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(The unseriousness of NABBA was spoken over long ago, it was published in many our documents officially, so now we will touch just some questions again)



Let  us not talk of old times, when in 1950 NABBA asked the Magazine „Healts&Strength“ Owners to give it the right to use belonging them „Universe“ name.

All we speak of – the OFFICIAL MATTERS. It does not concern sportsmen and competitions. All sportsmen are respected and have nothing to do with the organizations they participate.

For decades NABBA was acting unfair fooling athletes on juridical matters and still does. When we got in touch with NABBA more that 20 years ago, it seemed for us to be like Official International Sport Organization, that had and still have 2 International Events per year (World and Universe). After the long working NABBA Leader OSKAR HEIDENSTAM (UK) passed, the real chaos and intrigues came to the organization inside.


In general for years the International Congresses of NABBA had only one aim – to collect the annual fee from the participating countries. Very seldom some important questions were discussed ther. As nobody dared to speak, EDMUNDAS DAUBARAS  used to rise various other questions, juridical and financial questions first. The reason was one – most East Europe Countries worked and were financed by States (Sport Ministries), which required and requested the stamped juridical documents, real law registration and serious book-keeping. NABBA did not have all this.


NABBA always was a UK organization only.

Many times during the International Congresses EDMUNDAS DAUBARAS  spoke on unserious situation, when NABBA UK was the organizer of the World Championship. How it could be? Was there anything International or not? It was unserious. Then IVAN DUNBAR  proclaimed new „NABBA International“(we call it NABBA-2), but only proclaimed doing no juridical steps, no registration by law, no registered Constitution. When EDMUNDAS DAUBARAS  underlined this, then JOE LOPEZ  copied WABBA Constitution and presented it as NABBA‘S.

Sport Ministry Lithuania asked many times of NABBA International registration. EDMUNDAS DAUBARAS  pressed IVAN DUNBAR  to present the necessary juridical documents of NABBA and then finally IVAN DUNBAR told him privatelly that NABBA has no International Registration and there is nothing to present. The only one real fact was that NABBA was a UK public Club. But UK public Club is not an INTERNATIONAL  FEDERATION, even not a NATIONAL one. Again it was ridiculous and unserious.



It was strange: NABBA collects fees and never give receipts back. After EDMUNDAS DAUBARAS  spoke of this, NABBA started to give „love letters“ instead of book-keeping bills, that were not serious and had nothing to do with real book-keeping.

To say more, ending the previous decade, NABBA had 3 presidents at one time: IVAN DUNBAR, KLAUS HPFFMANN, JOE LOPEZ, who in intrigues fighted in between for many matters, including collecting annual fees. Often it was ridiculous, when before of International Congress each of them did their best to collect fees from more countries this way leaving their opponents with less money.


The fight came to the top in 1999 in Greece and Austria when during the Internatiional Congresses EDMUNDAS DAUBARAS  spoke to the presidents of the dissorder in NABBA. Then in 2000 in Australia JOE LOPEZ  founded his private Company „NABBA International“ (we call it NABBA-3, today developed to NAC) and JOE LOPEZ started organizing his own „Worlds and Universes“ until he got to prison. Still NABBA-3 still tries to do something, but it is of no Official International importance at the moment. Until now all International activities of all NABBA‘S are not Official and have no Official Recognition nowhere. If a dialogue starts – then what is NABBA? A public Club? Who speaks with a „public club“ on Official International Level?


Having registered only Name and Logo and nothing more from the juridical side, NABBA is just an International gathering of friends from diferent countries. By any Law it can not be treated as an International Sport Organization (no registration, no registered Constitution, no legitemate Stamp etc..). It is fine that it organizes contests for so long years, but it‘s work is not official and this is the reason that NABBA had never received any International support and recognition. Opposite to NABBA – the WFF-WBBF cover all juridical requiremets of the International Sport Organization and this is the reason that many unserious „organizations“ do not like this. They like to live and to work like in a „gipsy tribe“, not officially and that they do. And they have their own reasons to be unofficial.