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Since the beginning of the crises in the Syrian Arab Republic, more than 1.5 million people have lost their homes and livelihoods. People have been suffering not only physically but also mentally as a result of constant fears, uncertainties and lack of a support.
In order to support those in need, once again, world’s leading sport organizations, athletes and enthusiasts use the power of sports to promote a culture of non-violence and peace; where social, cultural, political, religious and other differences are respected and humanity and the love dominates.
To address issues which became terrifying reality for people in Syria and boost their physical and mental health and show that they still have friends, National Federation WFF Japan, WFF-WBBF International and National Olympic Committee Syria (NOC) came to work together in organizing 2013 “Peace Sports Festival” in Damascus, Syria (September, 2013).

On January, 2013 the Founder and Chairman of the International Project “Peace Sports Festival”, President of the National Federation WFF-WBBF Japan, Vice- President WFF Asia and a former European Amateur Fitness Champion Mr. EVGENY LATYPOV was on the official visit to Damascus to meet the President NOC Syria Gen. MUWAFFAQ JUMA and other NOC officials to discus possibilities of organizing the International “Peace Sports Festival” in Syria.
The President of NOC Gen. MUWAFFAQ JUMA received Mr. EVGENY LATYPOV at the NOC’s Headquarters, where the decision to organize the festival was reached. Mr. EVGENY LATYPOV and the Gen. MUWAFFAQ JUMA concentrated not only on the technical side of the festival, but also on its social impact. Important question how sports included into the festival (Bodybuilding, Fitness, Boxing, Athletics, Swimming, and Chess etc.) would benefit the society was closely studied.
NOC has insured Mr. EVGENY LATYPOV to support organizing the festival.
Mr. EVGENY LATYPOV visited two Olympic Sports Complexes in order to asses them as possible sites for the Festival. Both are fully equipped for the festival and ready to welcome International guests at the on-site located hotels (currently the Syrian Government and NOC transformed the hotel rooms into the classrooms so the children who live in high-violence areas and/or whose schools were damaged could continue their education).

Along with Professional Athletes from Iran, Russia, Lithuania, Estonia, Slovakia, India, Japan, UAE etc., VIP Guests from friendly countries are invited to attend the festival and support the Syrian people too. Among them: International President WFF-WBBF EDMUNDAS DAUBARAS (Lithuania), President National Federation WFF-WBBF Russia ANDREJ BASOV, President WFF-WBBF Asia PRINCE UPPAL (India), a famous International Businessman and Mecenat STEFAN HRCKA (Slovakia), a Kuwaiti Politician, President Olympic Council of Asia, Member of the International Olympic Committee SHEIKH AHMAD AL-FAHAD AL-AHMED AL-SABAH (Kuwait), Ambassador of Peace and University Professor, a former actor (acted with the legendary BRUCE LEE) and the first World Champion of middle weight full contact karate professional KEN KAZAMA (Japan).

The International “Peace Sports Festival” fallows the same core principle as any other Professional Sport Event. The festival is not discriminatory and it does not serve the purpose of promoting political policies and it is not affected by any particular nation.
The festival encourages participating all people within a given society, including the disabled, children, men and women, professionals, amateurs and those who have never practiced sports, with proper adjustments made to suit the condition of participants. Sports Festival contributes to personal development of its participants. Professional Athletes benefit from the opportunity to communicate with each other and international friends and exchange experience.
For disable athletes, it provides opportunity return to increase self esteem and set new goals.
For children, Sports Festival is a tool which helps them to develop within values related to respect, peace and cooperation.
For women, is a venue for encouragement, and most important the possibility to get away from fears and difficulties women face during the conflict.
By putting all of these people together, albeit in separate events, it also creates a sense of encouraging of one another and not simply competition, and thus creating new avenues of community which can be applied outside of the “Peace Sports Festival”.

The idea to organize “Peace Sport Festival” (former known as “Afghan Power”) originated in 2010. Afghanistan was chosen as the location.
At first it was a single sport event, with only bodybuilding in consideration. However, with time and a positive influence from KEN KAZAMA the event was renamed to “Peace Sports Festival” and more sports were included.
By April 2012 with support from Afghans local community, National Federation WFF-WBBF Japan, Embassy of Afghanistan in Tokyo, Afghanistan National Olympic Committee and private donors the first “Peace Sports Festival” was organized in Kabul, Afghanistan. After its success and positive influence on all participants the festival was recognized by the President National Olympic Committee Afghanistan Gen. MOHAMMAD ZAHIR AGHBAR as the official - yearly based event.
In 2013 the NOC Syria has also recognized the festival.

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