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World Fitness Federation (WFF-International) has celebrated it's second decade of activities. In 2004 WFF will organize the 25-th World Championship in Vilnius (Lithuania).

When most international sport organizations are stable, WFF tries to stay in tune with life and permanently moves forward. The sport of bodybuilding came in crisis now: athletes have no money to become monsters. In case they become super men with bodyweight of 150 kilograms and 60 centimeters bicepces (what is normal today), what comes next? Weight of 200 kilograms and 80 centimeters bicepces? Due to the growing popularity of fitness and falling popularity of bodybuilding  many international bodybuilding organizations started fitness categories in their contests. That's the start and they are making first steps at the moment. Bodybuilding organizations with the fitness they promote are as a blind person in a dark room. Often it is impossible to understand judging criteria of fitness in their contests, as completely different athletes are competing in one category and all of them are among the winners. Comparing with these organizations WFF has a clear point of view of it's future strategy.

The structure of WFF is based on the ones IOC recognized sports have. Constitution, Judging Rules, Executive Council, regular National, Continental, World Championship. Nearly sixty nations are participating in WFF now.

Athletes participating in WFF events during Semi Finals are divided into five quality Categories:

  •         Classic Fitness
  •         Performance (Figure) Fitness
  •         Athletic Fitness
  •         Super Athletic Fitness
  •         Extreme Fitness (bodybuilding)

At the same time each Category is divided into Age Groups:

  •          Basic Group of all competitors
  •         Juniors until 16, 18, 21 years
  •         Seniors over 30, 40, 50, 60, 70 years

In fact, organizing Continental and World Championship, WFF makes three contests at one time:

  •          Basic Championship (World and European Championship)
  •         Junior Championship (World and European Championship)
  •         Senior Championship (World and European Championship)

Plus to this WFF contests have divisions for invalid people (Wheel - Chair) and Couples (Pairs) that are divided in quality Categories and Age Groups too.

During the Semi Finals competitors are passing compulsory part of the contest program after which only the best six of each Category are in the Finals (often called "The Show"). There is enough place for talent and imagination of each competitor as they are free to use complicated art of stage movement, panthomima, break dance,  ballet, aerobics, acrobatics which are colored with the original costumes. Before was different - all competitors used to present their individual routines in the Finals, but due to the great number of contestants the Finals many times lasted until 5 in the morning.

WFF constantly tries to progress. Beginning activities long ago with "Miss Figure World Grand Prix" in Germany, WFF gradually in contests added new categories - Classic Fitness, Aerobics, Male Fitness. First athletes were divided into Categories by hight, but finally Judging Committee have chosen muscular divisions.

         During last years more and more real bodybuilders started to participate in WFF contests. Due to this WFF set Extreme Fitness Category. In 2001 WFF World Championship participated only two bodybuilders, but in 2003 already fourteen. Anyway they are welcomed. Bodybuilders can not influence totally WFF competitions as they make only 3-4 percent of all athletes. 2003 WFF World Championship gathered nearly four hundred competitors from thirty two countries.

         In order to make WFF-International stronger in 1999 WFF EH was registered juridicaly. It organizes WFF European Championship every year. 2004 European Championship again will take place in Moscow City (Russian Federation).