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Looking through the International Bodybuilding History today we can state, that from 1898 England, France and Russia were the World‘s countries-pioneers of the competitive bodybuilding sport.

In the the beginnging of the last Century no International Bodybuilding Contests were held. Only several times France and England organized International Events that were called „Europe Championships“ by the organizers. The former President of the UK public sport club NABBA (National Amateur Body Building Association) OSCAR HEIDENSTAM  was participating at these events too.



When we speak about the International Bodybuilding in France, we always mean SERGE NUBRET personality. SERGE NUBRET was a talanted International Level Professional Bodybuilder, superious organizer and also a cinema actor.

SERGE NUBRET  was a close friend of the owner and the President of the IFBB Commercial Company  (International Federation of Body Builders) BEN WEIDER who appointed SERGE NUBRET to the position of the first in the IFBB history Vice President ever (1971-1974).  After a number of inner scandals and intrigues SERGE NUBRET  had been  blackmailed and dismissed from the IFBB. Then in 1976 SERGE NUBRET  set his own not registered by Law private International Bodybuilding Structure and named it WABBA (World Amateur Body Building Association).

In 1983 SERGE NUBRET  wrote in his letters to the International  President WFF-WBBF (World Fitness Federation, World Body Building Federation) DSc. EDMUNDAS DAUBARAS that in 1976 he set the WABBA „in order to fight against the IFBB“.



For ten years organizing several anual International Events until 1989  WABBA  was working sucessfully. Ending the eighties of the last Century being not registered oficcially as International Sport Organization the International WABBA structure was based on the folowing: SERGE NUBRET  was the Owner of the Name and Logo of WABBA. Also he was the „WABBA International Coordinator“. The formal President of WABBA was RENAUT ROBINET and the General Secretary was AKLI CHABENI.

Today only few know how much important for the WABBA and IFBB was the year of 1989. BEN WEIDER  and SERGE NUBRET  have been fighting in between for nearly twenty years. RENAUT ROBINET with the assistance of sponsors was organizing a very big International Event in Paris. That was the 1989 WABBA Amateur World Championship that never happened.

It was a terrible hit for WABBA when after visiting BEN WEIDER‘S  house in Canada RENAUT ROBINET announced that he stops working with SERGE‘S NUBRET WABBA. As the preparation of the WABBA World Championship was nearly over, RENAUT ROBINET organized in Paris the 1989 IFBB World Amateur Championship instead. BEN WEIDER  got the Super International Event and it terrific hit the WABBA of SERGE NUBRET. After this  falldown WABBA never rised to the same level again. RENAUT ROBINET was not happy also as after this competition he did not receive anything sufficient from BEN WEIDER  and finally he played no role in the International Bodybuilding Sport again. Also we must underline that after the 1989 IFBB World Championship there was no more any Great International Bodybuilding Event in France which was important for the development of the International Bodybuilding on official level as sport.

The 1989 World Amateur Championship was organized an the prestigeous Paris „La Fayette“ International Hotel Congress Palace. All delegates participans also lived in „La Fayette“  hotel. Today the International Sport Specialists state that during all long lasting history of the World‘s Bodybuilding there were only two so well organized International Events ever: the 1989 IFBB World Amateur Championship in Paris and the 2011 WFF-WBBF World Amateur Championship in Vienna (Austria).

To coordinate mutual work the International WFF-WBBF President DSc. EDMUNDAS DAUBARAS  as a VIP Guest was invited by BEN WEIDER  to the IFBB World Championship in Paris. Both spent the whole day for the discussions then.

Anyone interested in the World‘s Bodybuilding History can find more information and lots of historic documents in the Historic Articles on the International Site, anso in the historical forum topics. The letters of SERGE NUBRET to EDMUNDAS DAUBARAS  are among them. By the way, some years ago many documents of his private archieves SERGE NUBRET  presented to DSc. EDMUNDAS DAUBARAS.



The relations of the National Bodybuilding Federations of many Countires with the NABBA International Structure was always very complicated. NABBA International has no juridic registration as the International Sport Organization. Only NABBA UK is registerd as a „Public Club“. That made and still makes many total missunderstandings for those who want to worl legal and official.

It is a tradition that for decades NABBA France works with NABBA UK.  The huge International Events NABBA France never organizes. The last one was the 1991 NABBA Amateur Europe Championship held in Epinal.

During the last ten years NABBA International split at least four times and every time some new „International Federations“ appear. This is making more and more misunderstandings in our sport and filally it fools the sportsmen. After the last NABBA split in 2013 the „opposition“ deleted all official information about NABBA International from Internet.



There  are lots of „International Federations“ of Bodybuilding and Fitness. In fact totally mostof them have no juridical registration as International Sport Organization. Sometimes the Names and Logos are registered only. Such „International Federations“ play no role for the International Official Sport. No serious organizations or governmental institutions can work with them. It is not serious at least. Today the same situation is in France too.

Duding the last twenty years there is a good and the biggest in France International Bodybuilding Competition named „Top De Colmar“. The organizers make a huge work indeed. They  invite International Athletes but  - again no juridical background and no official work, no official recognition.



First French athletes started participating at the WFF-WBBF International Events twenty years ago.

During the last period of time best resuls acheved the folowing sportsmen: WFF-WBBF World Amateur Champion  BRIGITTE CREPIEUX  (1996),  WFF-WBBF World Amateur Champion  MARIE PIERRE DOMINIQUE RIPPERT (2003-2004), WFF-WBBF World Amateur Champion  ISABELE STREIT (2006).  Emigrant from Belarus IRINA VALETT FEDORUK was the WFF-WBBF Amateur „Universe“ Champion (2009) and also placed high at the WFF-WBBF Amateur  and Professional World and Europe Championships.



During the last years representing WFF-WBBF International Disabled Sport Division French MICKAEL LOUVEL  wins nearly all International Contests he ever participates: WFF-WBBF World Amateur Championship (2009-2010), WFF-WBBF Europe Amateur Championship (2009-2013), World‘s Oldest Traditional Bodybuilding Contest  „Amber Prix International“ (2009) and WFF-WBBFAmateur  „Universe“ (2008, 2009).

Participation of MICKAEL LOUVEL  is a great positive propaganda for the International Bodybuilding Sport.



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