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World Fitness Federation (WFF-International)

World Body Building Federation (WBBF-International)

(Since 1968, 129 Country-Members, Over 60 Anual International Events World Wide)



Date, Event, Place

January 14, International Trainers Meeting, Wuppertal, Germany

January 22, Grand Opening Contest, Palwal, India

January 27, International Chairmen Meeting, Vilnius, Lithuania

January 29, International Trainer's Seminar, Klaipeda, Lithuania

February 18, Official Visit to Turkey, Istambul, Turkey

March 19, Punjab International, Ludhiana, India

March 26, Pakistan Youth Championship, Lahore, Pakistan

March, Belarus Model Fitness, Bobruisk, Belarus

March 30, Official Visit to Ukraine, Ukraine

April, Mercosul International, Mercosul, Brazil

April, Belarus Junior Championship Open, Pruzany, Belarus

April, Belarus National Championship Open, Gomel, Belarus

April 16, Mr. Dehli Championship, Dehli, India

April 26, Russia Championship Open, Barnaul, Russia

April 28, Official Visit to India

April 29, India National Championship, Ludhiana, India

April 29, 4-th Asia Championship, Ludhiana, India

April 30, International Trainers Seminar, Ludhiana, India

May 1, National Championship Poland, Starogard, Poland

May 6, Slaviansky Cup International, Bobruisk, Belarus

May 13, Estreante Paulista, Brazil

May 13, National Championship, Kursk, Russia

May 19, International Congress, Klaipeda, Lithuania

May 20, 50-th "Amber Prix International", Klaipeda, Lithuania

May 20, Estreante Mineiro, Brazil

May 20, 18-th AM and Pro "Universe", Klaipeda, Lithuania

May 21, 18-th Europe Amateur and Pro Cup, Kaunas, Lithuania

May 21, Baltic Cup International, Kaunas, Lithuania

May 22, International Press Conference. News Agency ELTA, Vilnius, Lithuania.

May 22, Official Meeting at Parliament Lithuania, Vilnius, Lithuania

May 26, Official Visit to Ukraine

May 27, National Championship Poland, Starogard, Poland

June 4, Europe AM Championship, Holland

June 10, Kakaulina Classic, Soci, Russia

June 10, Campeonata do Interior, Brazil

June, Official Visit to Republic South Africa

June, International Trainers and Judges Seminar, Pretoria, South Africa

July, Belarus Summer Contest International, Pruzhany, Belarus

July 15, Championship Mineiro, Brazil

August 19, National Championship Brazil, Brazil

September, Youth Bodybuilding Contest, Ferozepur, Pakistan

September, National Championship Brazil, Brazil

September 23, National Championship Russia, Russia

September 23, National Championship UK, Manchester, UK

September 23, Polish International Cup, Starogard, Ploand

September 30, World Grand Prix "Golden Tiger", Jekaterinburg, Russia

October 7, South America Championship, Brazil

Ooctober 13, International Trainer's and Judges Seminar, Kaunas, Lithuania

October 14, Amateur World Championship, Kaunas, Lithuania

October 14, 2-d BRICS Championship, Kaunas, Lithuania

October 15, 14-th Pro World Championship, Kaunas, Lithuania

October 15, 19-th World Disabled Championship, Kaunas, Lithuania

October 15, 19-th World Fit-Kid Championship, Kaunas, Lithuania

October 15, 43-d "Lithuania Cup Open", Kaunas, Lithuania

October, Belarus Cup Open, Vitebsk, Belarus

October 28, Russia Cup, Ozersk, Russia

October 29, Grand Prix Germany, Wuppertal, Germany

November 11, Campeonato Aberto Americana, Brazil

November 11, World Grand Prix Cyprus, Cyprus

November, Angola National Cup, Angola

November, Championship Continent South America, Brazil

December 5, Pakistan Cup, Lahore, Pakistan


ATTENTION: International Calendar is under development. It will be many times refreshed.