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International President EDMUNDAS DAUBARAS, President Parliament Austria Professor ALFRED GERSTL




“Es ist leicht, heute fur gestern gescheit zu sein!” 
Alfred Gerstl 

“Mann “der Brucked bauen” kann” 
Alfred Gerstl 


All life devoting to the development of general sport in Austria Professor ALFRED GERSTL was always the World’s VIP Sport Person. Serving at the Position of the President Parliament Austria Professor ALFRED GERSTL  had good opportunities to do his best in many International and National activities including sport. And he did it well. 
ALFRED GERSTL  has been connected with sport from 1963. 
The start was with karate. Until 1971 ALFRED GERSTL  was the President Europe Karate Association. 
It was ALFRED GERSTL  to assist very much in the contemporary Governor’s State California ARNOLD SCHWARCENEGGER sport career. Still they are good friends. 
At the same time the son of ALFRED GERSTL  KARL (KARL GERSTL) was one of ARNOLD’S training partners and friends. 
For years ALFRED GERSTL was the VIP Person in Europe Sport. 
Many times ALFRED GERSTL  was elected to the position of the President Austria National Bodybuilding Federation. 
He was the Heart of the Organizing Committees of the World Bodybuilding Championships in Austria : 
1985 World Bodybuilding Championship 
1992 World Bodybuilding Championship. 
Many times ALFRED GERSTL was the National Austria Bodybuilding Delegation Leader at various International Sport Events. 
During the last years ALFRED GERSTL  is the Main Sport Person at numerous WFF-WBBF International Contests that were held in Austria . That makes Austria one of the most important International Fitness and Bodybuilding Centers World Wide. 
The recent President WFF-WBBF Austria PETER PAPULA was always among the first International Sport Organizers. Working in tune he always assisted ALFRED GERSTL to move the International Sport process ahead.
During his life professor ALDFRED GERSTL received various High International Sport Awards. 
In 2008 the President World Fitness Federation EDMUNDAS DAUBARAS Awarded Professor ALFRED GERSTL  with the WFF Gold Honor Medal No.1 (September, 2008, Graz, Austria ).


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    International President EDMUNDAS DAUBARAS, President Parliament Austria Professor ALFRED GERSTL
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