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(The unseriousness of NABBA was spoken over long ago, it was published in many our documents officially, so now we will touch just some questions again)




Let  us not talk of old times, when in 1950 NABBA asked the Magazine „Healts&Strength“ Owners to give it the right to use belonging them „Universe“ name.

All we speak of – the OFFICIAL MATTERS. It does not concern sportsmen and competitions. All sportsmen are respected and have nothing to do with the organizations they participate.

For decades NABBA was acting unfair fooling athletes on juridical matters and still does. When we got in touch with NABBA more that 20 years ago, it seemed for us to be like Official International Sport Organization, that had and still have 2 International Events per year (World and Universe). After the long working NABBA Leader OSKAR HEIDENSTAM (UK) passed, the real chaos and intrigues came to the organization inside.




In general for years the International Congresses of NABBA had only one aim – to collect the annual fee from the participating countries. Very seldom some important questions were discussed ther. As nobody dared to speak, EDMUNDAS DAUBARAS  used to rise various other questions, juridical and financial questions first. The reason was one – most East Europe Countries worked and were financed by States (Sport Ministries), which required and requested the stamped juridical documents, real law registration and serious book-keeping. NABBA did not have all this.




NABBA always was a UK organization only.

Many times during the International Congresses EDMUNDAS DAUBARAS  spoke on unserious situation, when NABBA UK was the organizer of the World Championship. How it could be? Was there anything International or not? It was unserious. Then IVAN DUNBAR  proclaimed new „NABBA International“(we call it NABBA-2), but only proclaimed doing no juridical steps, no registration by law, no registered Constitution. When EDMUNDAS DAUBARAS  underlined this, then JOE LOPEZ  copied WABBA Constitution and presented it as NABBA‘S.

Sport Ministry Lithuania asked many times of NABBA International registration. EDMUNDAS DAUBARAS  pressed IVAN DUNBAR  to present the necessary juridical documents of NABBA and then finally IVAN DUNBAR told him privatelly that NABBA has no International Registration and there is nothing to present. The only one real fact was that NABBA was a UK public Club. But UK public Club is not an INTERNATIONAL  FEDERATION, even not a NATIONAL one. Again it was ridiculous and unserious.




It was strange: NABBA collects fees and never give receipts back. After EDMUNDAS DAUBARAS  spoke of this, NABBA started to give „love letters“ instead of book-keeping bills, that were not serious and had nothing to do with real book-keeping.

To say more, ending the previous decade, NABBA had 3 presidents at one time: IVAN DUNBAR, KLAUS HPFFMANN, JOE LOPEZ, who in intrigues fighted in between for many matters, including collecting annual fees. Often it was ridiculous, when before of International Congress each of them did their best to collect fees from more countries this way leaving their opponents with less money.




The fight came to the top in 1999 in Greece and Austria when during the Internatiional Congresses EDMUNDAS DAUBARAS  spoke to the presidents of the dissorder in NABBA. Then in 2000 in Australia JOE LOPEZ  founded his private Company „NABBA International“ (we call it NABBA-3, today developed to NAC) and JOE LOPEZ started organizing his own „Worlds and Universes“ until he got to prison. Still NABBA-3 still tries to do something, but it is of no Official International importance at the moment. Until now all International activities of all NABBA‘S are not Official and have no Official Recognition nowhere. If a dialogue starts – then what is NABBA? A public Club? Who speaks with a „public club“ on Official International Level?




Having registered only Name and Logo and nothing more from the juridical side, NABBA is just an International gathering of friends from diferent countries. By any Law it can not be treated as an International Sport Organization (no registration, no registered Constitution, no legitemate Stamp etc..). It is fine that it organizes contests for so long years, but it‘s work is not official and this is the reason that NABBA had never received any International support and recognition. Opposite to NABBA – the WFF-WBBF cover all juridical requiremets of the International Sport Organization and this is the reason that many unserious „organizations“ do not like this. They like to live and to work like in a „gipsy tribe“, not officially and that they do. And they have their own reasons to be unofficial.







On September 24-26, 2011 the  professional „Sheru Classic“ contest took place in India. But the attraction of all India bodybuilders and India media power was focussed towards the greatest 2011 India bodybuilding event: „2011 WFF-WBBF  Pathankot Punjab Championship Open“ which was held on the same day. The India Pathankot  competition was the selection of the WFF-WBBF (World Fitness Federation, World Body Building Federation) National Bodybuilding Team India to the coming World‘s most important bodybuilding events: 2011 WFF-WBBF Amateur and Professional World Championships and „Amber Prix OLYMPIA“ in Austria and Slovakia (20 000 euro, November 2-6), more info on the International Site ). Also the „2011 WFF-WBBF  Pathankot Punjab Championship Open“ was a rehersal before coming in December  the "2011 WFF-WBBF Asia Pro Championship Open" (20 000 euro) which will be also held in India.




The „2011 WFF-WBBF  Pathankot Punjab Championship Open“ was supported by the India State Minister MASTER MOHAN LAL, who was present at the Event in person. The International President WFF-WBBF EDMUNDAS DAUBARAS  was on the Official Visit in India and participated at the Pathankot Event too. The biggest region streets and squares were decorated with huge contest advertizing posters. Coming from the Press Conference to the Championship‘s Venue the Minister and the International President were folowed by the armed police escort which stopped for this time the trafic in the City Streets. Among numerous Respectfull Guests the Highest State Police and Military Officers were present as VIP Guests at the „2011 WFF-WBBF  Pathankot Punjab Championship Open“ too.

Being with the official visit in India the International President EDMUNDAS DAUBARAS had a number of various level official meetings among which were two Ministers, two Leaders of India political parties, many other different level State Governmental Officials, sport, social and religious Leaders.




At the „2011 WFF-WBBF  Pathankot Punjab Championship Open“ a wide press conference was held. Again  the India State Minister MASTER MOHAN LAL and the International President WFF-WBBF EDMUNDAS DAUBARAS with the President WFF-WBBF Asia PRINCE UPPAL were present at the press conference together. Confirming India to be the Leader in Asia bodybuilding, the huge work and activities of the WFF-WBBF International were presented to public. The WFF-WBBF big future plans spreading healthy way of life and promoting bodybuilding on all levels in India were presented to public media. Many India National and Internatgional media representatives covered the event. A number of reports were on various India State televisions. The Pathankot Event itself was televised too.




The „2011 WFF-WBBF  Pathankot Punjab Championship Open“ was organized by the National Federation WFF-WBBF India. President WFF-WBBF Asia and India PRINCE UPPAL  appreciated huge work that was done by the President WFF-WBBF Pathankot VINOD KUMAR and WFF-WBBF Pathankot  Secretary General PANKAJ SHARMA.

The contest collected over 130 competitors from 7 States India. Many competitors came from all other India States but seeing the high level of the contest and huge responsibility to represent India at the coming 2011 World Amateur Championship and „Universe“  in Vienna (Austria) did not dare to compete. The multy-thousand places Stadium-venue of the „2011 WFF-WBBF  Pathankot Punjab Championship Open“ was full of spectators and fans and that gave a positive mood for all present.

„2011 WFF-WBBF  Pathankot Punjab Championship Open“   Contest was crowned by the spectacular Show Programmes of the WBBF Pro Bodybuilders SUKHWINDER SINGH  and NAVTEJ SINGH (Both from India).




During the official visit of the International President WFF-WBBF EDMUNDAS DAUBARAS to India the new strategic international goal was set: in the nearest future to organize the "2011 WFF-WBBF Asia Pro Championship Open" (20 000 euro) in India.  Also the WFF-WBBF International Executuive Council thinks of the possibilities to organize not one, but two Pro Events in India in a row (making prize money doubled – 20 000 and again 20 000 euro), just some days separating one Pro Event from another. The President WFF-WBBF Asia PRINCE UPPAL is looking for the possibilities to pay air tickets for overseas professionals.




Be frank. 2011 India Pro Bodybuilding event in Mumbai „Sheru Classic“ was of no value seeking bodybuilding recognition as official sport. It was a Show, not a sport competition. Due to strategic mistakes for many years by old International Bodybuilding Leaders spoiled image of bodybuilding is not so easy to recover back. The WFF-WBBF International works hard to make the bodybuilding official and recognized sport. To present USA Pros as the „universal bodybuilding model“ and to say that International Bodybuilding aims to be as they are – makes no sense. Opposite, due to the mistaken politics of the previous International Bodybuilding Leaders today having neggative attitude to bodybuilding through the World this way we would get even worse public responce.

At the same days as „Sheru Classic“ the WFF-WBBF International very sucessfully presented „2011 WFF-WBBF  Pathankot Punjab Championship Open“ and that was a real bodybuilding sport contest. And this contest had evident official political sport value to India and the International Bodybuilding as well. India governmental and political leaders were present at this event. Wide media gave huge covering of the event and this event did much positive for popularising sport and healthy way of life in one of the biggest Wold‘s countrties – beautiful India. WFF-WBBF International knows very well the ways to reach strategic goals to get the bodybuilding sport recognition in order everyone to be proud and not ashamed to be a bodybuilder.







The 2011 is the 113-th  year of the World‘s Bodybuilding History (from  EUGENY SANDOW, UK) and  the 83-d year of the World‘s Fitness History (from BRONE DUBAR, NY, USA). The WFF-WBBF (World Fitness Federation, World Body Building Federation)  International is working to make Bodybuilding and Fitness sport official and recognized and that is the strategic aim of the Federation. Everybody knows very well that the former International Bodybuilding Leaders have chosen  wrong way to develop the sport. Bodybuilding lost it‘s former „good name“ and public oppinion about it is very negative today. Different from all other International Federations the only one WFF-WBBF looks for the ways to change the situation. It takes time as the previous wrong way of development lasted for decades.  Great work confronts the Federation and the WFF-WBBF is ready to do the best as it can and as much as the God blesses it‘s works.

During the last years the Srtucture of the WFF-WBBF International became more concentrated and stable. Looking for the best ways the Federation is always in move.  Not everybody can stand inovations and big activities the WFF-WBBF is involved.  A number of weak persons leave the Federation from time to time. But this makes the WFF-WBBF International even more strong.

Popularizing sport and fitness around the Woirld every year the WFF-WBBF holds over 60 International Events around the World.  It publishes magazines in various languages, issues DVD‘s of the Contests, organizes International Trainer‘s and Judge‘s Seminars, makes and participates at various International Conferences.

Today having great financial and organizing possibilities the WFF-WBBF International starts „exporting“ Contests. It means that the Federation pays tickets and living expences for the World‘s Best Athletes as well as for  it‘s „working team“ (people occupied in organizing International Events).  The International Federation has possibilities to offer Stipendium Contracts for the Best Bodybuilders now. Every year the number of Pro Card Qualifying International Contests is growing giving the best Sportsmen opportunities to receive a Pro Card. For the last two decades the World Federation runs the WORLD RANKING LIST, counting the contest results of a number of thousands of the World‘s Best Participating Athletes (see, „World Ranking List“).

 The International Society see the activities done by the International Federation WFF-WBBF: supporting the healthy way of life for all people on International Level, involving in these activities children, disabled people, people of respectfull age etc..

Working hard for more than fourty years the WFF-WBBF International received definite recognition. Seeking the recognition of Bodybuilding Sport, today nobody can neglect the positive social work done by the WFF-WBBF. 

Diferent to other „International Federations“ the Official Juridical Status of the WFF-WBBF International alows it to  get the common touches with the International Organizations like IOC, WADA, GAISF. Still there are some dificulties as those Organizations are Private Companies, they seek profit and business when the WFF-WBBF is an International  Social No Profit Federation.

But fact is fact – the WFF-WBBF is the only one International Federation which seeks the offical recognition of bodybuilding on official level. Other International Federatioins do not take part in the official International Sport movement and development.



Real positive work done by the International WFF-WBBF Federation opens doors of many Governmental, Political and Social Leaders of various Countries. Highest Level Official Meetings, friendly discussions are held to speak over the International Sport Problems and to coordinate common work.

During the latest period of time the Heads of the WFF-WBBF International had a number of Official Meetings with a number of VIP Personalities: the President Republic Slovakia IVAN GASPAROVIC,  the former President Republic Slovakia PhD RUDOLF SCHUSTER, the President Parliament Austria Professor ALFRED GERSTL, President Parliament Republic Lithuania ARUNAS VALINSKAS, Prime Ministers Republic Slovakia VLADIMIR MECIAR  and ROBERT FICO, Prime Minister Republic Lithuania GEDIMINAS KIRKILAS, Prime Minister Republic Latvia AIGARS KALVITIS, Ministers and Government Members of  Vatican, Poland, Russia, Estonia, Slovakia, Lithuania, Heads of the National Olympic Commitees of Estonia and Lithuania, City Majors of Prague (Czech), Bydgoszcz and Katowice (Poland), Duisburg (Germany), Graz and Linz (Austria), Coimbra (Portugal), Eretria (Greece), Tallinn (Estonia), Tver and Jekaterinburg (Russia), and many Majors Cities Lithuania.

In 2011 Official Meetings of the Heads WFF-WBBF International were held in the Parliaments Republic Slovakia and Republic Lithuania, the Official Meetings were held at the Embesses of Vatican, Italy, Cuba and India.



The positive work done by the WFF-WBBF  International was seen  and evaluated:

-          at the 2011 WFF-WBBF Official visit to Vatican  the International President

 EDMUNDAS DAUBARAS was awarded by the Vatican Congregat Perfect J.EM. JOZEF KARDINAL TOMKO with  the Pontific Medal (Medaglia Ufficiale di Pontificato di Sua Santita Benedetto XVI).  This is the sole happening in the World‘s Sport History until now.


-          In Portugal during the IV-th Convent OSMTH the International President  EDMUNDAS DAUBARAS was awarded by the Bishop ARCHIMANDRITE CHARALAMPY  with the St. Nicholas the Wonderworker’s Silver-Gold Medal


-          International President  EDMUNDAS DAUBARAS was awarded with the Diploma of Honour of the Prime Minister Republic Slovakia ROBERT FICO



-          International President  EDMUNDAS DAUBARAS together with the Governor State California ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER  was honorably included to the Honour Book Kingdom Denmark


-          International President EDMUNDAS DAUBARAS was awarded by International JOHN GRIMEK Award (Italy)



-          International President EDMUNDAS DAUBARAS awarded with the Latvia Auseklis Order.



We hear much, we speak much, but is it real? Is it the truth? No secret, that the contemporary story of the World’s Bodybuilding History is not correct. We all know that the Bodybuilding Sport Histroy was been written to satisfy the interests of the Commercial IFBB (International Federation of Body Builders) Company. Nobody elese wrote any other story of the World‘s Bodybuilding Sport History (WFF-WBBF is  going to present for public it‘s  story soon). Getting wrong information the International Sport Society has been fooled for decades (see documents on, read forum topic „IFBB/EFBB illegal financial deals“).  Our statement is easy to prove as the IFBB Highest Officials and Lowers after the IFBB split sent us over 600 pages of authentic IFBB documents and asked us to publish them. When a friendly International Federation asked us, so we did it. It is plainly seen how all of us were fooled by the Commercial IFBB Company Owners for so long time.

Today the number of so called „International Sport Federations“ is fast growing. Again the World‘s Sport Society is being fooled as people think those federations are real, but they are not from the point of view of Law. Again it is easy to prove. Just have a look at the juridical documents of those „international federations“, see the Constitution, the Registration Certificate. But try to see the most important  – have a look at their book keeping documents. There are no such documents as none of them do book keeping.And even if they are – that are of the documents some other Companies, not of an International Federation You look for. We underline – no book keeping means no federation. Sometimes „federations“ cheat people some other way: for example NABBA (National Amateur Body Building Association) declares to be an International Sport Association. But NABBA International has no juridic registration and it does no book keeping. You can not dare to show the financial documents of NABBA even to Your wife. You could say NABBA UK? But NABBA UK is a Public Club registered by Law. Where is NABBA - International then? So what is this? Children‘s game? It has nothing to do with any International Sport Activities in fact. And that is why NABBA never appears anywhere officially: no Official Meetings, no press etc...

Well, let us see what have happened with the IFBB (all other „International Federations“ are in much worse position from the juridic Low point of view. They do not egzist in real life even as a Commercial Company as the IFBB is in real). Try to see the juridical and book keeping documents of the IFBB we received from the IFBB Officials to present  and  - „finito la comedia“ for all long lasting lies. Folowing these documents we can state - there is no International Federation of the IFBB, sorry.

That is why again and again we state and underline that only the WFF-WBBF is officially registered by Law as a No Profit Social International Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation.  Today the WFF-WBBF International unites organizations from 103 Countries, that represent all Continents. The WFF-WBBF has over fourty years lasting history and it goes on working basing on this history.



The activities of the WFF-WBBF International are directly connected with one of the World‘s Oldest still running International Bodybuilding „Amber Prix International“ (1968 - 2011) Contest. The tradition goes on and in November, 2011 the WFF-WBBF holds it‘s first Professional „Amber Prix OLYMPIA“ in Slovak Brusno Kupele resort.  See more information on „Amber Prix International“ on main page and sport history forum topics.



A number of  officials representing illegal from the piont of view of Law International Sport Federations feel jealous and engry about the work the WFF-WBBF is doing. But why so? Nothing personal. Just make official registration of Your International Federation and we will be first to shake Your hand. But do it.  Do the same as we are doing more that fourty years!

Wishing to stop the WFF-WBBF World Championship in Bydgoszcz (Poland) in 2008 the International IFBB Official PAVEL FILEBORN published in Polish press false information about the WFF-WBBF. The WFF-WBBF warned him to face the Court Trial for this, and then he went down and stepped back. Even in Poland the WFF-WBBF is official and recognized (that proves the letter of the Minister Sport Poland).

Today again we see a number of weak and jealous people in Latvia, Germany trying to do the same. We just friendly warn them  –  be careful about what You say and even more about what You write...

In order to fool people and officials they go on speaking lies about the WFF-WBBF, sometimes they try to use the names: WFF, World Fitness Federation, „Amber Prix International“ etc..  which are Trade Marks of the WFF-WBBF International.

In 2011 the WPF (World Phisyque Federation)  and NABBA  in Lithuania used the WFF-WBBF name without permittion at a contest and the WFF-WBBF friendly warned them offering a Court Trial. Preparing the documents for the Court the WFF-WBBF International started working with the Lowers, but finally the opponents got affrayed and changed the name of their event.

The WFF-WBBF underlines once again: we are a peacefull Federation, registered as International Sport Federation officially, not fooling everybody as all other „International Federations“ did for years and still do. and we are ready to stand our honor at the Court. Writing lies, speaking and fooling around – it is not our business. We are official, we work official, we know what we say and we are ready to face anybody on official level even in Court  if anybody is brave enough to face us.






In 2011 WFF-WBBF (World Fitness Federation, World Body Building Federation) held the 43-d „Amber Prix International“ (1968 – 2011) Contest in Kaunas (Lithuania). Bodybuilding specialists and fans know very much about this World’s Oldest Competition. For many years when Bodybuilding Sport was prohibited in the Socialist Countries (especially in the USSR) the “Amber Prix International” used to be like the World Championship of the Socialist Countries, the unofficial Championship of the USSR. Having in mind the high level of the Event and it’s political value to the International Sport, various special services and secret structures followed it. The importance of the “Amber Prix International” proves the fact, that right after the “Perestrojka” started the Ministry of Sport USSR (Goskomsport) started to give highest honorable “Soviet Sport Master” degrees and other privileges for the Champions of this Competition.

The 1981 “Amber Prix International” was exceptional with the Socialist State Politics. Russian weightlifter E.MOROZ was responsible for the Bodybuilding Sport in the Ministry Sport USSR then. But the real working President Russia Bodybuilding Federation was VLADIMIR SUBOV in fact. After Russian Bodybuilder VLADIMIR DUBININ lost his titles against  Estonian OLEV ANNUS  and Lithuanian PRANAS MURAUSKAS  in 1974, he was out of the game for many years. VLADIMIR DUBININ  appeared in sport society at the “Amber Prix International” in Klaipeda only in 1986.

Then in 1981 at the Meeting  International Judges Council participated EDMUNDAS DAUBARAS, VLADIMIR SUBOV, ROMANAS KALINAUSKAS, ARKADIJ KASANSKIJ, ALEKSANDRAS NOVIKOVAS  and some other  International Level  Judges and Organizers. President Lithuania Bodybuilding Federation ROMANAS KALINAUSKAS  told the Judges that it is high time to change the Leading Bodybuilder  and to stop the successful career of Estonian Athlete OLEV ANNUS. At that time already twice  winning the “Amber Prix International” and a number of International Events in Poland, Hungary and Czechoslovakia OLEV ANNUS was the sole Leader among Bodybuilders of the Socialist Countries. Under the pressure of ROMANAS KALINAUSKAS  the Judges did as he told them. The Over All Winner’s Title at the  1981 “Amber Prix International”  went to Lithuanian Sportsman SAULIUS MISEVICIUS. Loosing the battle OLEV ANNUS  was in shock. He has written letters accusing the International  Judges but the result was impossible to change.

In 2010 at the WFF-WBBF Am and Pro World Championship in Slovakia Brusno Kupele resort VLADIMIR SUBOV  came there with the National Team Germany. Having possibilities to speak free now he explained the political situation of the 1981. He told us that the sport life of OLEV ANNUS  was decided in Moscow long before he participated in Klaipeda at the 1981 “Amber Prix International”.  Then the USSR Communist Party Central Committee ruled everything, sport too. Having information that OLEV ANNUS  wants to leave the Soviet Union the USSR Communist Party Propaganda Council gave orders to the Sport Ministry USSR and E.MOROZ gave orders to ROMANAS KALINAUSKAS – get down the Estonian Bodybuilder. So using the Judges he did.




Let us speak about one more historical moment of bodybuilding and let You judge about us by our works, not words.

For quite a long period of time bodybuilding was prohibited in the USSR and it was not supported in all socialist World. Everywhere gyms were closed, contests prohibited, sportsmen were  prosecuted, media flew  as maximum dirt as possible to bodybuilding. Under pressure of the Communist Party the Ministry Sport USSR (Union Soviet Socialist Republics) issued a strict order against bodybuilding and this way they had a law basis to follow bodybuilders. For many years of prosecution in the Sport Ministry (Goskomsport) employed former weightlifter E.MOROZ (later V.TAMARLAKOV) had been responsible for bodybuilding. A step below of them was another one representative Lithuanian ROMANAS KALINAUSKAS. Everybody was afrayed to fight or even to say a single word to stand for bodybuilding. As in such a wide territory nobody organized bodybuilding contetsts, but EDMUNDAS DAUBARAS dared to do it first with „Amber Prix International“ in Klaipeda (Lithuania). ROMANAS KALINAUSKAS  and other high officials wanted to stop him saying that in case the new procecutions started they are not going to loose their Communist Party certificates and they will stay away from EDMUNDAS DAUBARAS. Nevertheless E.DAUBARAS  did it on his own risk. The contest in Klaipeda took place, only the EDMUNDAS DAUBARAS played his game with the Sport Ministry and he had to make some artificial changes adding power exercises to the usual programme.  Just after this EDMUNDAS DAUBARAS  started active correspondence with the Sport Ministry USSR as well as with main USSR political media: newspapers „Pravda“, „Izvestija“, „Soviet Sport“, which used to publishe awfull articles against bodybuilding (like „Trijanskij kon kulturizma“..). Then EDMUNDAS DAUBARAS  wrote a number of articles protecting bodybuilding and started to collect signatures of known people under these articles. It became the pettition to unite people to protect bodybuilding sport (these historic materials are in the archieves of the WFF-WBBF International (World Fitness Federation, World Body Building Federation). Then EDMUNDAS DAUBARAS  on his risk went to Moscow to register and present these materials at the Central Committe Communst Party USSR and Ministry Council USSR. When back to Lithuania EDMUNDAS DAUBARAS  sterted to receive lots of calls from the Central Committe Communst Party USSR. The discussion started. It was evident that some positive agreement may happen. That bothered Lithuanian Communist Leaders. Finally the telepfone of EDMUNDAS DAUBARAS was totally swiched off line and they invited EDMUNDAS DAUBARAS  to Klaipeda Headquarters asking to stop pushing highest USSR officials. At the same time though bodybuilding was a prohibited sport they gave EDMUNDAS DAUBARAS permittion to organize anual „Amber Prix International“ in Klaipeda. It is not a secret that for many years „Amber Prix International“ was the only one International bodybuilding contest in the Socialist World and until 1988 it served as a not official Championship of the USSR. If not the „Amber Prix International“ nuobody knows what would have been the history of bodybuilding in the USSR and all Socialist World. Nobody knows how the Socialist bodybuilding sport would have met the first USA bodybuilders that came to the USSR under the leadership of the Owner and life President IFBB (International Federation of Body Builders) BEN WEIDER. BEN WEIDER  was an old personal friend of EDMUNDAS DAUBARAS. For many years they bogth had active correspondence, a number of mutual meetings in various countries. Finally they were working on the setting a Join-Venture Company (again these documents are in the archieves of the WFF-WBBF International (World Fitness Federation, World Body Building Federation).





Today the International President WFF-WBBF (World Fitness Federation, World Body Building Federation) EDMUNDAS DAUBARAS left from Moscow (Russia) to Riga (Latvia). Then he will be back to Lithuania. After a day in the Office he will be present at the 2011 WFF-WBBF Lithuania Nationals in Ignalina. Uniting 101 countries from all Continents the WFF-WBBF holds over 60 International Events through the World this year.




In the beginning of April the International President WFF-WBBF (World Fitness Federation, World Body Building Federation) EDMUNDAS DAUBARAS returned from three weeks lasting voyage to Poland, Germany, France, Monaco, Italy, Slovakia and Vatican.

During this vayage a number of Official Meetings and unofficial talks were held. In Poland and Slovakia  coming World Championship questions were discussed and set, some more WFF-WBBF VIP meetings were planned in the nearest months. Among them new coming meetings in Vatican.

Most impressive was the Vatican State evaluation of the positive work of the WFF-WBBF in developing total fitness and bodybuilding throughout the World. For this work done the Vatican Congregat Perfect J. Em. JOZEF KARDINAL TOMKO presented the Vatican Pontific Medals (Medaglia Ufficiale di Pontificato di Sua Santita Benedetto XVI) to the President WFF-WBBF EDMUNDAS DAUBARAS and the WFF-WBBF International Official Slovak STEFAN HRCKA (Headquarters State Vatican, Cita del Vaticano, March 29, 2011).

At the same time the International President visited the Vatican Administration Headquarters, the Closed Historic Treasure Archieves and the Storage Place of the historically valuable personal items of all Pontifics of Vatican State. Early morning at St. Peter‘s Basilica the President WFF-WBBF EDMUNDAS DAUBARAS participated at the unique personal Mess.

During this official visit definite future palns and projects of common activities with Vatican were spoken over.




International WFF-WBBF  worked and still works on the documents and various materials of World‘s Bodybuilding History. The WFF-WBBF „Sport of Fitness and Bodybuilding“ Magazine started in English, Russian and Lithuanian languages in 1989. During this period of time the WFF-WBBF printed and spread through the World several millions copies of the Magazine. „Sport of Fitness and Bodybuilding“ is awailable at the National WFF-WBBF federations in all 103 Country - members of the WFF-WBBF International as well as at the most important World‘s International Bodybuilding and Fitness Events.




At the Soviet times Universities of different countries used to change students in between. While studying Law and Philology at the Vilnius State University contemporary International President WFF-WBBF  EDMUNDAS DAUBARAS in such studnet‘s groups two times visited Czechoslovakia (1974 and 1976). Sport contacts with Czechoslovakia bodybuilding leaders started at once. EDMUNDAS DAUBARAS had constant meetings and correspondence with the President IFBB Czechoslovakia VOJTECH FIALA. VOJTECH FIALA  was a smart and active Bodybuilding Official and it was most result of his personal work that in 1974 Czechoslovakia broke the „Iron Wall“ of communists and started participating at the World and Continental Championships in the Western World. It was PETR STACH who won the European Championship first time in bodybuilding history representing Socialist Countries in 1975. PETR STACH performed a complicate multy - pose posing routine accompanied by the music. He tought Western Bodybuilders the posing lessons and after his successfull participation new posing ideas started in the bodybuilding World. Before this at the Official Contests the Bodybuilders used to pose on a small podium. It was like this: a bodybuilder went on 1 x 1 meter podium, hit 1 - 2 poses, then thought for some time and hit 1 - 2 more poses again and that was all. What is interesting that during this „hard“ posing program bodybuilders somehow managed to forget and skip 1 or 2 poses... That was a topic of discussion after the routine.




There are different point of views, there are different oppinions. But on what basis they are built? Often people discuss the history of bodybuilding never themselves being involved in any historic process. Often they only heard something...

International President WFF-WBBF EDMUNDAS DAUBARAS personally took part in many important International Sport Events and still is. Many superior International Bosybuilding Events had happened not only with the participation of EDMUNDAS DAUBARAS,  but often he himself was the initiotor of those Historic Bodybuilding Events and Happenings.

For many years among all USSR Bodybuilding Leaders EDMUNDAS DAUBARAS  was the only one to know several foreign languages. That gave the opportunity for EDMUNDAS DAUBARAS  to communicate with all International Bodybuilding Leaders through the World. Let us remember the famous International Press Conference when BEN WEIDER  came to  the USSR first time. Then this long lasting Press Conference turned into a two hours lasting dialogue of BEN WEIDER  and EDMUNDAS DAUBARAS.