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Let us speak about some of the very important historical moments of the World bodybuilding and let You judge about us by our works done, not words spoken.We will present „World Bodybuilding History“ articles in the folowing way:

-          Part 1. Ben Weider

-          Part 2. Prohibited Sport

-          Part 3. Communist Party Proclames the Champion

-          Part 4. Bodybuilding Lithrature

-          Part 5. First Through Iron Wall

-          Part 6. Your Own Oppinion

-          Part 7. Bodybuilding Future Decided in the Balcony

-          Part 8. Vatican Notices Our Efforts

Later will folow historical articles of the most important bodybuilding countries.

Part 6.

Again we speak about the oldest traditional International historic bodybuilding contest the “Amber Prix International” („Gintarinis prizas“, „
Янтарныйприз», 1968-2018).In  1986 the contest was held in Klaipeda, Lithuania. Nothing to do – „Amber Prix International“ became the real history of World‘s bodybuilding.

In the beginning of seventies of the last century there was a great Russia super heavyweight bodybuilder VLADIMIR DUBININ (Владимир Дубинин).  We remember VLADIMIR DUBININ was exactly the same level and same size at the best years of the legendary ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER. Due to the communist “Iron Wall” his fortune was not successful and this was the reasin that  VLADIMIR DUBININ could not confront the best Western Bodybuilders. Now VLADIMIR DUBININ is the President of the National IFBB (International Federation of Body Builders) Federation of Russia.

In 1986 after 12 years of being fare away from bodybuilding a famous athlete VLADIMIR DUBININ  was invited by DSc. EDMUNDAS DAUBARAS to the „Amber Prix International“ contest. As for many years the Russia national teams were led by a Russia artist and bodybuilding organizer VLADIMIR SHUBOV (Владимир Шубов), VLADIMIR DUBININ came to 1986 „Amber Prix International“ leading the Leningrad bodybuilders. This was how VLADIMIR DUBININ appeared on bodybuilding stage again. The former great Russian bodybuilder was making his first steps as organizer and official.

The 1986 “Amber Prix International” was famous of the wins of the best socialist World bodybuilders of the time: VIKTORAS JUCYS and OLEGAS ZURAS (both from Lithuania). These two Soviet bodybuilding monsters started their way of glory at „Amber Prix International“ competitions. In 1988 VIKTORAS JUCYS ended as the first official Over All USSR Champion and OLEGAS ZURAS as the 2004 Over All heavyweight IFBB World Amateur Champion.
After the 1986 “Amber Prix International” contest was over, the VIP Socialist bodybuilding officials gathered at the apartments of DSc. EDMUNDAS DAUBARAS to decide the future development of bodybuilding. That were DSc. EDMUNDAS DAUBARAS, VLADIMIR DUBININ, VLADIMIR SUBOV, GEORGIJ MOSALIOV (all Russia), ARKADIJ KASANSKIJ (Аркадий Кашанский, Ukraine). At this meeting from all VIP International bodybuilding personalities was missing the only one and that was INNAR MARDO (Innar Mardo was later the first President WFF-WBBF (World Fitness Federation, World Body Building Federation) Estonia, the organizer of 2001 WFF-WBBF Europe Championship in Tallinn, Estonia). Then in 1986 in Klaipeda the strategic questions of future bodybuilding were discussed, great sport transformations, nearest International bodybuilding events, foundation and registration of the official recognized USSR Bodybuilding Federation, official recognition of bodybuilding sport in the USSR as well as the common sport contacts with the Western World were spoken over.
Basing on these decisions VLADIMIR DUBININ right after the 1986 “Amber Prix International” organized two “Belyje Nocy” (“White Nights”) International contests in Leningrad (1986, 1987, St. Petersburg, Russia). In 1988 VLADIMIR DUBININ organized the first USSR Bodybuilding Championship, again in Leningrad. DSc. EDMUNDAS DAUBARAS has always been among the organizers of these mentioned important events too. This was the moment of honor and glory of the best USSR Bodybuilder of the time – the Lithuanian VIKTORAS JUCYS, who was the Over All Winner of both two “Belyje Nocy” Contests and the over all Champion of the first official USSR championship (1988). Soon the first USA Bodybuilders and Officials came to the USSR, the National USSR Bodybuilding Federation was registered after the wide meeting of bodybuilding organizers in Kubenka (Moscow) and bodybuilding was recognized as sport in the USSR. All this happened in front of inner fighting, intrigues and blackmailing among the all people involved in the process. Then the famous Russia weightlifter and Olympic Champion JURY VLASOV was elected to the USSR Bodybuilding Federation President’s position. But we will speak of those historic moments some time later.



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