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We started working on the second part of the „World Bodybuilding Encyclopedia“ („Pasaulio kultūrizmo enciklopedija“, «Энциклопедия мирового культуризма»). The book will cover the time since 1973 until 1991. In 1973 the bodybuilding sport was prohibited and prosecuted in the Socialist Countries. In 1991 the Socialist System was ruined.

Looking from the point of view of the Communist regime about twenty years bodybuilding was on illegal position in the Socialist Countries. Being afraid many organizers and bodybuilders stopped the activities. Only two regular traditional contests were organized in the U.S.S.R.. That were the „Georg Tenno Memorial („Georgo tenno Memorialas“, «Мемориал Георга Тенно», Tallinn, Estonian SSR, 1971 - 1989) and the „Amber Prix International“ („Gintarinis prizas“, «Янтарный приз», Klaipeda, Lithuanian SSR, 1968 - 2022). The organizer of the „Georg Tenno Memorial“ was INNAR MARDO (Иннар Мардо, 1946 – 2002) and the organizer of the organizer of the „Amber Prix“ was DSc. EDMUNDAS DAUBARAS. All other Socialist Countries did not organize the traditional International competitions. Later during the „MIKHAIL GORBACHOV Perestrojka“ (Перестройка) the U.S.S.R. Ministry of Sport (Goskomsport, Госкомспорт С.С.С.Р.) recognized the „Amber Prix International“ as the unofficial U.S.S.R. Bodybuilding Championship. Then the U.S.S.R. Ministry of Sport started presenting to the Champions of the „Amber Prix International“ the honourable titles of the „U.S.S.R. Sport Master“ («Мастер спорта С.С.С.Р.).

To set the official U.S.S.R. Bodybuilding Federation in 1987 the U.S.S.R. Congress of bodybuilders was organized in Kubenka city (near Moscow, Russian Federation). To the position of the President was ellected an Olympic Weightlifting Champion JURIJ VLASOV (Олимпийский чемпион Юрий Власов).

In 1988 in Leningrad (Russian Federation) the first official „U.S.S.R. Bodybuilding Cup“ («Кубок С.С.С.Р. по культуризму») was held. The contest was recognized by the U.S.S.R. Government. National teams on many Socialist Countries participated at the event.

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