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Poland and Czechoslovakia were ones of the first European Countries which started developing Bodybuilding Sport in the Europe Continent. WFF-WBBF (World Fitness Federation, World Body Building Federation) International historically is connected with Polish Bodybuilding from the old sixties of the last century. There were many different  common actions together in Lithuania and Poland, but unfortunatelly that had no constant working background. From the seventies up to nineties Bodybuilding Sport was prohibited and prosecuted in the Socialist Countries, especially in the USSR. Every survived as they could then.

At that time knowing various languages the President WFF-WBBF International EDMUNDAS DAUBARAS  was personally in the centre of all most important International Bodybuilding Events. EDMUNDAS DAUBARAS was in touch with nearly all World‘s Bodybuilding Leaders of all International Federations and of many National Federations as well. Every possible moment EDMUNDAS DAUBARAS was visiting and corresponding them.

When everybody was afrayed to work for Bodybuilding EDMUNDAS DAUBARAS  did a risky for those times of Bodybuilding prohibition preliminary work and sent to a Polish Event a Legendary Estonia Bodybuilding Leader INNAR MARDO and the Over All „Amber Prix International“ Winner OLEV ANNUS (for many years „Amber Prix International“ was the onofficial USSR Bodybuilding Championship later recognized by the Sport Ministry). It was Poland which hosted first Best USSR Bodybuilders at the International  Contest in Warszawa (1979).  Then OLEV ANNUS  became the Over All Winner in Warszawa.

For more details see the International Bodybuilding Page, read „Articles“ and also forum topic „World Bodybuilding History. How it was in real“.



Under the initietive of ANDRZEJ MACIEJEWSKI Poland National Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation became a constant member of the WFF-WBBF International in 2006.

During these years a very noticable and important work was done by the Over All World Amateur Champion ALEKSANDRA KOBIELAK who with her unique personal Great Talant leads the WFF-WBBF International „Fit-Kid“ Divission now.

Under the support of the Minister Sport Poland ZBIGNIEW PACELT in 2008 Poland organized a successfull WFF-WBBF Amateur World Championship in Bydgoszcz City. The Over All Winner was WOJCIECH MAX NADOLSKI and the contemporary National President WFF-WBBF Poland  ANDRZEJ MAJCHRZYK  was the Vice Champion too.

In 2012 Best Bodybuilders Poland entered a number of World‘s most important International Bodybuilding Contests – the WFF-WBBF Pro World Championship „Amber Prix OLYMPIA“ (30 000 US dollars), WFF-WBBF World Amateur Championship and WFF-WBBF Pro „Universe“.

In May, 2013 the WFF-WBBF Poland organized a terrific National Championship (Starogard Gdanski) and participated with a strongest National Team possible at the 45-th „Amber Prix International“ (1968-2013) and WFF-WBBF Europe Cup Open in Kaunas (Lithuania). To say the truth – the Bodybuilding World was in real shok. Nobody ever expected that Poland has so many good International Level of Bodybuilders! Polish Bodybuilders proved that today only the USA, Russia, Brazil and Iran can be on the same level as Bodybuilders Poland  are. The WFF-WBBF International thanks the National Federation WFF-WBBF Poland for good work done and we are proud of them! Go on, Poland!





In March 2013  the President WFF-WBBF (World Fitness Federation, World Body Building Federation) International EDMUNDAS DAUBARAS was on Official Visit to Ukraine Charkov City the second time. The International President was assisted by the Vice President WFF-WBBF International ANDREJ BASOV, who came from Russia.



The Official Meeting at the Headquarters Major City Charkov was organized again. To go on with the coming event the Vice Chairman City Charkov ALEKSANDR POPOV and the President Ukraine National WFF-WBBF  Federation OLGA GLADKOVA signed the 2013 WFF-WBBF Europe Amateur  Championship  Statute documents.



During the official visit the 2013 WFF-WBBF Europe Amateur Championship Organizing Committe was finished to collect and it was announced for the multiple Ukraine media and press. Among the Members of the Organizing Committee there is a  number of the Directors of various Municipal Departments too. Many organizing questions were discussed and important decissions on the Event were made too.



Ukraine IFBB officials addressed the Administration City Charkov and presented information about the respected Russia Federation Governmental State Official, the WFF-WBBF VIP International Official, three times WFF-WBBF „Universe“ («Юниверс» ВФФ-ВББФ) Champion, a famous Hollywood Actor and Producer, called „Russia Schwarzenegger“ («Русским Шварценеггером») ALEKSANDR NEVSKY. 

At once the Chairman City Charkov decided to invite ALEKSANDR NEVSKY to be a VIP Charkov City Quest during the time of the coming WFF-WBBF Europe Amateur Championship in Charkov. The Chairman City Charkov called ALEKSANDR NEVSKY  to Moscow and received the preliminary agreement of ALEKSANDR NEVSKY to participate in Charkov.



The Organizing Committee works on the possibility to organize for Professional Bodybuilders right after the 2013 WFF-WBBF Europe Amateur Championship at the same Venue in Charkov City  the 2013 WFF-WBBF „Charkov Professional World Grand Prix“ with the usual Prize Money on June 2. That will be already the fourth WFF-WBBF International Pro Event in one month period!

More information on the International Site, see forum topics. Also information available on the Facebook pages: WFF-WBBF International, WFF-WBBF North America, WFF-WBBF South America, WFF-WBBF Asia, WFF-WBBF Europe, WFF-WBBF Africa, WFF-WBBF Asia Continental Federation.




After evaluating the WFF-WBBF (World Fitness Federation, World Body Building Federation) International bodybuilding activities that are lasting for  nearly 50 years, the WFF-WBBF received substantional political and financial support for a huge global project called „Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding“, the ultimate book on bodybuilding  («Энциклопедиясовременногокультуризма»).  No other International Bodybuilding Organization ever dared to start such a great Project as this one. At the moment the support reaches over 200 000 US dollars, but as the encyclopedia will be translated into various languages, the amount of money will be enlarged.

The positive activities of the WFF-WBBF International have been seen widely. Even the Vatican. In 2011 the Roman Pope Benedictus XVI presented to the heads of the WFF-WBBF International his Medallion (Medaglia Ufficiale di Pontificato di Sua Santita Benedetto XVI) and in 2012 he blesed the WFF-WBBF International activities.



The real work over this unique global Project already started.  The Head of the Professional working goup of the „Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding“  is the President WFF-WBBF International EDMUNDAS DAUBARAS. This Encyclopedia will be as the „opponent“ to the previous Bodybuilding Histories ans stories that were written for the commercial private sport structures, most of the USA. As you know – sport commercial people wrote bodybuilding sport history for themselves in person and there was no place for lots of the Bodybuilding Legends.  Bodybuilding history of South America, Africa and Asia Countries have never been even mentioned before. Many important International Persons and International Bodybuilding activities and competitions (among them the World‘s oldest Bodybuilding Contest – the „Amber Prix International“) too. Not a single word! And this lack of information coveres  the totaly biggest part of the World!!! The Encyclopedia will present over five hundred well known athletes, who have participated at the International Events during the last fifty years.

We will do our best to write the Real Another Bodybuilding History, that will be proved by the presented real documents and facts. We will present the legal and also we will underline the unofficial federations and various kind of sport units. We will present many until now hidden VIP International Bodybuilding Persons, Bodybuilding Legends, Great Sportsmen and their Trainers. We will show a number of hidden International Contests, that played and still play a great role for the development of the global bodybuilding sport in general. Also on the real definite bodybuilding examples we will present the inovations of the contemporary bodybuilding training methods and thechnologies and dieting.

We hope the Encyclopedia will be a success as until now there has been done nothing similar of the kind in the World. We work on preparing and publishing bodybuilding materials from 1989. Some of our previous magazines were published in various languages in over 2 000 000 issues and sucessfully spread in various countries. A number of International Bodybuilding generations grew on our books and magazines.



First of all for the „Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding“  we will use our huge historic personal archieves of the WFF-WBBF International. Also the ones of the  IFBB (International Federation of Body Builders), WABBA (World Amateur Body Building Association) and NABBA (National Amateur Body Building Association) that we collected during the 50 years lasting bodybuilding activities. Also we use the IFBB juridic documents that were given us by the IFBB Owner and life President BEN WEIDER, the IFBB Lower ALEX BAUER and the IFBB Vice President PAUL CHUA, the WABBA Owner and President SERGE NUBRET, NABBA Presidents OSCAR HEIDENSTAM and IVAN DUNBAR.


More information on the International Site, see forum topics. Also information available on the Facebook pages: WFF-WBBF International, WFF-WBBF North America, WFF-WBBF South America, WFF-WBBF Asia, WFF-WBBF Europe, WFF-WBBF Africa, WFF-WBBF Asia Continental Federation.





There is a big mess in the International Bodybuilding today. We see lots of International Federations but no one works for the sake of our sport to be recognized. Aiming for official support no one of those federations  is in dialogue with other International Organizations, Governmental and Social Institutions  of various countries.

USA bodybuilding lives it’s own isolated life and does not care of anything else. Manipulating between official and illegal sport the European bodybuilding suffers hard times. Australia, Asia and Africa have never  played  a noticeable role in the Global bodybuilding sport movement.

It seems today that uniting National Organizations from 107 Countries which represent all Continents, only the WFF-WBBF International cares for bodybuilding as official sport and makes real big efforts for the recognition of bodybuilding as sport even on the highest official level possible.

To have a good start on official level any International Federation must be registered by Law. It must have a registered Constitution and work on it’s basis.

Now we will speak of the IFBB (International Federation of Body Builders) as it was very close to get the positive result until the real truth about the IFBB came to public. All of us learned, that the IFBB is not a sport federation, but a private property of few people and that the sportsmen of different countries have been fooled about this for decades...

We underline again and again: if the IFBB is so much unserious, then all other International Federations suffer still more legal juridical problems.

After 2009 IFBB  split, the International Vice President IFBB PAUL CHUA (Singapore) and President National Federation  IFBB Austria and Lower IFBB International ALEX BAUER presented for the WFF-WBBF (World Fitness Federation, World Body Building Federation)  International Headquarters over 600 IFBB juridical  documents and asked to publish them on forum of the International Internet Site  . To study thoroughly so many documents takes a lot of time. We published some of them before, but after a lot of requests from bodybuilders of many countries we have studied them and published once again with our remarks and conclusions. We named the article: “ILLEGAL IFBB JURIDICAL, FINANCIAL, DOPING AND SPORT POLITIC AFFAIRS. DOCUMENTS”. Here below with some comments we will give a short revue of the IFBB documents.




According the juridical registration documents the IFBB legal status is of a private commercial company. As per documents presented by the USA Bodybuilding Legend DAN LURIE and Attorney of Law ADAM ATLAS the IFBB was registered in 1969 in Canada and it had three Canadian owners: BEN WEIDER, REIMOND CREPAULT and JAGUELINE ROY. As until 1969 the IFBB had no legal juridical registration, it’s legal official history starts only in 1969.




The letter of ALEX BAUER  addressed to the contemporary Owner of the IFBB commercial company Spanish RAFAEL SANTONJA  proves, that 2004 - 2007 IFBB declarations for Canada (Quebec) Government were signed by DIANE GIROUX, KIM VU, LUC AUTET. These persons are not known to anybody of the bodybuilding world. Then who really rules the IFBB? Public information shows, that the Ownership of the IFBB Company has been tranfered from Canada to Spain (from BEN WEIDER  to RAFAEL SANTONJA),  but the IFBB official juridic address remained the same, the Canadian one. A very important IFBB juridical document of resighning of BEN WEIDER  and appointing RAFAEL SANTONJA  was signed by PAMELA KAGAN. How it could be? Who gave the power for PAMELA KAGAN  to do this? IFBB members were angry about the secret nomination of RAFAEL SANTONJA . IFBB members never discussed about this and finally they were facing the fact done. And again this was “a secret action”.





More and more questions appeared from the IFBB members to RAFAEL SANTONJA, who became the IFBB President in a very hard to explain way. IFBB members asked about the IFBB finances, activities, the difference from IFBB private Company in Canada and the IFBB private Company in Spain and a number of Spanish commercial firms belonging to RAFAEL SANTONJA. They asked why the IFBB International documents were without signatures, why everything was so secret form IFBB members. Then RAFAEL SANTONJA  tried to explain the situation to the General Secretary and Lower IFBB International, President IFBB Austria ALEX BAUER. This explanation letter rised even more juridical and financial questions.




For decades everything was well in the IFBB. Until the President IFBB Austria ALEX BAUER became one of the IFBB leaders and the IFBB Lower.  ALEX BAUER  was one of the three subjects who set the new IFBB federation in 2007. Seeing dirty affairs done behind his back, affairs for which he could be punished by Law, ALEX BAUER  asked RAFAEL SANTONJA to present him a number of the juridical and financial IFBB/EFBB documents. He underlined, that after 25 years of his service to IFBB federation he finally learned it does not exist. The real is only private IFBB commercial company of BEN WEIDER  in Canada. IFBB officials elected at the International Congress have no juridical power as the federation is illegal. Also they are null in the private commercial company of IFBB. The IFBB federation that is advertised on Internet Site – does not exist in real. The real name is another one. IFBB and EFBB being not registered in a proper juridical way means illegal and of no value Contracts, illegal collected money payments and fees, illegal work payments and escaping to pay taxes. IFBB/EFBB  finances are in total disorder and chaos and it is impossible to get the truth among lots of legal and illegal accounts which are hidden from the IFBB/EFBB members.

ALEX BAUER  was angry with the fact that RAFAEL SANTONJA  took 100 000 dollars that were given for the federation. The money did not reach IFBB and disappeared… the 2002 IFBB/EFBB International Congress in Minsk (Belarus) decided that the federation’s money can not go to the accounts of RAFAEL SANTONJA’s private commercial companies, but it goes… ALEX BAUER  found out that IFBB is not registered and it is not existing in Spain. Then how the IFBB money can be used for the IFBB when there is no IFBB at all???

ALEX BAUER  scrutinized the financial and juridical situation and made the  schemes how RAFAEL SANTONJA  uses to take the money from the IFBB/EFBB accounts to his private commercial companies.

Having no definite answer from RAFAEL SANTONJA  ALEX BAUER  started informing IFBB members of the situation and the war started.  The long working IFBB members, who dared to open their mouths, were forced to leave the IFBB. Finally the IFBB split in 2009.




During the last twenty years owners of the IFBB commercial company declare their priorities over other federations due to the IFBB Anti Doping Contract with WADA. It irritates other federations, which know the IFBB real situation to be very different from that in their declarations. That were main reasons, that IOC refused to recognize and support IFBB. It was the reason, that the „World Games“ and „Asia Games“ „deleted“ IFBB from their members.

The documents show that among suspected to manipulate with doping cases is the wife of RAFAEL SANTONJA. There were happenings when at the IFBB contests  total National Teams were caught using doping (for example, Russia, Czech). National Bodybuilding Team Egypt is the real World‘s „doping leader“. Though it has constant doping problems, the IFBB always praise this federation. Last case was in Thailand, when 8 of 9 Egypt bodybuilders left the contest for this reason. IFBB neglects Anti Doping rules and WADA Code as often there is no doping control at IFBB competitions, including the highest level events.

IFBB was accused  taking 30 doping tests and presenting for WADA only 15; hiding doping control results from IFBB members and International sport society; giving minimal simbolic punnishment for the selected athletes, who have received „live“ disqualification for multiple positive doping results;  hiding a number of cases, when IFBB  young sportsmen were dead.

It could be a good example to underline the questions discussed through one of the closest co-workers of RAFAEL SANTONJA, a High International IFBB Officer and the National President IFBB Poland PAWEL FILEBORN.

PAWEL FILEBORN  was in under long lasting Polish court trial. A number of   well known Polish sportsmen accuse PAWEL FILEBORN  for 1 000 US dollars selling  bodybuilders definite „doping usage“ programmes and for  10 000 US dollars offering the sportsmen, caught positive during the doping tests, the way to escape the punnishments.




Once when the total National Team IFBB Czech Republic was accused using doping and that was accepted as a fact, then due to this reason the President IFBB Czech Republic STANISLAV PESAT  was made to leave his post.

Organized in 2000 the IFBB Europeean Federation (EFBB) was very passive and did not work in real. Being one of the EFBB founders and seeing that RAFAEL SANTONJA lost his ability to define interests of both IFBB and EFBB, STANISLAV PESAT dared to candidate for the EFBB President’s position.

When STANISLAV PESAT stood against RAFAEL SANTONJA, the IFBB democracy was forgotten in a minute. The nomination of  STANISLAV PESAT was turned down by RAFAEL SANTONJA, who without any discussions left for himself both highest positions in IFBB and EFBB. What democracy and what elections you want in a private commercial company that IFBB is? IFBB acts under the Constitution of the IFBB commercial company, not under the virtual unregistered Constitution that is presented for bodybuilders.


Statement 7.


IFBB being a corporate commercial enterprise ruins all long lasting image not only of this virtual  “federation”, but it makes a deadly strike for all bodybuilding sport in general.  What serious organizations, Governmental Institutions, Sport Ministries of various countries can speak with IFBB on serious questions? No one!

When in 2009 the IFBB members learned the truth about the IFBB, all national Federations of the IFBB and all World’s Sport Society was in shock. Then due to inner fighting the IFBB split and many National Federations left it. The IFBB Chairmen did not wanted to speak with the IFBB members and he has chosen the way of IFBB being split.

And even after split IFBB continued fooling the International Sport Society and went on with lies. For example IFBB presented for public 30 participating countries at the IFBB Asia Championship in India. In real there were only seven. They have given the names of participants when these participants never visited India. Also there was again no doping control at this IFBB International Event and again IFBB Anti Doping rules and WADA Code were violated. The same situation is with the 2011 IFBB World Championship in Estonia. Now there is quite a big national scandal.

NoIFBB members speak and most prefer to keep silence.

In USA IFBB Pro MILOS SARCEV  gave the truth information on his personal site. But Asia IFBB federation, uniting 38 countries, is thankful to see the IFBB information in different languages on the International Bodybuilding site (read forum).

Having more time we will publish the IFBB documents that were sent to the President WFF-WBBF International EDMUNDAS DAUBARAS by a close friend of RAFAEL SANTONJA Vice President IFBB Spain HOSE PARDO HIDALGO  and the former BEN WEIDER  assistant  and also the IFBB Vice President and the Owner of  WABBA and a famous bodybuilder SERGE NUBRET.





Due to the political reasons in the early seventies of the last century for nearly two decades bodybuilding was prohibited and prosecuted in the Socialits Countries, especially in the USSR. Most bodybuilding leaders got afrayed and step away, but not all of them. Among them was EDMUNDAS DAUBARAS who on his own risk began the dialoque with the USSR Communist Party Central Committee, the USSR Government, the USSR Sport Ministry (Goskomsport) administration and the most important communist press – Newspapers „Pravda“, „Izvestija“ and „Sovietskij Sport“. EDMUNDAS DAUBARAS wrote letters, spoke on phone with them and finally personally went to Moscow (Russia) to present the officially registered bodybuilding defending letters the the Headquarters of the mentioned above Institutions. Those letters of EDMUNDAS DAUBARAS  was like real „petitions“ of bodybuilding.

Nobody stopped the prohibition and the prosecution of bodybuilding, but they gave permittion for EDMUNDAS DAUBARAS  to go on organizing „Amber Prix International“ Contest in Klaipeda (Lithuania). In fact the „Amber Prix International“ was an unofficial USSR Bodybuilding Championship and this was accepted by the USSR Sport Ministry when it began presenting honourable „USSR Sport Master“ names for the „Amber Prix International“ Champions. They say, the „Amber Prix International“ was the World Champiosnip of the Socialist Countries. World level Contests in the Western Countries were no higher in the level of bodybuilders and in the level of organisation, number of the participating Countries. In some aspects „Amber Prix International“ was even higher that those in the West.           



In 2011 the Official Meeting of the WFF-WBBF (World Fitness Federation, World Body Building Federation) Interantional Leaders was organized in Vatican to present the WFF-WBBF activities.

Listening about the bodybuilding activities during the years of prohibition of this sport in the Socialist Countries Vatican Congregat Perfect J. Em. JOZEF KARDINAL TOMKO was interested very much. The Congregat evaluated our efforts and named us „disidents of the Communist regime“.

Most impressive was the Vatican State evaluation of the positive work of the WFF-WBBF in developing total fitness and bodybuilding throughout the World. For this work done the Vatican Congregat Perfect J. Em. JOZEF KARDINAL TOMKO presented the Vatican Pontific Medals (Medaglia Ufficiale di Pontificato di Sua Santita Benedetto XVI) to the International President WFF-WBBF EDMUNDAS DAUBARAS and the WFF-WBBF VIP Official Slovak STEFAN HRCKA (Headquarters State Vatican, Cita del Vaticano, March 29, 2011).

During the Official Visit to vatican the Vatican State Administrator PADRE PAOLO presented the the WFF-WBBF Officials the Vatican Administration Headquarters, the Closed Historic Treasure Archieves and the Storage Place of the historically valuable personal items of all Pontifics of Vatican State. Early morning at St. Peter‘s Basilica the President WFF-WBBF EDMUNDAS DAUBARAS participated at the unique personal Mess.

in 2012 the WFF-WBBF International Headquarters received a letter from the State Vatican.
Sending this Honourable Blessing Letter the Pontific BENEDETTO XVI-th once again positively evaluated the efforts of the WFF-WBBF International.


The good and positive work done by the WFF-WBBF International was noticed by the Pravoslav Ortodox Church too.
In 2010 the IV-th International Convent of the Order of Temple (Ordo Supremus Militaris Templi Herosolymitani) was held in Coimbra (Portugal).
In recognition of the new ideas to unite all Christian Confessions Bishop ARCHIMANDRITE CHARALAMPY awarded EDMUNDAS DAUBARAS with the St. Nicholas the Wonderworker’s Silver-Gold Medal.


More information on the International Site, see forum topics. Also information available on the Facebook pages: WFF-WBBF International, WFF-WBBF North America, WFF-WBBF South America, WFF-WBBF Asia, WFF-WBBF Europe, WFF-WBBF Africa, WFF-WBBF Asia Continental Federation.




Historically the first representative of Ukraine on International level was VASILIJ BESPALENKO (Василий Беспаленко, City Lvov) and that was fourty years in the beginning of seventies. Due to political reasons bodybuilding was prohibited and prosecuted in the USSR. Then VASILIJ BESPALENKO together with other Ukraine Athletes used to participate at the „Amber Prix International“ (1968-2012) in Lithuanian Klaipeda City. In real „Amber Prix International“ was the unofficial USSR Bodybuilding Championship and the World Championship of the Socialist Countries. Proving this the USSR Sport Ministry (Goskomsport) used to give  the „USSR Sport Master“ degrees for the „Amber Prix International“ Champions (you can see the documents of this on the International Site, read articles, find documents in the forum topics „International Bodybuilding Organizations“, „World Oldest Bodybuilding Contest AMBER PRIX INTERNATIONAL“, „World‘s Bodybuilding History. How it was in real“).

During the „perestrojka“ time more and more Ukraine bodybuilders appear and they regularly represent a number of new regions at the „Amber Prix International“. Among them contest organizer ARKADIJ KASANSKIJ (Аркадий Кашанский)  and bodybuilders OLEG ZUR (Олег Жур) and VALERIJ LUCAK (Валерий Луцак).

During the last period of time Ukraine at the International activities of the WFF-WBBF International was represented by the National Presidents SPARTAK VASKOVSKIJ (Спартак Васьковский), VIKTORIJA POSMITINA (Виктория Посмитина) and MARGARITA OLEFIRENKO (Маргарита Олефиренко). From 2012 the National President WFF-WBBF Ukraine is OLGA GLADKOVA (Ольга Гладкова) and she has been recognized by the WFF-WBBF International for this position.




The WFF-WBBF (World Fitness Federation, World Body Building Federation) Europe Championship Open will be held on June 1, 2013 in one of the biggest Ukranine Charkov City (over 1 500 000 Cityzen). The Venue is the famous Charkov „Ukraine“  Culture Palace. It is a tradition that the Europe Championship is Open and the participants from other Continents will take part at the Event too.

As never before the Over All Winner will receive a unique big and valuable Prize. Such a high level International Bodybuilding Event hes never been organized in Charkov City before.

At the Europe Championship Opening Ceremonies and numerous VIP Meetings the WFF-WBBF World Champion, three times Over All „Universe“ Winner, the famous Hollywood Actor and Producer, called „Russia Schwarzenegger“ ALEKSANDR NEVSKY (Александр Невский) will be present too.




Presenting the WFF-WBBF International activities in Ukraine and other countries in February, 2013 the the WFF-WBBF International Chairmen came together to Charkov.

Executive Council Congress and several Press Conferences was held in Charkov Press Center and popular TV Headquarters.

Together with the Heads of the National WFF-WBBF federation Ukraine at the Congress and Conference participated the President WFF-WBBF International EDMUNDAS DAUBARAS (Эдмундас Даубарас), Vice President WFF-WBBF International ANDREJ BASOV (Андрей Басов), President WFF-WBBF Europe VLADIMIR KURILCIK (Владимир Курильчик), President WFF-WBBF Ukraine OLGA GLADKOVA.




Visiting City Charkov, International Bodybuilding Leaders had the Official Meeting with the Chairman Disabled Sport Charkov Organization „Vitasport“ ALEKSANDR GROMOV (Александр Громов).

ALEKSANDR GROMOV  confirmed that over 50 Disabled Ukraine Sportsmen will take part at the 2013 WFF-WBBF Europe Championship in Charkov City.




Being in Ukraine City Charkov the Heads of the International WFF-WBBF federation took part at the International Congress. The 2013 WFF-WBBF Europe Championship Organizing Committee was elected at the Congress. The Chairman of the Organizing Committe is the Charkov City Vice Major ALEKSANDR POPOV (Александр Попов). The Organizing Committe spoke over the questions of the venue, transport, hotels for the coming 2013 WFF-WBBF Europe Championship participants.




Presenting the WFF-WBBF International activities in Ukraine and other countries in February, 2013 the WFF-WBBF International Executive Council Congress and several Press Conferences were held in Charkov Press Center and popular TV Headquarters.

Together with the Heads National WFF-WBBF federation Ukraine at the Conference participated the President WFF-WBBF International EDMUNDAS DAUBARAS, Vice President WFF-WBBF International ANDREJ BASOV, President WFF-WBBF Europe VLADIMIR KURILCIK, President WFF-WBBF Ukraine OLGA GLADKOVA.




During the Official Visit to Ukraine in Charkov the President WFF-WBBF International EDMUNDAS DAUBARAS has signed the Memorandum with the Vice Chairman City Charkov ALEKSANDR POPOV. The Memorandum Ceremony took place at the Headquarters Major City Charkov. Also at the Ceremony were present a number of high WFF-WBBF International and Charkov City Officials and the President WFF-WBBF Ukraine OLGA GLADKOVA.

The Memorandum declares common mutual activities organizing the coming 2013 WFF-WBBF Europe Amateur Championship in Charkov. Right after the Memorandum Ceremony a wide press conference was held at the Headquarters Major City Charkov for the occassion.




It was decided, that right after the 2013 WFF-WBBF Amateur Europe Championship in Charkov WFF-WBBF International will organize the International Seminar for trainers.

Ukraine trainers will participate at the theoretical and practical courses and works and after the examination they will get the International Trainer‘s Certificate tht are giving the permitino to work as trainers. Basing on the International Trainer‘s Certificates today trainers are working in 16 Europe, America and Asia Countries.

There are over 300 big gyms in Charkov and the trainers will get a good chance to enlarge their knowlidge.

According the Charkov International Trainer‘s Seminar programme, the Seminar lecturers will represent Russia, Belarus and Ukraine.


More information on the International Site, see forum topics. Also information available on the Facebook pages: WFF-WBBF International, WFF-WBBF North America, WFF-WBBF South America, WFF-WBBF Asia, WFF-WBBF Europe, WFF-WBBF Africa, WFF-WBBF Asia Continental Federation.





In September 2012 the International WFF-WBBF (World Fitness Federation, World Body Building Federation) President EDMUNDAS DAUBARAS  was with the official visit  to Tehran (Islamic Republic of Iran).

All of us know that Iran represents one of the World‘s known oldest historical civilization and culture territories.

At the very first site there were a number of nice pleasant happenings: received a free of charge Iran visa without any hesitation and paper formalities on arrival at the airport, friendly people around, opportunities to stay in  the superious appartments of the best Tehran 5 Star International  „Parsian Azadi Hotel“  with a beautiful picture through the window towards the seventeen  million Citizen campacting city.  

A very big impression was that Iran is a really well developed contemporary country and that the people of Iran do not know about many problematic life questions that we meet in Europe every day.

The Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran AYATOLAH KHAMENEHE is extremelly respected in the country but Iranians do it in some very calm and polite way.



During the visit of the President WFF-WBBF International EDMUNDAS DAUBARAS to the Islamic Republic of Iran  a number of official meetings and visits were held. Then  the huge coming 2013 WFF-WBBF International Project for the World‘s Professional bodybuilders in Iran was spoken over.  This extraordinary Pro International event the „2013 WFF-WBBF Professional World Cup“  is going to take place on a famous beautiful Iran Kish Island in the Parsian Gulf.  The organizers will give 30 000 US dollars as prize money for three Pro men bodybuilding weight categories: 80, 90 and over 90 kilograms. Each Pro bodybuilding category will receive 10 000 US dollars, the Winner 5 000 US dollars.

„2013 WFF-WBBF Professional World Cup“ will be held on the third weekend of November right after the anual WFF-WBBF Professional  World Championship „Amber Prix OLYMPIA“ (30 000 US dollars, next weekend of November, Slovakia Brusno Kupele resort).



During the official visit of the International President EDMUNDAS DAUBARAS to THE Islamic Republic of Iran a big National Bodybuilding contest  was held in Tehran City. At this event  the International President met and  spoke with the Iran Governmental State sport leaders, organizers and sportsmen. We would like to underline, that bodybuilding is very popular in the country. Only in Tehran City work nearly six thousand bodybuilding gyms and clubs which are guided and supervised by the Ministry of Sport of  Iran.



At the visit of the International President EDMUNDAS DAUBARAS to the Islamic Republic of Iran in September the official meeting with the Governmental Sport Heads was organized in the Headquarters of the National Olympic Committee Islamic Republic of Iran.

Governmental State Sport Official of Iran Dr. MOHAMMAD REZA KAZEM ASHTEYANI positively evaluated WFF-WBBF International activities. He expressed full understanding and support for the Vice President WFF-WBBF Asia and the President Iran National WFF-WBBF Federation ALI REZA RASA. Also Dr. MOHAMMAD REZA KAZEM ASHTEYANI agreed to support and to recognize the coming „2013 WFF-WBBF Professional World Cup“ , that will be held in Iran Parsian Gulf Kish Island.


More information on the International Site, see forum topics. Also information available on the Facebook pages: WFF-WBBF International, WFF-WBBF North America, WFF-WBBF South America, WFF-WBBF Asia, WFF-WBBF Europe, WFF-WBBF Africa, WFF-WBBF Asia Continental Federation.

FOTO: International WFF-WBBF President EDMUNDAS DAUBARAS, State Sport Official  Islamic Republic of Iran Dr. MOHAMMAD REZA KAZEM ASHTEYANI, Vice President WFF-WBBF Asia and President Iran National WFF-WBBF Federation ALI REZA RASA, September 14, 2012, Tehran, Islamic Republic of Iran.

2013. The Congratulating Words of the President WFF-WBBF International Edmundas Daubaras.



We have been working much and achieved good positive results in 2012 again. I would like to underline tremendous work done by the WFF-WBBF (World Fitness Federation, World Body Building Federation) International VIP Officials Stefan Hrcka (Slovakia) and Aleksandr Nevsky, a famous Hollywood Actor and Producer called “Russia Schwarzenegger”.

Today the WFF-WBBF  unites National Organizations from 108 Countries that represent all Continents.

In 2012 WFF-WBBF International organized over 60 various level competitions in various Countries. Among them the 44-th  World’s  Oldest Traditional Bodybuilding Contest “Amber Prix International” (Tula, Russia, 1968-2012). Great importance was of the World Amateur Championship and World Professional Championship “Amber Prix OLYMPIA” (30 000 US dollars, Brusno Kupele resort, Slovakia).

Ending the year the WFF-WBBF International started working on the Unique Global Bodybuilding Project - „Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding“ («Энциклопедию современного культуризма»). That has been never done before by anyone else.

Both WFF-International and WBBF-International still are the only ones World Wide Officially Registered International Non Profit Sport Organizations (Bodybuilding and Fitness).

The 2012 activities of the WFF-WBBF International were evaluated positively: the Roman Pope Benedictus XVI (Benedetto XVI)  blessed the WFF-WBBF International and the Prime Minister Republic Slovakia Robert Fico awarded the Heads of the  WFF-WBBF International.

New ideas and tremendous work done for the International sport make the WFF and WBBF to be the today’s International Leaders in Bodybuilding and Fitness World Wide.

The WFF and WBBF do not live yesterday’s life. We have lots of  new Global Bodybuilding Projects ahead.


God bless all of us in our sincere pray!




Since the beginning of the crises in the Syrian Arab Republic, more than 1.5 million people have lost their homes and livelihoods. People have been suffering not only physically but also mentally as a result of constant fears, uncertainties and lack of a support.
In order to support those in need, once again, world’s leading sport organizations, athletes and enthusiasts use the power of sports to promote a culture of non-violence and peace; where social, cultural, political, religious and other differences are respected and humanity and the love dominates.
To address issues which became terrifying reality for people in Syria and boost their physical and mental health and show that they still have friends, National Federation WFF Japan, WFF-WBBF International and National Olympic Committee Syria (NOC) came to work together in organizing 2013 “Peace Sports Festival” in Damascus, Syria (September, 2013).

On January, 2013 the Founder and Chairman of the International Project “Peace Sports Festival”, President of the National Federation WFF-WBBF Japan, Vice- President WFF Asia and a former European Amateur Fitness Champion Mr. EVGENY LATYPOV was on the official visit to Damascus to meet the President NOC Syria Gen. MUWAFFAQ JUMA and other NOC officials to discus possibilities of organizing the International “Peace Sports Festival” in Syria.
The President of NOC Gen. MUWAFFAQ JUMA received Mr. EVGENY LATYPOV at the NOC’s Headquarters, where the decision to organize the festival was reached. Mr. EVGENY LATYPOV and the Gen. MUWAFFAQ JUMA concentrated not only on the technical side of the festival, but also on its social impact. Important question how sports included into the festival (Bodybuilding, Fitness, Boxing, Athletics, Swimming, and Chess etc.) would benefit the society was closely studied.
NOC has insured Mr. EVGENY LATYPOV to support organizing the festival.
Mr. EVGENY LATYPOV visited two Olympic Sports Complexes in order to asses them as possible sites for the Festival. Both are fully equipped for the festival and ready to welcome International guests at the on-site located hotels (currently the Syrian Government and NOC transformed the hotel rooms into the classrooms so the children who live in high-violence areas and/or whose schools were damaged could continue their education).

Along with Professional Athletes from Iran, Russia, Lithuania, Estonia, Slovakia, India, Japan, UAE etc., VIP Guests from friendly countries are invited to attend the festival and support the Syrian people too. Among them: International President WFF-WBBF EDMUNDAS DAUBARAS (Lithuania), President National Federation WFF-WBBF Russia ANDREJ BASOV, President WFF-WBBF Asia PRINCE UPPAL (India), a famous International Businessman and Mecenat STEFAN HRCKA (Slovakia), a Kuwaiti Politician, President Olympic Council of Asia, Member of the International Olympic Committee SHEIKH AHMAD AL-FAHAD AL-AHMED AL-SABAH (Kuwait), Ambassador of Peace and University Professor, a former actor (acted with the legendary BRUCE LEE) and the first World Champion of middle weight full contact karate professional KEN KAZAMA (Japan).

The International “Peace Sports Festival” fallows the same core principle as any other Professional Sport Event. The festival is not discriminatory and it does not serve the purpose of promoting political policies and it is not affected by any particular nation.
The festival encourages participating all people within a given society, including the disabled, children, men and women, professionals, amateurs and those who have never practiced sports, with proper adjustments made to suit the condition of participants. Sports Festival contributes to personal development of its participants. Professional Athletes benefit from the opportunity to communicate with each other and international friends and exchange experience.
For disable athletes, it provides opportunity return to increase self esteem and set new goals.
For children, Sports Festival is a tool which helps them to develop within values related to respect, peace and cooperation.
For women, is a venue for encouragement, and most important the possibility to get away from fears and difficulties women face during the conflict.
By putting all of these people together, albeit in separate events, it also creates a sense of encouraging of one another and not simply competition, and thus creating new avenues of community which can be applied outside of the “Peace Sports Festival”.

The idea to organize “Peace Sport Festival” (former known as “Afghan Power”) originated in 2010. Afghanistan was chosen as the location.
At first it was a single sport event, with only bodybuilding in consideration. However, with time and a positive influence from KEN KAZAMA the event was renamed to “Peace Sports Festival” and more sports were included.
By April 2012 with support from Afghans local community, National Federation WFF-WBBF Japan, Embassy of Afghanistan in Tokyo, Afghanistan National Olympic Committee and private donors the first “Peace Sports Festival” was organized in Kabul, Afghanistan. After its success and positive influence on all participants the festival was recognized by the President National Olympic Committee Afghanistan Gen. MOHAMMAD ZAHIR AGHBAR as the official - yearly based event.
In 2013 the NOC Syria has also recognized the festival.

For more information about the festival or WFF-WBBF Japan activities please visit:




Very soon on November 9-11, 2012 in Slovakia Brusno Kupele mountain resort will start the real Professional Sport Event – the WFF-WBBF (World FitnesFederation, World Body Building Federation) Pro World Championship „Amber Prix OLYMPIA“ (30 000 US dollars). Best World Pro Bodybuilders will fight for the real highest prestigeous places and real money at the Real Pro Sport Contest.

Bodybuilding fans really love their Great Idols, but they seldom think of the basic things, that do matter for the official sport.

For the last two decades and especially during the last running years the best World Professional Bodybuilders use to participate at the Pro Contests in the USA and sometimes in Europe and only very few of them understand why a new Professional commer if he is not representing a well known International Commercial Company never wins at these Pro Events.

First of all look at the basics. All Pro Events in the USA and in Europe are organized by a definite Private Commercial Company and this every Company looks for the profit of this activity. It is Always business and never sport. Every Pro Event has it‘s definite private Owner who makes business of it.  Today even the names of the Pro Events have no more connections with official sport as the competitions are called „festival“, „messe“, „carnaval“ or another „classic“ activity.

Most if not all of these Commercial Companies use to buy bodybuilders to advertize their products. These Companies are interested in High Placings of the Bodybuilders they own as they represent their business and their goods and products. Do You think these businessmen really throw away these huge sums of money they declare in the beautiful bodybuilding magazines? Nover! These Private Commercial Companies via Contracts and via other ways use to buy places for the Pros they own and this makes all Pro Shows like a theater and not a as real sport competition. All this is well played as in a real drama theater. Finally all businessmen are satisfied as every of them know the price they payed for the place at a Pro Event. Only the naive bodybuilders who worked hard to come to their long dreamed Pro Contest can not understand why they have lost.  Busines is always first. Just pay and You are the Pro Champion in this commercial theater show. It seems today that the only one being legal no profit International Sport Organization of this kind the WFF-WBBF (World FitnesFederation, World Body Building Federation) International cares for the development of bodybuilding in the respected recognozed real sport movement.