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 40 Years for Bodybuilding in Lithuania

 Edmundas Daubaras

 Life is not stable – it moves constantly. Everything changes – idols, people, understandings etc..

 During our farewell to John Paul the 2-d HIS some very important words were mentioned. Thousands years long various religions fought with one another. Every of them thought it is the only best, supreme and important.  John Paul the 2-d said it is time to start thinking that all religions have one aim – to guide human soul, to lead people to high morality and love. Love and respect to one another. HE used to say that religions should stop fighting and should do common work.

 According to the words of John Paul the 2-d we all should unite our efforts to develop the sport we love. We represent a very nice kind of sport and more and more people join fitness ideas we propagate. That does not mean there should be only one common trend – huge bodybuilding monsters. Every side of bodybuilding has right to survive and live the life it wants to. Time will show the right direction.

 Life moves quickly. Every period of life represents different champions and idols. Bodybuilding is in constant movement – starting new directions. Some of them, like fitness, finally became an independent kind of sport. All trends of bodybuilding work towards the same direction – make human body more attractive and beautiful, spread fitness among millions of people around the world.

         Though today there are different federations in the country, we are in the same boat. Though we understand principal things differently, we represent the same ideas. At the same time all federations may work and develop these ideas their own way.