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Today the W.F.F. – W.B.B.F. (World Fitness Federation, World Body Building Federation)  International unites 138 Country – Members and organizes nearly 60 annual Amateur and Professional International Events World Wide. Looking from the juridical point of view the W.F.F. – W.B.B.F. International is no doubt the Real World Bodybuilding Leader.

Crowning it‘s 50 years of  International Bodybuilding activities, the W.F.F. – W.B.B.F.  works on the Unique Global International Bodybuilding Project -  the „World Bodybuilding  Encyclopedia“ («Энциклопедия всемирного культуризма», “Pasaulio kultūrizmo enciklopedija”).

There will be four books of the Encyclopedia. The first book will cover period of time from the old times to 1973. There will be hundreds of sport biographies of the important International Persons.  One of them is Lithuanian ROMANAS KALINAUSKAS (1947-1998).


As a bodybuilding organizer ROMANAS KALINAUSKAS started working in 1973. Then during the meeting in Kaunas city he organized the overthrow of the President National Bodybuilding Federation of Lithuania JUOZAS JUSEVICHUS. JUOZAS JUSEVICHUS was one of the bodybuilding pioneers in the U.S.S.R. and Lithuania.


During the time of the political prohibition and prosecution of bodybuilding sport in the Socialist Countries still some contests we managed to do with great efforts. In 1979 ROMANAS KALINAUSKAS ruined the International Contest „U.S.S.R. – Czechoslovakia“. This competition was prepared by DSc. EDMUNDAS DAUBARAS and a number of the Bodybuilding Chairmen of  Czechoslovakia – the President of the National Federation VOJTECH FIALA and his assistants FRANTISHEK BULVA and IVAN MACH. This would be the first time when the U.S.S.R. bodybuilders will cross the U.S.S.R. country boarder that was closed due to the above mentioned bodybuilding prohibition.

After the first visit of DSc. EDMUNDAS DAUBARAS to Czechoslovakia, their bodybuilding Chairmen addressed GENADIJ BALDIN (Геннадий Балдин) in Moscow. GENADIJ BALDIN was one of the five Chairmen of the in 1968 established U.S.S.R. bodybuilding federation which stopped working in 1973 after bodybuildin prohibition. GENADIJ BALDIN answered the Czechslovakians that he left bodybuilding activities. He wrote that there are several still working bodybuilding organizers in Baltic countries whom they can contact easily. Only they dared to go on working during the years of prohibition of bodybuilding (letters were presented to us by another one of the five Chairmen of the U.S.S.R. bodybuilding federation VALERIJ KORESHKOV (Валерий Корешков) and now they are kept in the archieves of the W.F.F. – W.B.B.F. International).

The preparation for the contest „U.S.S.R. – Czechoslovakia“ took four years. DSc. EDMUNDAS DAUBARAS visited Czechoslovakia in 1975 and 1977. A number of meeings with Czechoslovakia bodybuilding leaders were made. Also he met famous trainers and bodybuilders there. The intensive correspondence was done as well. The U.S.S.R. bodybuilders needed visas to reach another countries. Finally the needed official documents from Czechoslovakia reached DSc. EDMUNDAS DAUBARAS. ROMANAS KALINAUSKAS had nothing to do with the competition „U.S.S.R. – Czechoslovakia“ and he was not included to the delegation to Czechoslovakia. That was the reason that ROMANAS KALINAUSKAS started his intrugues and ruined the visit.

DSc. EDMUNDAS DAUBARAS always was in touch with many World Bodybuilding Leaders. In 1978 he visited Varzszawa „Herkules“ (Poland) bodybuilding gym. Polish organizers planned to make an International Contest in 1979.  They gave DSc. EDMUNDAS DAUBARAS official invitiation for the U.S.S.R. team to participate at the event. After the above mentioned intriques of ROMANAS KALINAUSKAS  DSc. EDMUNDAS DAUBARAS did not visit the Polish contest himself. He gave the official invitation to Poland to Estonia Bodybuilding Chairman INNAR MARDO. INNAR MARDO took the best U.S.S.R. bodybuilder Estonian OLEV ANNUS to Poland and he became the Over All Champion there (documents about all mentioned events are kept at the archieves of the W.F.F. – W.B.B.F. International).


In 1981 in Lithuanian Klaipeda City was held the most important U.S.S.R. bodybuilding contest of the year – the „Amber Prix International“ („Gintarinis Prizas“, „Янтарный приз»). During this contest the General Secretary of the U.S.S.R. bodybuilding federation ROMANAS KALINAUSKAS organized the defeat of OLEV ANNUS. The political powers of the U.S.S.R. knew that OLEV ANNUS was on the way to emigrante to Finland and they did not like this. How it could happen that the best U.S.S.R. bodybuilder runs away from the country? The defeat of OLEV ANNUS was organized through ROMANAS KALINAUSKAS. Before the competition ROMANAS KALINAUSKAS gathered the judges and strictly informed them the „how to judge“.  OLEV ANNUS lost his win to another athlete. After the 1981  „Amber Prix International“ competition OLEV ANNUS protested and wrote letters to the bodybuilding magazines of various countries, but it changed nothing. Defeat is defeat...


Due to the fights with ROMANAS KALINAUSKAS inside Lithuania bodybuilding organization the Champion of the „Amber Prix International“ JURIJ GUSEV (Юрий Гусев) and his trainer were planing to participate in Estonia at the International „Georg Tenno Memorial“ („Мемориал Георга Тенно», „Georgo Tenno Memorialas“) on their own. Then ROMANAS KALINAUSKAS took efforts to prohibit the participation of JURIJ GUSEV. DSc. EDMUNDAS DAUBARAS spoke with the Estonia Bodybuilding Chairman INNAR MARDO and received his official permition for JURIJ GUSEV to participate. After this JURIJ GUSEV participated at the „Georg Tenno Memorial“ and became the Junior Over All Champion.

Exactly the same situation happened with another Champion of the „Amber Prix International“ Lithuanian  ROLANDAS BUCHINSKAS. Again ROMANAS KALINAUSKAS prohibited him to participate in Estonia. Again DSc. EDMUNDAS DAUBARAS spoke with  INNAR MARDO and received his permition for ROLANDAS BUCHINSKAS to participate. Again ROLANDAS BUCHISKAS became the Junior Over All Champion of the „Georg Tenno Memorial“.


In 1988 history with the intriques of  ROMANAS KALINAUSKAS was repeated. In 1987 the Official U.S.S.R. Bodybuilding Federation was established. Due to the efforts of the famous weightlifting Olympic Champion JURIJ VLASOV (Юрий Власов) the federation was recognized by the U.S.S.R. Ministry of Sport (Goskomsport; Госкомспорт С.С.С.Р.). According to the rules all category winners of the first Official U.S.S.R. Bodybuilding Cup were included to the National Team to participate at the 1988 World Championship in Australia. Among the champions were two Lithuanians: VIKTORAS JUCYS  (Over All Champion) and category winner  SAULIUS MISEVICHUS. As before the General Secretary of the U.S.S.R. Bodybuilding Federation ROMANAS KALINAUSKAS was not included to the delegation which participated in  Australia. For this reason ROMANAS KALINAUSKAS did not give the passports for VIKTORAS JUCYS  and SAULIUS MISEVICIUS. Both of them worked on preperation for several months and finally at the airport did not receive passports and could not leave to the World Championship.


Just before the meeting of DSc. EDMUNDAS DAUBARAS  and the President of the I.F.B.B. (International Federation of Body Builders) federation BEN WEIDER a meeting of a number of the U.S.S.R. bodybuilding organizers had happened. It was in a hotel of Leningrad (now St. Peterburg). At this meeting participated DSc. EDMUNDAS DAUBARAS, the U.S.S.R. Bodybuilding Federation General Secretary ROMANAS KALINAUSKAS, ALEKSANDRAS NOVIKOVAS, RAMUTIS KAIRAITIS (both Officials of the U.S.S.R. Bodybuilding Federation) and bodybuilding organizer and today‘s famous Lithuania photo artist ALGIMANTAS ALEKSANDRAVICIUS and the best U.S.S.R. bodybuilder at that time VIKTORAS JUCYS. Learned about the coming meeting of DSc. EDMUDAS DAUBARAS with BEN WEIDER, ROMANAS KALINAUSKAS insisted that he is intending to come with him too. Then DSc.EDMUNDAS DAUBARAS refused to take him as he did not want to have any problems from ROMANAS KALINAUSKAS with the U.S.S.R. secret services. During the meeting at the Leningrad hotel DSc. EDMUNDAS DAUBARAS listed  „bad deals“ of the ROMANAS KALINAUSKAS that he did in previous years. Main “bad deals” were as follows: in 1979 ROMANAS KALINAUSKAS ruined International contest ”U.S.S.R. versus Czechoslovakia” and  in 1988 he ruined participation of a number of the best U.S.S.R. bodybuilders at the World Championship in Australia. Also DSc. EDMUNDAS DAUBARAS reminded the prohibition of JURIJ GUSEV and ROLANDAS BUCINSKAS to participate at the “Georg Tenno Memorial” competitions in Estonia and some other intrigues of ROMANAS KALINAUSKAS. Then in front of all participants of the meeting ROMANAS KALINAUSKAS accepted his fault and started crying and knelt on the knees begging to forget those things.