  (see documents on the International Site, read forum topics „IFBB/EFBB illegal financial deals“ and „Various International Federations“). And when this we say about the IFBB  the juridical situation in another International Federations is even more worse. We could speak with humor about them, but all they do is not serious. This is the reason no Official International Organizations communicate with them.



Different to other International Federations being officially registered as a no profit International Social Sport Federation and having historical bodybuilding work background of nearly 50 years, the WFF-WBBF (World Fitness Federation, World Body Building Federation) International have already tried many ways to go (read in various languages published 33-34 Issues of the International Magazine „Sport of Fitness and Bodybuilding“ and see on the International Site, read forum topics „Unknown History of Bodybuilding. How it was in real“).

Being the World‘s Bodybuilding Leader today the WFF-WBBF unites 119 Countries from all Continents. Every year WFF-WBBF organizes over 60 International Events in many Countries.

WFF-WBBF International communicates with the Governmental and Social Institutions of many Countries. WFF-WBBF is in dialogue with most Official International Sport Structures, like IOC, WADA, GAISF etc..

WFF-WBBF work is supported by a number of International Religiuos Leaders, including the Vatican. Most impressive was the Vatican State evaluation of the positive work of the WFF-WBBF in developing total fitness and bodybuilding throughout the World. For this work done the Vatican Congregat Perfect J. Em. JOZEF KARDINAL TOMKO presented the Vatican Pontific Medal (Medaglia Ufficiale di Pontificato di Sua Santita Benedetto XVI) to the President WFF-WBBF DSc. EDMUNDAS DAUBARAS (Headquarters State Vatican, Cita del Vaticano, March 29, 2011).

It seems that the WFF-WBBF International is the sole one International Bodybuilding Structure which really cares for the bodybuilding sport to make it recognized and official, to make it real sport as many others Olympic Sports are. It is not easy, even not real, but the WFF-WBBF declares this to be it‘s priority and it permanently goes this way.

That is why we underline that speedy  growing number of new federations does not change the position of bodybuilding at all and it has zero value from the point of view of the OFFICIAL SPORT RECOGNITION.



More information on the International Site, see forum topics. Also information available on the Facebook pages: WFF-WBBF International, WFF-WBBF North America, WFF-WBBF South America, WFF-WBBF Asia, WFF-WBBF Europe, WFF-WBBF Africa, WFF-WBBF Asia Continental Federation.