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For bodybuilding specialists it is eveident, that USA quickly looses it‘s International leaders positions in bodybuilding. Due to the decades lasting mistaken politics of the former USA bodybuilding leaders, today we face the negative results all World through. On the Official Level bodybuilding is not accepted as sport in general. Majority of important bodybuilding contests in the USA are just commercial shows for public, more like a theater, but not real sport. Everything is slod, everything money can buy. Does anybody remember a strong USA National Team at a World Championship of any federation?

Bodybuilding in the US is based on many private Companies, which are the owners of the so called „federations“, all competitions belong to them as a private property. This is a business and the owners often are selling everytinig, including contest places. During the last years it is clear as daylight. Nobody wants to develop sport, nobody cares for the sportsmen as they  have no profit of this. Even more – the private structures always fight for profit in between. This is the reason, why the USA bodybuilding lives in the chaotic dissorder and it never ends. It negetivelly influences all International Sport in general. There is no one to think of sane lives, total fitness and  of  the official sport of bodybuilding. But even if they want to, they can not as private Companies are not sport federations by Law.

For our 50 years lasting work and efforts finally today we have nothing connected with official sport, but selling-buying-playing theater only.

When the owner of the IFBB (International Federation of Body Builders) Commercial Company our respected BEN WEIDER (Canada) tried to get the IOC recognition, he got the IOC refusal to support and to recognize the IFBB. Then the WEIDER brothers sold all their magazines, the „Olympia“ contest and after BEN WEIDER  died the IFBB Company was sold as well. During the last fiveteen years the International bodybuilding situation goes worse and worse.

After IFBB split three years ago, the new owner of the IFBB Commercial Company (IFBB does not egzist as official International Sport Federation by Law) RAFAEL SANTONJA  (Spain) took some permanent America contest names to Europe, but the majority of them they still are commercial Shows, not official recognized sport competitions.

IFBB as sport federation never egzisted by Law in the US. Bodybuilding sport was governed by the NPC (National Physique Committee), but again, by the Law requirements  it is not true (you can see the historic and juridic documents in the International Site forum topics „World‘s Bodybuilding History. How it was in real“, „IFBB/EFBB illegal financial deals“).

During the last period of time the WFF-WBBF (World Fitness Federation, World Body Building Federation)  International Federation received letters from a number of High NPC (National Physique Committee)  Officials, Judges and well known-sportsmen. They want to join the International activities of the WFF-WBBF. All of them were invited to come to the nearst International WFF-WBBF Events and start the „live“ dialogue direct.

Let us be frank. The recent private family affair of our sport Heroe, the former Governor State California ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER makes the negative position of the World‘s Bodybuilding even worse.  This scandal in the USA was one of the reasons that ARNOLD took his private contest  „Arnold Classic“ from the USA to Europe too. The first steps of this Private Contest in Europe are not strong, but let us hope for the best.

Plain and clear presentation of the International Bodybuilding problems is the IFBB itself: juridical lies, cheating other International Organizations, lies to the sportsmen (see documents on the International Site, read forum topic „IFBB/EFBB illegal financial deals“). We mentioned above that IOC refused to support and to recognize the IFBB. Today we confront more negative news: the International Organmizations „World Games“ and the „Asia Games“ excluded IFBB from their membership and refused to work with the IFBB too.

It seems that the sole WFF-WBBF (World Fitness Federation, World Body Building Federation) uniting today 106 Country-members and  representing all Continents do care for saving the image of bodybuilding and making it the official recognized Sport. The WFF-WBBF remains the sole no profit International bodybuilding organization, that is registered according Law requirements and working based on Olympic system. Along with the over 60 International Events World Wide the WFF-WBBF International organizes anual World and Continent Championships, it makes still running one of the World‘s oldest bodybuilding contest „Amber Prix International“ (1968-2012).

Many many new changes are on the way of our sport and we are proud that with the God‘s blessing after our constant work through  the last 50 years we have positive results like this finally.