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Very soon on November 9-11, 2012 in Slovakia Brusno Kupele mountain resort will start the real Professional Sport Event – the WFF-WBBF (World FitnesFederation, World Body Building Federation) Pro World Championship „Amber Prix OLYMPIA“ (30 000 US dollars). Best World Pro Bodybuilders will fight for the real highest prestigeous places and real money at the Real Pro Sport Contest.

Bodybuilding fans really love their Great Idols, but they seldom think of the basic things, that do matter for the official sport.

For the last two decades and especially during the last running years the best World Professional Bodybuilders use to participate at the Pro Contests in the USA and sometimes in Europe and only very few of them understand why a new Professional commer if he is not representing a well known International Commercial Company never wins at these Pro Events.

First of all look at the basics. All Pro Events in the USA and in Europe are organized by a definite Private Commercial Company and this every Company looks for the profit of this activity. It is Always business and never sport. Every Pro Event has it‘s definite private Owner who makes business of it.  Today even the names of the Pro Events have no more connections with official sport as the competitions are called „festival“, „messe“, „carnaval“ or another „classic“ activity.

Most if not all of these Commercial Companies use to buy bodybuilders to advertize their products. These Companies are interested in High Placings of the Bodybuilders they own as they represent their business and their goods and products. Do You think these businessmen really throw away these huge sums of money they declare in the beautiful bodybuilding magazines? Nover! These Private Commercial Companies via Contracts and via other ways use to buy places for the Pros they own and this makes all Pro Shows like a theater and not a as real sport competition. All this is well played as in a real drama theater. Finally all businessmen are satisfied as every of them know the price they payed for the place at a Pro Event. Only the naive bodybuilders who worked hard to come to their long dreamed Pro Contest can not understand why they have lost.  Busines is always first. Just pay and You are the Pro Champion in this commercial theater show. It seems today that the only one being legal no profit International Sport Organization of this kind the WFF-WBBF (World FitnesFederation, World Body Building Federation) International cares for the development of bodybuilding in the respected recognozed real sport movement.