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WFF-WBBF (World Fitness Federation, World Body Building Federation) started activities in South America in 2004, when President WFF-WBBF Argentina JORGE CEDALE came to Italy and met there International President EDMUNDAS DAUBARAS. Already next year in 2005 National Team Argentina participated at the World‘s Oldest Traditional Bodybuilding Contest – the „Amber Prix International“ (1968-2011) and WFF-WBBF Am World Championship in Europe and that was a good start. From this time after competing at the Continental WFF-WBBF Championship under the guidance of the President WFF-WBBF  South America JORGE CEDALE every year America countries participate at the WFF-WBBF International events on regular basis. Often famous International Athletes use to visit WFF-WBBF South America Championships, among them several times a famous USA Pro competitor MONICA BRANT.

The International public was unexpectidly surprised when in  2007 South America  presented numerous over 30 competitors National Teams of 7 America countries at the WFF-WBBF World Am Championship in Moscow (Russia). Due to the great personal activities of JORGE CEDALE now the Continent Federation unites the National Federations of Barzil, Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay, Venezuela, Peru, Bolivia.



During the last years South America grew and educated and made them famous World Wide such great sportsmen as FERNANDA YOUGLAR, YAMILA TOLEDO, ROSALIA DUTRA (all Argentina), AGUIAR FERNANDEZ ALEKSANDRA XIMENA and ANTONIO OSTA (both Uruguay), CRECKY CHAVES, DALVANIZA AGUINO (both Brazil).

Until 2011 ANTONIO OSTA was the only one from America Continent to hold a WFF-WBBF Pro Card and to win the most prestigeous bodybuilding World Pro Championchip (2008, Vilnius, Lithuania). Two times YAMILA TOLEDO was the Over All Winner of the Worlds oldest „Amber Prix International“ (1968-2011) contest In Lithuania. ROSALIA DUTRA DE CAMPOS was the Over All Winner World Amateur Championship (2006, Tver, Russia) and FERNANDA YOUGLAR was the Over All Winner World Amateur Championship too (2005, Vilnius, Lithuania). AGUIAR FERNANDEZ ALEKSANDRA XIMENA was the Over All „Universe“ Winner (2008, Vilnius, Lithuania).



When we speak about bodybuilding in South America, there is no other Leading Person to mention but JORGE CEDALE. There are many persons around who speak much, but do not work in real.  JORGE CEDALE  do not like to talk. He acts. The huge work of the President WFF-WBBF South America JORGE CEDALE was evaluated on International Level. During the last years a number of times he was awarded with the International Honour Awards and in 2008 in Poland JORGE CEDALE was awarded with the respectfull International Silver Honour Medal. In 2011 leading the WFF-WBBF America delegation on official visit to the Paliament Republic Lithuania JORGE CEDALE for his International work has  been praised by high State Officials and Parliament polititions. Speaking at the International Press Conference at the Lithuania News Agency ELTA in 2011, JORGE CEDALE confirmed soon ecpecting much better future results for the Continent.



The only one among all federations today popularising sport World Wide and covering most World‘s Countries  the WFF-WBBF publish and gives free real sport non commercial magazines: „Sport of Fitness and Bodybuilding“ in English, Russian and Lithuanian (presented in all 103 Country-Members of the WFF-WBBF), „Fitness News“ in German, „Health and Strenght“ in English, „Zeleznyj Mir“ in Russian. The President WFF-WBBF South America JORGE CEDALE for many years issues Magazine „Fitness Alive“ in Spanish for all South America countries. This is a very good presentation of the WFF-WBBF federation and also it is the way to give popularity for best International athletes in the South America. Often traveling through the USA, JORGE CEDALE presents WFF-WBBF printed materials to the USA sportsmen, at „Olympia“ and „Arnold Classic“ contests as well.



The 2011 WFF-WBBF South America Championship was held in Rosario City. The President WFF-WBBF South America JORGE CEDALE says that his representative in Rosario a former WBBF World Vice Champion ALEJANDRA RUBIO is one of the main talanted organizers in the country. She organizes bodybuilding contests a number of years and always on high level. This time the Contest in Rosario collected and united a hundred of best active bodybuilders from all South America. Being present at the championship the High Argentina Government Sport Official congratulated participants and guests and invited them to come again to Rosario. The 2011 WFF-WBBF South America Over All Winners represented Brazil and she was DALVANIZA AGUINO, Argentina  - MIGUEL QVIRAS and Paraguay -  FAVIOLA MARTINEZ.



First time the International President EDMUNDAS DAUBARAS came to  the South America. This was the first official visit of the International Bodybuilding Leader of such a Level to South  America in all long lasting history of our sport. By coming to Argentina direct from India, the President WFF-WBBF International EDMUNDAS DAUBARAS this way underlines the huge growing role of South America and Asia in the World‘s Sport Movement. Both the Continents have everything to change the contemporary situation basicly and to become the greatest International Sport Centres leaving behind the old ones, as Europe and USA. And this is one of the reasons that attracts so many Countries to join the WFF-WBBF which leads the International sport today everywhere in the World and cares for sport recognition and development on official level first of all.



Visiting Argentina the International President EDMUNDAS DAUBARAS and the President WFF-WBBF South America JORGE CEDALE set the nearest future goals for the Continent. The President WFF-WBBF Brazil CRECKY CHAVES being present, the WFF-WBBF South America Executive Council made a decission and started developing unbelievable 2012 International Bodybuilding Project in Brazil. That will be the highest Rank International Contest „BRAZIL VERSUS WORLD“. Having in mind constant growing role of Brazil bodybuilding, the Brazil having so many International Class bodybuilders today (as the World Amateur Champion CRECKY CHAVES, as America Champion DALVANIZA AGUINO), in 2012 the WFF-WBBF International will collect and bring best World‘s bodybuilders to confront the Top Brazil Americans. Preliminary date of this Event in Brazil is a week after the anual 2012 WFF-WBBF „Pro Amber Prix OLYMPIA“ (20 000 euro, November, Brusno Kupele, Slovakia). Such a high bodybuilding level will be presented in South America first time, so the Americans will face quite a big work and even bigger responsibility.