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Let us speak about some of the very important historical moments of the World bodybuilding and let You judge about us by our works done, not words spoken.We will present „World Bodybuilding History“ articles in the folowing way:

-          Part 1. Ben Weider

-          Part 2. Prohibited Sport

-          Part 3. Communist Party Proclames the Champion

-          Part 4. Bodybuilding Lithrature

-          Part 5. First Through Iron Wall

-          Part 6. Your Own Oppinion

-          Part 7. Bodybuilding Future Decided in the Balcony

-          Part 8. Vatican Notices Our Efforts

Later will folow historical articles of the most important bodybuilding countries.


Part 3.


In 2017 the WFF-WBBF (World Fitness Federation, World Body Building Federation) held the 50-th „Amber Prix International“ (1968 – 2017, „Gintarinis prizas“, „
Янтарныйприз») Contest in Klaipeda (Republic Lithuania). Then the  Global CNN television made a report about the WFF-WBBF International activities that have seen one billion (one milliard) people World Wide.

Bodybuilding specialists and fans know very much about this World’s  Oldest Historic Bodybuilding Competition. We were informing before, that for many years when Bodybuilding Sport was prohibited and prosecuted in the Socialist Countries (especially in the USSR),  the “Amber Prix International” used to be the World Championship of the Socialist Countries, the unofficial Championship of the USSR. And later on this was recognized by the Sport Ministry (Goskomsport) of the USSR. Having in mind the high level of the “Amber Prix International”  and it’s political value to the International Sport, various special services and secret structures use „to keep an eye“ and to follow the competition. The importance of the “Amber Prix International” proves the fact, that right after the “Perestrojka”  began, the Ministry of Sport of the USSR  started to give highest governmental honorable “Soviet Sport Master” (мастерспортаСССР) degrees and other privileges for the Champions of the “Amber Prix International”.
The 1981 “Amber Prix International” competition was exceptional in the Socialist State Politics. Then a Russian weightlifter E.MOROZ was responsible for the Bodybuilding Sport  (атлетическая гимнастика) in the Ministry Sport USSR
(ГоскомспортСССР). But the real working President Russia Bodybuilding organization was  a Russia painting artist  VLADIMIR SUBOV in fact. After the Russian Bodybuilder and the contemporary Russia National IFBB President VLADIMIR DUBININ (Владимир Дубинин)  lost his titles against Estonian OLEV ANNUS and against Lithuanian PRANAS MURAUSKAS in 1974, VLADIMIR DUBININ  was out of the our sport game for long thirteen  years. After constant insistance of DSc. EDMUNDAS DAUBARAS and his personal invitation VLADIMIR DUBININ appeared in sport society again at the “Amber Prix International” in Klaipeda only in 1986.
In 1981 just before the “Amber Prix International” the meeting of the USSR International  Judges Council was held in Klaipeda. At this meeting participated DSc. EDMUNDAS DAUBARAS („Amber Prix International“ organizer), VLADIMIR SUBOV (representing Russia), ROMANAS KALINAUSKAS (representing  USSR bodybuilding comission), ARKADIJ KASANSKIJ (representing Ukraine), INNAR MARDO (representing Estonia), ALEKSANDRAS NOVIKOVAS (representing Lithuania) and some other International level judges and organizers. The secretary of the USSR Bodybuilding Comission ROMANAS KALINAUSKAS told the judges that it is high time to change the USSR leading bodybuilder and to stop the successful career of Estonian athlete OLEV ANNUS. Many bodybuilders admired OLEV ANNUS  and that was against USSR politics. At that time already twice winning the “Amber Prix International” (1978, 1979) and a number of International events in Poland, Hungary and Czechoslovakia OLEV ANNUS was the sole leader among bodybuilders of the Socialist Countries. Under the pressure of ROMANAS KALINAUSKAS the judges of the “Amber Prix International” did as he told them: OLEV ANNUS  was not the winner. Due to this the Over All Winner’s Title at the 1981 “Amber Prix International” went to the Lithuanian Sportsman SAULIUS MISEVICIUS. OLEV ANNUS was in shock loosing the battle to the lower level athlete. He has written letters accusing the International Judges but the result was impossible to change.
In 2010 at the WFF-WBBF Amateur  and Pro World Championship in Slovakia Brusno Kupele resort VLADIMIR SUBOV came there with the National Team Germany. Having possibilities to speak free now he explained the political situation of the 1981. VLADIMIR SUBOV  told the organizers that the sport life of OLEV ANNUS was decided in Moscow long before he participated in Klaipeda at the 1981 “Amber Prix International”. Then the USSR Communist Party Central Committee ruled everything, sport too. Having information that OLEV ANNUS wants to leave the Soviet Union the USSR Communist Party Propaganda Council gave orders to the Sport Ministry of the USSR and E.MOROZ gave the same orders to ROMANAS KALINAUSKAS – get down the Estonian bodybuilder OLEV ANNUS. So using the Judges ROMANAS KALINAUSKAS  did at the 1981 “Amber Prix International”.

(to be continued)



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