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The history of the Czechoslovakia Bodybuilding starts in 1967. Then the first Czechoslovakia Bodybuilder JURAJ VISNY was known  after a number of his sucessfull contests on International Level.


In 1975 for two months DSc. EDMUNDAS DAUBARAS  was working in the capital city of Czechoslovakia Prague. Remember - it was the time when for political reasons Bodybuilding in all Socialist Countries was prohibited and prosecuted. Being afrayed nobody of the Sport Leaders in the Socialist Countries dared to do anything to develop Bodybuilding (more information and documents about this are published in various languages in the International Magazines „Sport of Fitness and Bodybuilding“ («Спортивныйфитнесикультуризм», “Sportinis fitnesas ir kultūrizmas”) and on the International Web Site, read Articles on the main page and forum topics „World Bodybuilding History. How it was in real“ and „Various International Organizations“).

1975 was the unique year for Czechoslovakia bodybuilders. Then the  President Czechoslovakia National Bodybuilding Federation was VOJTECH FIALA.  Due to VOJTECH FIALA personal efforts and personal relations with the Government Czechoslovakia and a number of International Organizations Czechoslovakia Federation got the unique political permittion to participate at the Competitions of the „Western World“. That were the Contests organized by the Owner and the President of the Commercial IFBB Company BEN WEIDER. This was the unbelievable Winning among  all Socialist bodybuilders as for nearly two next decades no other National Federation af any Socialist Countiries could participate in the „Western World“, but Czechoslovakia.

After meeting the President Czechoslovakia National Bodybuilding Federation VOJTECH FIALA  in 1975 DSc. EDMUNDAS DAUBARAS  had a chance to not only watch but even to participate at the very important International Bodybuilding Events as well. Then DSc. EDMUNDAS DAUBARAS was invited as a VIP Guest to participate at two Meetings of the Czechoslovakia National Bodybuilding Federation Executive Council in Brno. Another Czechoslovakia Bodybuilding Leader Professor FRANTISEK BULVA  was present at the above mentioned meetings too. Among other guestions the matter of the relations with the USSR Bodybuilding was discussed over. In order to continue the relations the Executive Council appointed IVAN MACH to be responsible for the USSR matters and affairs (later Ivan Mach became the President of the Czechoslovakia National Bodybuilding Federation).

Under the initiative of the President VOJTECH FIALA  DSc. EDMUNDAS DAUBARAS again as a VIP Guest attended the Government supported Camp of the National Bodybuilding Team of Czechoslovakia. DSc. EDMUNDAS DAUBARAS  personally met and spoke with the Czechoslovakia Team Leaders PETR STACH, PETR TLAPAK, ALOIS PEK  and a number of other Bodybuilders and National Trainers. In 1975 PETR STACH  was the first historical representative of the Socialist World who became Europe Bodybuilding Champion. Then in Sweden Czechoslovakia Bodybuilders was a shok for the „Western“ representatives as they demnostrated them a beautiful complex of individual routines. Until this routine compositions of the „Western“ Bodybuilders vere plain and often primitive.

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