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We will underline a very important happening to the International movement of bodybuilding sport. That was the first IFBB International Congress (September 4, 1970, Belgrade, Yugoslavia, official documents any can find at the IFBB official page: For the next several decades this Congress influenced the official work for the bodybuilding recoignition on official level.

Any could envy the friendship of OSCAR STATE, who was a close friend of the IFBB Owner and President BEN WEIDER. OSCAR STATE was the General Secretary of the International Weightlifting Federation (IWF). He knew very well all aspects of the official International sports. OSCAR STATE teached and by his advices led BEN WEIDER  to the official International recognition. To register an International Federation on official level a number of cetrain procedures had to be done first:

-          there should be a comparitively big number of the national representatives in the countries;

-          to organize regularly at least a number of International competitons;

-          to call the International Congress to ellect the President and the leading stuff;

-          to set and adobe the Constitution and the judging rules.

This was done at the 1970 IFBB Congress in Belgrade. IFBB declared it represents fifty seven Countries. Twenty five of those Countries were present at the Congress. OSCAR STATE suggested to ellect BEN WEIDER  as „Life President“ of the IFBB and that was done then. The formalities done at the Belgrade Congress opened doors for the IFBB to join the International society of official recognized sports. In 1971 the IFBB joined the GAISF General Association of International Sports Federations. As BEN WEIDER  spoke, only the assistance of OSCAR STATE made this possible. Entering the GAISF the IFBB for long years left all othef International bodybuilding organizations behind. Membership in GAISF gave to the IFBB recognition and financial support of the Sport Ministries of a number of Countries. According to the GAISF rules one kind of sport can be represented by only one International sport federation. This made impossible for other bodybuilding organizations to seek the governmental support and recognition. It took decades until the World learned the real juridical and financial truth about the IFBB.

IFBB declares it‘s activities since 1946. Even then at Belgrade Congress there were questions about what the IFBB was doing until 1970? In the 1971 December issue of his magazine BEN WEIDER explains that 25 years the IFBB was collecting countries to join the IFBB.... Read below this great explanation!

„Many people have wondered what was happening within the IFBB between 1946, when the IFBB was founded by Ben and Joe in Montreal, and the 1st IFBB International Congress in 1970. In the December 1971 issue of „MUSCLE BUILDER / POWER“, in a guest editorial written by Ben Weider called "Come on in, the water’s fine", Ben states, "During the intervening years, I traveled to more than 90 countries and my brother to more than 40 on behalf of bodybuilding." Ben goes on to say, "Between the years 1946 and 1971, we succeeded in getting 57 nations to affiliate."


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