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Several years passed after the BEN WEIDER‘S Commercial Company IFBB (International Federation of Body Builders) split (it happened in 2009). Under various intriques the new owner of the IFBB Commercial Company became RAFAEL SANTONJA (Spain). Then the Asia and Arab Countires led by the IFBB Vice President PAUL CHUA (Singapore) left the IFBB and set their new Organization. By the way, in 2009 PAUL CHUA  and Sheikh AL SHAFAR (UAE, Dubai) did attempts to join the WFF-WBBF International  (World Fitness Federation, World Body Building Federation).

Today we can resume that IFBB on it‘s commercial activities is more away from the real sport as it was before.



Some time ago IFBB Commercial Company published new information  about Balkan activities. Defending commercial interests IFBB goes on baning and punishing sportsmen. The document on this is published below.



Several months ago we have spoken about the corruption in the National UK IFBB   Federation. Then several hundred  UK IFBB Bodybuilders and Trainers united to fight against the currupted IFBB Leaders.

Some time ago the President WFF-WBBF  International DSc. EDMUNDAS DAUBARAS  received a letter from Egypt. The former IFBB vice president, the founder of the IFBB in Arab Countires and IFBB Africa TAREK EL GUINDY  addressed the International WFF-WBBF President to help him with the Official IFBB documents  that are hidden from him.

We would like to remind You that some time ago over 600 Official IFBB documents proving the IFBB corruption, lies and falsification were sent to the International WFF-WBBF President DSc. EDMUNDAS DAUBARAS by the IFBB International Vice President PAUL CHUA  and the IFBB International Lawer and IFBB Austria President ALEX BAUER. They asked the WFF-WBBF International to  publish them. Also these documents were sent by them to the International Olympic Committee (IOC), all National Olympic Committees and International Anti Doping Agency WADA.

More information under the title „ILLEGAL IFBB FINANCIAL AND JURIDIC DEALS“ is on the International Site, see forum topics. Also information is available on the Facebook pages: WFF-WBBF International, WFF-WBBF North America, WFF-WBBF South America, WFF-WBBF Asia, WFF-WBBF Europe, WFF-WBBF Africa, WFF-WBBF Asia Continental Federation, International Sport University.

The letter of TAREK EL GUINDY:

Subject: RE: IFBB Corruption and Its Relationship with Egypt

Dear Sirs , We have read your Article "2014. BODYBUILDERS DO NOT UNDERSTAND IFBB POLITICS." Through  and found it extremely interesting and revealing for a lot of information related to unanswered suspicious questions about the IFBB activities and its relationship with the Egyptian bodybuilding federation corruption. 

In the past few years, we have noticed a lot of cover-ups activities conducted by IFBB officials to hide Egyptian body building team doping test results and over all real ranking, in fact they never reply to any questions raised by any person from Egypt to inquire about the results but the official Egyptian federation.  

They even create new titles to create even more propaganda to the Egypt team as a favor to the loyal partner Mr. Adel Fahim. One of the visible reasons for this strange unprofessional unethical behavior are the Wieder Academy in Egypt that generate millions of USD in Fake training certification and programs that doesn't have any legal existence in Egypt although it generate millions of dollars.

Our main problem is that we cannot get the legal references from any source that could prove these unethical activities and cover-ups

We would appreciate if you would kindly send us all the legal references related to corruption between IFBB and the Egyptian BB federation that is visible to every one but no one can prove .

We would really appreciate if you could send us the formal legal references asap. We really believe that WFF will be the next official International fedration in Egypt.
Let me introduce my self, I am Tarek El Gendy, the son of Abelhamid El Gendy (World Champion, founder of Arab and African federation and ex IFBB vice presedent) that has been betrayed by IFBB officials by refusing to support him when he needed them to apply the law. they have simply refused to give him any type of support and now Adel Fahim is getting all the support in the world from IFBB officials.
Should you need any further information please let me know.
Thanks for your kind cooperation & support.

Tarek El Gendy, Mob CA :+1  647 262 8696, Mob EG :+2 0100 511 5723“