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2016. The Congratulating Words of the President WFF-WBBF International DSc. Edmundas Daubaras.

During the last 50 years we have been working much and achieved good positive results in 2015 again.

I would like to underline tremendous work done by the WFF-WBBF (World Fitness Federation, World Body Building Federation) International VIP Officials Levent Deveci (Belgium),  Andrej Basov (Russia), Aleksandra Kobielak (Poland), Valentina Kozlovskaja and Vladimir Kurilcik (both Belarus), Ruben Pibe Rodriguez (Paraguay), Vytautas Mikuckis (Lithuania), Lalit Soni (India), Aleksej Filatov (Estonia), Gianni Almeida (Brazil).
Today the WFF-WBBF unites National Organizations from 123 Countries that represent all Continents.
In 2015 WFF-WBBF International organized over 60 various level Amateur and Professional competitions in various Countries. Among them the 48-th World’s Oldest Traditional Bodybuilding Contest “Amber Prix International” (Kaunas, Lithuania, 1968-2015).

Ending the year the WFF-WBBF International goes on working on the Unique Global Bodybuilding Project - „World Bodybuilding Encyclopedia“ («Энциклопедию мировогокультуризма»). That has been never done before by anyone else.
Both WFF-International and WBBF-International still are the only ones World Wide Officially Registered and really working International Non Profit Sport Organizations (Bodybuilding and Fitness).
Again in the 2015 activities of the WFF-WBBF International were evaluated positively: to present the International Federation the Official Meeting at the Parliament Republic Lithuania was held.
New ideas and tremendous work done for the International sport make the WFF and WBBF to be the today’s International Leaders in Bodybuilding and Fitness World Wide.
The WFF and WBBF do not live yesterday’s life. We have lots of new Global Bodybuilding Projects ahead. Among them is to set and register International Sport University in the nearest future.
God bless all of us in our sincere pray!