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Today‘s bodybuilding chaos means that only few understand what is going on. Now we have about fourty bodybuilding federations which call themselves as „International“. Not a single one of those federations aim to develop bodybuilding as sport. Even I.F.B.B. (International Federation of Body Builders) of RAFAEL SANTONJA too. The aims of those federations are only hardly understandable ambitions and... money. It is not connected with sport and it means that bodybuilders and sport society are fooled by them.

Let us look on the International federations through the history of sport. We will begin with the A.A.U. (Amateur Athletes Union) which was established in 1888 in the US. As there was no Ministry of Sport the A.A.U. was functioning instead. A.A.U. was a member of the Olympic Committee of the USA which was a member of the I.O.C. (International Olympic Committee). Since 1947 until 1969 World‘s official bodybuilding sport was rulled by the F.I.H.C. (Federation Internationale Halterophile et Culturiste). And F.I.H.C. was a member of the I.O.C..

Then we will speak about the commercial company and the federation iof the I.F.B.B.. After we will speak about the public Club N.A.B.B.A. (National Amateur Body Building Association). At the end we will cover ionformation about W.A.B.B.A. (World Amateur Body Building Association) which was always some missunderstanding in the World‘s sport.

What we mentioned above were representatives of the „Western World“. In the „Eastern World“ first official International Bodybuilding Organization started in 1963 in the U.S.S.R.. It happened under the influence of American BOB HOFFMAN (Robert Collins Hoffman, 1898 - 1985 m.) and the F.I.H.C.. The organization was a part of the „U.S.S.R. Weightlifting Federation“ («Федерация тяжёлой атлетики С.С.С.Р.») which was a member of the F.I.H.C.. The Organiozation was not active and in 1968 in Lithuania was set another U.S.S.R. International Bodybuilding Federation (Comission). Since that time through the famous „Amber Prix International“ („Gintarinis prizas“, 1968 - 2024) Contest federation is live today under the name of W.F.F. – W.B.B.F. International (World Fitness Federation, World Body Building Federation). The road was long and hard. It included twenty years of bodybuilding prohibition and prosecution.

The article will be continued. We will speak about all World‘s traditional federations. It will be the truth which not everybody like. More information in various languages is on Global Site