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Contemporary N.A.B.B.A. (National Amateur Body Building Association) history writer SI SWEENEY in his articles even does not mention the real first “Mr. Universe” contest. Also he writes incorrect information about the second “Mr. Universe” competition.

The same do writers who write about the I.F.B.B. (International Federation of Body Builders) history. These they underline that there was nothing before the WEIDER brothers JOE and BEN I.F.B.B. Commercial Company. They neglect the previous BOB HOFFMAN’s (Robert Collins Hoffman, 1898 - 1985 m.) “Bodybuilding Empire” which WEIDER brothers copied from beginning to the very end.

Many people want to rise themselves and they create unreal stories. Next followers use their creations and go on developing them.


The first real “Bodybuilding Empire” was created through the A.A.U. (Amateur Athletic Union)  in the USA by American BOBO HOFFMAN. In real A.A.U. united USA National Federations and it was the Ministry of Sport in the USA. They use to call BOBO HOFFMAN “the father of America Weightlifting”. A.A.U. since 1939 was organizing USA bodybuilding “Mr. America” contests. BOB HOFFMAN wanted to make bodybuilding an official recognized sport through A.A.U. and F.I.H. (Federation Internationale Halterophile). USA weightlifting though A.A.U. was a member of the International Weightlifting Federation F.I.H. Later F.I.H. name was changed to F.I.H.C. (F.I.H.C., Federation Internationale Halterophile et Culturisme) when F.I.H. started ruling World’s bodybuilding sport. BOB HOFFMAN decided to do the same with bodybuilding.

In 1947 F.I.H. organized the World Weightlifting Championship and International Congress in Philadelphia (USA). Under the efforts of BOB HOFFMAN the International Congress decided to lead and control World’s bodybuilding on official level. It was immediately decided to organize the first in Sport’s History International Bodybuilding “Mr. Universe” contest alongside with the F.I.H. World Weightlifting Championship in Philadelphia. Then the Over All “Mr. Universe” Champion was a pupil of BOB HOFFMAN a famous America weightlifter STEVE STANKO. That was a Historical Happening and STEVE STANKO became a Historical Person.


It was a tradition of F.I.H. not to organize World Weightlifting Championship in “Olympic” years. What to do with the second F.I.H. bodybuilding „Mr. Universe“ comprtition? Then the idea to organize the F.I.H. bodybuilding “Mr. Universe” during the 1948 “Olympic Games” struck BOB HOFFMAN. There were real ways because F.I.H. was a member of the International Olympic Committee (I.O.C.). BOB HOFFMAN addressed British OSCAR STATE who was the President of B.A.W.L.A. (British Amateur Weight Lifting Association) to assist him. At the same time B.A.W.L.A. asked the Chairmen of the British Bodybuilding “Health and Strength” Magazine to assist them too. Through F.I.H. departments in various countries B.A.W.L.A. invited athletes to the contest in London. At the same time BOB HOFFMAN brought USA bodybuilders to compete. There were 1800 spectators at the second F.I.H. “Mr. Universe” in London. All money profit of the competition went to B.A.W.L.A.. After several preliminary rounds the finalists were ANDRE DRAPP (France) and Americans JOHN GRIMEK and STEVE REEVES. JOHN GRIMEK was proclaimed the Over All Winner of the second F.I.H. “Mr. Universe”. STEVE REEVES spoke on microphone saying that “John Grimek is the greatest bodybuilder who ever lived“.


In 1950 under the efforts of the Chairmen of “Health and Strength” Magazine N.A.B.B.A. association was created in the Great Britain. As the former N.A.B.B.A. President  IVAN DUNBAR told us – N.A.B.B.A. Association was juridically registered as a „Public Club“. In 1950 N.A.B.B.A. organized the first “Mr. Universe” in London. The Over All Champion was STEVE REEVES (USA). At the same time a member of the International Olympic Committee F.I.H.C. went on organizing it’s own “Mr. Universe” contest. Comparing with N.A.B.B.A. “Mr. Universe” F.I.H.C. competitions were the official ones. For the two decades no one could confront F.I.H.C. as the official Bodybuilding Sport was under F.I.H.C. control. Even the Commercial I.F.B.B. Company of the WEIDER  brothers JOE and BEN could not imagine to think being equal to F.I.H.C..

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