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During the last 20 years representatives of the Scandinavia Countries of Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway many times participated at the International WFF-WBBF (World Fitness Federation, World Body Building Federation) Events.

To meet the lacal sport leaders and sportsmen the President WFF-WBBF International DSc. EDMUNDAS DAUBARAS  visited Denmark and Sweden.
Hard working for the sport development the President National Federation WFF-WBBF Denmark PALLE RASMUSSEN (Palle Katring – Rasmussen) united the regional countries and now he leads the WFF-WBBF Scandinavia Federation for it‘s  future goals.
In 2013 the representatives of Scandinavia Bodybuilding Sport visited the International Headquarters WFF-WBBF in Klaipeda (Lithuania). The future plans of the developing bodybuilding in their region were spoken over.



As a result today the Great International Names of WFF-WBBF Scandinavia Bodybuilding are:
- Multiple Amateur World and “Universe” Champion PALLE RASMUSSEN (Denmark)
- Over All WFF-WBBF World Amateur Champion, WFF-WBBF Amateur Europe Vice Champion and WFF-WBBF Professional  World Vice Champion RACHEL KAUPPILA (Finland)

- WFF-WBBF Europe Amateur Championship Vice Champion ALTE KIELLAND (Norway)

-WFF-WBBF Professional  World Vice Champion  VILPONEN TIMO PEKKA (Finland)
- WFF-WBBF World Amateur Champion and WFF-WBBF Professional  World Vice Champion  KAI KAKNES ANDRE (Norway).

We would like to underline that due to the extraordinary International Sport Work in 2008 the President WFF-WBBF International DSc. EDMUNDAS DAUBARAS and the Governor State California ARNOLD ALOIS SCHWARZENEGGER received the Special Award – both of them were included to the Honour Book (Hall of Fame) of the Kingdom of Denmark.

“Mr. Edmundas Daubaras is a constant source of wisdom to the muscle sport all over the World, and his work is promoting Fitness and Bodybuilding is without comparison.
Furthermore Mr. Edmundas Daubaras is a true gentleman and always the Athletes spokesperson No.1, and his work will forever remain a true gesture to anybody with interest in the fine sport of Bodybuilding and shaping bodies.
It is our hope, that Mr. Edmundas Daubaras will remain a true friend of the sport in many years, and we hereby welcome him in the fine company of HALL OF FAME.
13 other Prominent International Persons were nominated this year, but the Jury voted for Mr. Edmundas Daubaras; and he is now in the fine company of amongst others as Arnold Schwarzenegger who received the Honor in 2006.”
Anders Buus,
Chairman of the Hall of Fame Kingdom Denmark.



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