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Since 2012 the W.F.F. – W.B.B.F. International (World Fitness Federation, World Body Building Federation) works on the „World Bodybuilding Encyclopedia“ which will cover the period of the last 130 years. Until now nobody even tried to do this. The Encyclopedia will be Published in four languages in the nearest future. In various languages we are studying historic materials. There we found unbelievable stories about the World‘s history of bodybuilding. Everywhere with some exceptions we found lies. It is possible to understand when new „leaders“ want to rise themselves by diminishing the previous ones. Often the new ones even do not mention the previous leaders at all. We do work very seriously, but it takes so much time. We think that our book will change totally all previously written histories of bodybuilding sport.


We will mention several USA Presidents that influenced International bodybuilding movement. Also we will speak about the Royal Family of the Great Britain and other noticable polititians who were connected with bodybuilding. We will separate official bodybuilding sport from commercial bodybuilding festivals and then the World bodybuilding history will look compleatelly diferent.


Today the history of bodybuilding presented in the USA and in the World at leats is not correct. This way in the USA are forgotten the real American historic heroes of our sport. But these forgotten heroes of the USA bodybuilding were accepted at the White House by three USA Presidents! Everybody reads only the unreal history of the commercial „WEIDER‘s Empire“. This is very bad...It is humoristic to see their materials when even the pictures of famous bodybuilders are developed so that anybody can not see the name and logo of other federation.


Letus speak about the Europe.  Comparing with the N.A.B.B.A.  (National Amateur Body Building Association) nothing historically important happened in Europe. And again – N.A.B.B.A. after the death of their Leader OSCAR HEIDENSTAM last thirty years had no other real head of this level. It is the reason that today N.A.B.B.A. is not noticable and it is behind the other International organizations.

Another World.

This was a Picture of the „Western“ World. But there was another World, the „Socialist“ one. The Socialist World was nothing diferent of the „Western“ one. For seventy years both „Worlds“ were didvided by the „Iron Wall“ and lived separate life. Sport too. In the „Western“ World nobody could get the information about the Socialist bodybuilding. It was and it is of no interest for them. But if somebody did not hear about Australia – this does not mean that Australia is not egzisting. The situation in the history of bodybuilding of the Socialist World is the same. Today much false information is presented in public. We will not discuss here about the poor „poets“ who sing the unreal songs about the „WEIDER Empire“. Just to start – five members of the 1968 historic U.S.S.R. bodybuilding Council are forgotten. And it was the first International Bodybuilding Federation in the Socialis World. And it was even two years before the I.F.B.B. (International Federation of Body Builders) International Federation was officially created at the International Congress in Belgrade (Yugoslavia). At the same time new „leaders“ are telling lies about their participation in the historic events, such as one from Tiumen and another from Sankt Peterburg (both Russian). But on April 22, 1988 by the special order for „unfair financial behaviour“ the U.S.S.R. Sport Ministry (Goskomsport) kicked away this Tiumen „leader“ from the U.S.S.R. Bodybuilding federation. Again articles are written, books issued about these false leaders and their false stories.

We will do our best to refresh the memories and to cover all important historic matters.


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