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World Fitness Federation (WFF-International).

World Body Building Federation (WBBF-International).

WFF-WBBF International is working since 1968; 134 Country-Members representing all Continents; over 60 annual International Events World Wide.


The WFF-WBBF International Federation underlines the huge efforts of some people to develop sport on International level. Beginning with the presentation of the Honour Diploma to the Governor California ARNOLD SCHWARCENEGGER, in 2007 WFF-WBBF for the International Sport  V.I.P.  Persons started presenting exceptional unique INTERNATIONAL HONOR GOLD MEDALS. Each International Honor Gold Medal valued over 2000 Euro.  During the last period the International Honor Gold Medals were presented to a number of exceprional persons from various countries, among the presented to the underlined Persons:


Year; Honorable Name; Personal Position; Country

2008. JERZY GOTOWSKI, Mecenat World Championship, Poland

2008. Proffessor ALFRED GERSTL, President Parliament Austria, Austria

2009. VLADIMIR MECIAR, Prime Minister Republic Slovakia, Slovakia

2010. ROBERT FICO, Prime Minister Republic Slovakia, Slovakia

2011. CHUCK NORRIS, World Sport Legend, USA

2012. ALEKSANDR NEVSKY, World Bodybuilding Legend, Russia

2012. RALF MOLLER, World Sport Legend, USA-Germany

2012. STEFAN HRCKA, Mecenat World Championship, Slovakia

2013. SYLVESTER STALLONE, World Sport Legend, USA

2014. LEONID SLUCKIJ, Committee Chairman Parliament Russia, Russia



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