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Another prominent Professional bodybuilding person in the US was WAYNE DE MILIA. He always was working with WEDER brothers, mostly with JOE WEIDER.

The Owner of the private commercial „Joe Weider‘s OLYMPIA“ contest JOE WEIDER appะพinted WAYNE DE MILIA to be the Director of the Professional League that was a private property of JOE WEIDER too.

Working for many years WAYNE DE MILIA  did a lot to rise the Professional bodybuilding to the level it is today. After JOE WEIDER  sold his private „Joe Weider‘s OLYMPIA“ contest to another businessman WAYNE DE MILIA  was pressed by the new Owner to leave the Director‘s of the Professional League  position. Then WAYNE DE MILIA tried to make his own bodybuilding organization.  He organized Pro Events in the US and UK, but thay were not successfull. Once he tried to work tohether with the WFF-WBBF International, but a hard desease made him to leave the sport business.

First time the President WFF-WBBF International DSc. EDMUNDAS DAUBARAS met WAYNE DE MILIA in the New York City in 1991. Then to the Commercial Contest „Joe Weider‘s OLYMPIA“  for the negotiations of the common work DSc. EDMUNDAS DAUBARAS was invited as a Personal Guest of the Owner and the President of the IFBB Commercial Company BEN WEIDER. In New York DSc. EDMUNDAS DAUBARAS  discussed with BEN WEIDER the ways to register with the IFBB Commercial Firm a Joint – Wenture Company and then a definite Protocol was signed.

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