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During the life nearly everybody somehow is connected with Bodybuilding and Fitness.
Being the World‘s Leader of the Official Sport of Bodybuilding and Fitness the WFF-WBBF (World Fitness Federation, World Body Building Federation) International Federation is working over the „World Bodybuilding Encyclopedia“ (Энциклопедия всемирного культуризма) and prepares the historical Article - Revue of the World‘s Bodybuilding Sport.

The International Bodybuilding Organizations and the Countries that were and still are really important for the Official International Bodybuilding Sport will be covered in this Article. You know that many of so called „International Federations“ just fool the public as they are not official by the National and International Law and play no role for the Official Sport in real.


Working on the above mentioned materials the WFF-WBBF International prepares analytical revue of the bodybuilding sport in Czech and Slovak Republics. The revue includes the history of bodybuilding in both Countries (former Czechoslovakia), most important sportsmen and sport organizers of all times.

Few or us know that at the definite period of time Czechoslovakia bodybuilding has played such a very important role for the International Sport. We will cover the history and we will tell this strory.
The similar historic revues are already done by us about the bodybuilding sport in USA, UK, France, Scandinavia Countries, Belgium, India, Iran, Argentina, Poland, Belarus, Ukraine and Estonia. Still remaining only a few Countries.



Last Century for a long time the World was divided by the „Iron Wall“ in two parts: the Socialist and the Capitalist. For political reasons the Bodybuilding Sport was prohibited and prosecuted in all Socialist Countries. Effected by the occasionally from the Western World received  Bodybuilding Magazines the Bodybuilding Sport in Socialist Countries went their own original way.

Quite a long time the only one traditional regular International Bodybuilding Contest of all the Socialist World was the famous historical „Amber Prix International“ („Gintarinis prizas“, „Янтарный приз“, 1968-2017). Today all know that during the long years of the Bodybuilding Sport prohibition and prosecution the „Amber Prix International“ was the uofficial Bodybuilding Championship of the USSR (uniting 15 Country-members, the Union of the Soviet Socialist Republics). Later on the USSR Sport Ministry („Goskomsport“) officially accepted this fact and started presenteing prestigeous governmental „USSR Sport Master“ degrees for the „Amber Prix International“ Champions. This way the „Amber Prix International“ became equal to the official USSR Bodybuilding Championship. In real due to the number and the level of the participating Countries and Competitors the „Amber Prix International“ was the unofficial World Championship of the Socialist Countries.

Czechoslovakia Bodybuilding development as it was in all Socialist Countries can be divided in three periods:

-          First period until 1975. Then due to the initiative of the President Czechoslovakia National Bodybuilding Federation VOTECH FIALA this Federation joined the International Sport Society and got political permittion to participate at the private IFBB (International Federation of Body Builders) Commercial Company World and Europe Championships. For a long time the Czechoslovakia was the only one Socialsit Country which had this unique permittion. No one other Socialist Country could do the same for a long time.


-          Second period until 1988, when Bodybuilding Sport was under severe prosecution in the Socialist Countries


-          Third period after 1991, when the National Bodybuilding Organizations of all Socialist Countries felt real freedom to join the International Bodybuilding Sport Society.


We will speak about each period individually.

(we will continue publishing the article soon)





Let us speak about some of the very important historical moments of the World bodybuilding and let You judge about us by our works done, not words spoken.We will present „World Bodybuilding History“ articles in the folowing way:

-          Part 1. Ben Weider

-          Part 2. Prohibited Sport

-          Part 3. Communist Party Proclames the Champion

-          Part 4. Bodybuilding Lithrature

-          Part 5. First Through Iron Wall

-          Part 6. Your Own Oppinion

-          Part 7. Bodybuilding Future Decided in the Balcony

-          Part 8. Vatican Notices Our Efforts

Later will folow historical articles of the most important bodybuilding countries.

Part 6.

Again we speak about the oldest traditional International historic bodybuilding contest the “Amber Prix International” („Gintarinis prizas“, „Янтарный приз», 1968-2018). In  1986 the contest was held in Klaipeda, Lithuania. Nothing to do – „Amber Prix International“ became the real history of World‘s bodybuilding.

In the beginning of seventies of the last century there was a great Russia super heavyweight bodybuilder VLADIMIR DUBININ (Владимир Дубинин).  We remember VLADIMIR DUBININ was exactly the same level and same size at the best years of the legendary ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER. Due to the communist “Iron Wall” his fortune was not successful and this was the reasin that  VLADIMIR DUBININ could not confront the best Western Bodybuilders. Now VLADIMIR DUBININ is the President of the National IFBB (International Federation of Body Builders) Federation of Russia.

In 1986 after 12 years of being fare away from bodybuilding a famous athlete VLADIMIR DUBININ  was invited by DSc. EDMUNDAS DAUBARAS to the „Amber Prix International“ contest. As for many years the Russia national teams were led by a Russia artist and bodybuilding organizer VLADIMIR SHUBOV (Владимир Шубов), VLADIMIR DUBININ came to 1986 „Amber Prix International“ leading the Leningrad bodybuilders. This was how VLADIMIR DUBININ appeared on bodybuilding stage again. The former great Russian bodybuilder was making his first steps as organizer and official.

The 1986 “Amber Prix International” was famous of the wins of the best socialist World bodybuilders of the time: VIKTORAS JUCYS and OLEGAS ZURAS (both from Lithuania). These two Soviet bodybuilding monsters started their way of glory at „Amber Prix International“ competitions. In 1988 VIKTORAS JUCYS ended as the first official Over All USSR Champion and OLEGAS ZURAS as the 2004 Over All heavyweight IFBB World Amateur Champion.
After the 1986 “Amber Prix International” contest was over, the VIP Socialist bodybuilding officials gathered at the apartments of DSc. EDMUNDAS DAUBARAS to decide the future development of bodybuilding. That were DSc. EDMUNDAS DAUBARAS, VLADIMIR DUBININ, VLADIMIR SUBOV, GEORGIJ MOSALIOV (all Russia), ARKADIJ KASANSKIJ (Аркадий Кашанский, Ukraine). At this meeting from all VIP International bodybuilding personalities was missing the only one and that was INNAR MARDO (Innar Mardo was later the first President WFF-WBBF (World Fitness Federation, World Body Building Federation) Estonia, the organizer of 2001 WFF-WBBF Europe Championship in Tallinn, Estonia). Then in 1986 in Klaipeda the strategic questions of future bodybuilding were discussed, great sport transformations, nearest International bodybuilding events, foundation and registration of the official recognized USSR Bodybuilding Federation, official recognition of bodybuilding sport in the USSR as well as the common sport contacts with the Western World were spoken over.
Basing on these decisions VLADIMIR DUBININ right after the 1986 “Amber Prix International” organized two “Belyje Nocy” (“White Nights”) International contests in Leningrad (1986, 1987, St. Petersburg, Russia). In 1988 VLADIMIR DUBININ organized the first USSR Bodybuilding Championship, again in Leningrad. DSc. EDMUNDAS DAUBARAS has always been among the organizers of these mentioned important events too. This was the moment of honor and glory of the best USSR Bodybuilder of the time – the Lithuanian VIKTORAS JUCYS, who was the Over All Winner of both two “Belyje Nocy” Contests and the over all Champion of the first official USSR championship (1988). Soon the first USA Bodybuilders and Officials came to the USSR, the National USSR Bodybuilding Federation was registered after the wide meeting of bodybuilding organizers in Kubenka (Moscow) and bodybuilding was recognized as sport in the USSR. All this happened in front of inner fighting, intrigues and blackmailing among the all people involved in the process. Then the famous Russia weightlifter and Olympic Champion JURY VLASOV was elected to the USSR Bodybuilding Federation President’s position. But we will speak of those historic moments some time later.



More information on the International Site, see forum topics. Also information available on the Facebook pages: WFF-WBBF International, WFF-WBBF North America, WFF-WBBF South America, WFF-WBBF Asia, WFF-WBBF Europe, WFF-WBBF Africa, WFF-WBBF Asia Continental Federation, WFF-WBBF Pro Division, International Sport University (ISU,, WPSF World Power Sports Federation.






If You will address to any Olympic Committee or Sport Ministry, then any of You will get a plain answer - official Internetional contests are the folowing ones:

-          Olympic Games

-          World Championship and World Cup

-          Continent Championship or Cup (America, Europe, Asia etc..).

Every officially working International Sport Federation follow the above statement.


Official National Contests are:

Annual National Championship and National Cup.


Three specific requirements of the WFF-WBBF International  should be followed:

1.     officially appointed group of the International secretaries (including a professional photographer) must work at any official contest

2.     at least 5 Internationally Certified Judges must work at any official contest. International Judges Certificates are given to any National Judge after attending the annual International Judges Seminar.

3.     The organizer of any official contest must solve the question of covering expences of International secretaries and International judges that must be present at a definite official event

4.     Any International contest that does not cover these 3 above requirements can not be official from the point of view of the WFF-WBBF International.


In difference to most so called „International bodybuilding federations“ the WFF-WBBF International does it‘s best to work as any official federation of any sport. „various „festivals“, „weekends“, „classics“, „nights of champions“, „variety shows“ never were WFF-WBBF official contests as it is among other „federations“.

The 50 years lasting history of the WFF-WBBF federation is highly connected with „Amber Prix International“ which served as the unofficial World Champiomnship of over 20 socialist countries for nearly 30 years. It was recognized by the Ministry of Sport of the USSR (1989). This is the reason the „Amber Prix International“ is included to the WFF-WBBF official contests. Also bodybuilding is not an Olympic kind of sport. This is the reason that the WFF-WBBF counts the status of the „Universe“  contest equal to the World Championship.

In 2018 about 60 contests are organized under the WFF-WBBF name in various countries. For example: 12 contests in Russia (most of them are International), 8 contests in Belorussia (4 of them International), 2 in Poland, 6 in Brazil, 2 in Paraguay etc... These contests are not folowing the specific requirements of the WFF-WBBF International official contest.

The 2018 Official International Contests of the WFF-WBBF International Federation are:


February 26, 2018, ASIA CHAMPIONSHIP, Ludhiana, India

May 19, 2018, 51-st „AMBER PRIX INTERNATIONAL“, Klaipeda, Lithuania

May 20, 2018, PRO „UNIVERSE“, Klaipeda, Lithuania

June 9, 2018, WORLD GRAND PRIX RUSSIA, Sochi, Russia

September 22, 2018, WORLD AMATEUR CUP, Pattaya, Thailand

September 29, 2018, AMATEUR UNIVERSE, Jekaterinburg, Russia

October 13, 2018, WORLD PRO CHAMPIONSHIP, Klaipeda, Lithuania

October 13, 2018, WORLD AMATEUR CHAMPIONSHIP, Klaipeda, Lithuania

October 20, 2018, WORLD PRO CUP, Paphos, Cyprus.




World Fitness Federation (WFF-International)

World Body Building Federation (WBBF International)
No. Cert., Athlete's Name, Country.
18-001 Golab Rabha India
17-013 Jason Flechner Germany

17-012 Sandro Piccirillo Germany
17-011 Hugo Rafael Brazil
17-010 Sergeii Iatsiuk Ukraine
17-009 Marcos Oloveira Dumont Brazil
17-008 Eduard Sevcenko Latvia
17-007 Marina Legenzova Lithuania
17-006 Jana Zykiene Lithuania
17-005 Evgenij Baishev Russia
17-004 Rahul Joshi India
17-003 Anita Lakatos Serbia
17-002 Ugne Kukyte Lithuania
17-001 Sandra Mockute Lithuania
16-010 Jorg Fuchs Germany
16-009 Vilma Naruse Lithuania
16-008 Asta Butkute Lithuania
16-007 Jannie Coetzee South Africa
16-006 Liudmila Kakaulina Russia
16-005 Christopher Mewes Germany
16-004 Katja Bongart Germany
16-003 Marina Putzinger Germany
16-002 Arslanel Ödül Turkey
16-001 Souto Glayson Brazil
15-004 Marina Vlasova Russia
15-003 Liudmila Senciugova Russia
15-002 Sintia Katkevica Latvia
15-001 Sylvester James Scotland-Nigeria
14-007 Andrej Choroneko Belarus
14-006 Andrej Rumiancev Estonia
14-005 Leonor Greffel Denmark-Mozambique
14-004 Jelena Kursanova Russia
14-003 Sean Fergusson UK
14-002 Jagjeet Singh India
14-002 Roberto Reinaldo Portugal-UK
14-001 Evelyn Dirocie Belgium
13-005 Olga Samak Belarus
13-004 Reza Bagherzadeh Iran
13-003 Jelena Volkova Russia
13-002 John Leslie South Africa
13-001 Nikolaj Vorobjov Russia
12-008 Kristina Narbutaityte Lithuania
12-007 Sergej Kostel Belarus
12-006 Reza Rezaei Iran
12-005 Andrzej Rak Poland
12-004 Andrzej Brzezinski Poland
12-003 Marieta Zigalova Slovakia
12-002 Marosz Kanas Slovakia
12-001 Dalvaniza Aquino Brazil
11-016 Elizabeth Van Den Merve South Africa
11-015 Suzanna Lemmer South Africa
11-014 Marina Bekojeva Russia
11-013 Svetlana Agalarova Russia
11-012 Arora Rajesh India
11-011 Ali Mahdi Iran
11-010 Andrius Pauliukevicius Lithuania
11-009 Aleksandr Borsan belarus
11-008 Fernando Sardinha Brazil
11-007 Mohsen Choranevis Iran
11-006 Navtej Singh India
11-005 Shameen Adams South Africa
11-004 Crecky Chaves Brazil
11-003 Ali Imani Iran
11-002 Jevgenij Klockov Russia
11-001 King Izogie Belgium
10-008 Aleksandr Vohmjanin UK
10-007 Sukvinder Singh India
10-006 Dharminder Singh India
10-005 Maria Lutsina Russia
10-004 Tracey Gottchalk South Africa
10-003 Dainius Dzikevicius Lithuania
10-003 Heinrich Voss South Africa
10-002 Valentina Kozlovskaja Belarus
10-001 Eva Martinkova Slovakia
09-003 Irina Valette France
09-002 Liudmila Kolesnikova Russia
09-001 Vitalij Aleksandrov Latvia
08-011 Sanchez Flores Mexico
08-010 Anton Zajanckovskij Lithuania
08-009 Wojciech Nadolski Poland
08-008 Jelena Panova Russia
08-007 Irina Stavickaja Russia
08-006 Aleksandr Sciogolev Russia
08-005 Leonid Filkatov Russia
08-004 Oksana Lapsova Russia
08-003 Timo Pekka Vilponen Finland
08-002 Aelksandr Sevcov Estonia
08-001 Yamila Toledo Argentina
07-011 Vladimir Poliakov Russia
07-010 Vladimir Belousov Russia
07-009 Denis Burmistrov Russia
07-008 Maria Kuzmina Russia
07-007 Liudmila Kungurova Russia
07-006 Tatjana Bojciuk Russia
07-005 Jelena Frenkel Israel
07-004 Jurij Solionov Lithuania
07-003 Arvydas Miseikis Lithuania
07-002 Irina Riabova Russia
07-001 Maria Stukova Russia
06-012 Vitalijus Kuzmycius Lithuania
06-011 Aleksandr Liubomirov Latvia
06-010 Dmitrij Skripnik Russia
06-009 Marios Artemiou Cyprus
06-008 Mona Costi Cyprus
06-007 Elena Stasiukyniene Lithuania
06-006 Silvia Malachovska Slovakia
06-005 Diana Decesare Brazil
06-005 Michail Malek Russia
06-004 Jurij Gucan Latvia
06-003 Aleksej Sebastjanov Russia
06-002 Aleksandr Anaskin Russia
06-001 Jurans Normunds Latvia
06-001 Antonio Osta Uruguay
05-014 Bruno Lembo Italy
05-013 Jelena Stadnik Ukraine
05-012 Brigita Brezovac Slovenia
05-011 Dmitrij Zolin Russia
05-010 Samuel Cullingworth UK
05-009 Marek Kalmus Estonia
05-008 Mike Mitchel Turkey
05-007 Luigi Sabiela Italy
05-006 Vera Jegorova Russia
05-005 Maris Kliavins Latvia
05-004 Andrej Jakubov Russia
05-003 Ida Guscia Russia
05-002 Rachel Kauppila Finland
05-001 Andre Kai Kaknes Norway
04-011 Martina Lepcin Croatia
04-010 Aleksandra Kukres Lithuania
04-009 Massimo Monaco Italy
04-008 Marie Rippert France
04-007 Irina Zincenko Russia
04-006 Vladimir Marachovskij Latvia
04-005 Aleksandr Baldin Russia
04-004 Dmitrij Cizov Russia
04-003 Ramunas Sendrius Lithuania
04-002 Mindaugas Kvasys Lithuania
04-001 Jolanta Mileriute Lithuania

International Secretary EDITA SENDRIENE.



More detailed information on the International Site, see forum topics. Also information available on the Facebook pages: WFF-WBBF International, WFF-WBBF North America, WFF-WBBF South America, WFF-WBBF Asia, WFF-WBBF Europe, WFF-WBBF Africa, WFF-WBBF Asia Continental Federation, WFF-WBBF Pro Division, International Sport University (ISU, ), WPSF World Power Sports Federation.






Today the International Federation WFF-WBBF (World Fitness Federation, World Body Building Federation) unites 129 Country-Members from all Continents. Every year WFF-WBBF holds over 60 International Events in various Countries.



Some time ago the Global CNN (Cable News Network) television made a special report on the WFF-WBBF events that were held in Klaipeda (EU, Republic Lithuania) in May, 2017. That were the 50-th „Amber Prix International“ («Янтарный приз», «Gintarinis Prizas“, 1968-2017) and the 18-th „Universe“ contests. Due to this a billion (milliard) people World Wide had a possibility to see the WFF-WBBF International work.

CNN is one of the World‘s most important International News Television Companies. We do not remember that CNN ever reported about bodybuilding sport before. Positively reported... We are proud that the report was about the WFF-WBBF International Events, that had happened in Lithuania, European Union.

Before this the WFF-WBBF International also had a number of  reports on other International Television Companies, such as  „Eurosport“, „Sky News“ and many national televisions of various countries through the World.



Receiving the information about the CNN preparations to make a report from the WFF-WBBF International events in Lithuania, the Lithuania Republic Foreign Ministry officials addressed the International President DSc. EDMUNDAS DAUBARAS  and assisted him in the common work with the CNN television.



During the fivety years of it‘s activities the WFF-WBBF always kept on the real sport side. Though there were various political and economical dificulties, the federation never stopped working on (read historical articles on the International Site

WFF-WBBF athletes always had possibilities to seek the highest titles at the International recognized official contests. Historic statistics prove the WFF-WBBF is a prestigeous International Federation among all federations. One can organize several successfull competitions, but it is not the same as the fivety years of serious stable work. The power of the WFF-WBBF – fivety years of constant International Sport work.

Today the valuables of the mankind changed. For most people money means everything. No morality, only money and lies. The 3000 years lasting Bible Concept of Ruling Menkind is close to the end. Today most of International Sport Organizations are commercial. Even WADA (World Anti Doping Agency) seeks profit and this is the reason that not every International Sport Organization can join WADA. Such mentioned above organizations  proclame commerce, not sport. It is a theater of absurd now and we were writing about this many times before.

WFF-WBBF will remain conservative and it will not follow other commercial sport organizations.  WFF-WBBF will remain on the real sport side and this is our priority. 

In difference to other organizations WFF-WBBF collaborates with the recognized International Sport Institutions, National Governmental Structures and representatives of all religions. All of them notice and valuate the WFF-WBBF activities. We see the WFF-WBBF as a strong friendly unit and this is our power.



More information on the International Site, see forum topics. Also information available on the Facebook pages: WFF-WBBF International, WFF-WBBF North America, WFF-WBBF South America, WFF-WBBF Asia, WFF-WBBF Europe, WFF-WBBF Africa, WFF-WBBF Asia Continental Federation, WFF-WBBF Pro Division, International Sport University (ISU,, WPSF World Power Sports Federation.







Everybody interested knows the International Bodybuilding History.  From the first circus athletes and first body demonstrations bodybuilding became a real kind of sport at the end of the last century. Then, due to our respected Friend and Owner and the President of the IFBB (International Federation of Body Builders) BEN WEIDER bodybuilding got the two years of experimental time from the I.O.C. (International Olympic Committee) and really aimed to become the Olympic Sport.

All this is fare away now. After Weider brothers sold the IFBB federation and Professional „Olympia“, bodybuilding non stop sanks down.  Today the only one the WFF-WBBF(World Fitness Federation, World Body Building Federation),  which unites 129 Countries that represent all Continents, still seeks the official recognition of bodybuilding as sport. All others forgot the real sport even in their dreams. Lots of groups appeared and they call themselves as „international federations“... They do not have their history and they do not have any future vision as well. According the official sport reguirements they do not organize official sport competitions. Today bodybuilding contests are replaced by festivals, fibo‘s and other selling-buying  happenings, various „classics“ . Who are sportsmen? Champions of a happening? Today only business and commerce remains in bodybuilding. We are against it!



In 2017 the IFBB and NPC (National Phisyque Committee) were split and, as it was always in the history, go on with primitive dirty fighting in between. They think this will make International Bodybuilding Face more clean and attractive to public. Detailed historical, juridical and financial information one can find in various languages on the Global Bodybuilding Site Read articles and forum topics: “IFBB/EFBB ILLEGAL JURIDICAL AND FINANCIAL DEALS” («ЮРИДИЧЕСКИЕ И ФИНАНСОВЫЕ АФЁРЫ ИФББ/ЕФББ»).



Some time ago Russia Governmental Television «Россия-24»   reported about a number of cases when some young IFBB (International Federation of Body Builders) athletes die in a short period of time.

Now a new scandal happened at the IFBB competition in Greece with the presence of the Owner and President of the IFBB private company Spanish RAFAEL SANTONJA. During the „Diamond Cup“  contest a IFBB Greece bodybuilder IOANNIS MAGKOS hit a IFBB Judge, turned upside down judging tables and smashed judging documents.



1.     Rudaw vaizdo įrašu.2.



Rick Tiggeler:“ Still its a corrupt jurysport. I know his reaction, been there done that, people who do not know where they talk about can blame the roids. But it's hard work and dedication and then you lose because the other athletes are under training of a jury member or sponsor and takes the first place. He is not really in shape, but still. If he was and looked the best, he had a chance to lose“.

Antonio Romao: „Its all a mafia Giannis, not fair With that injustice! No matter what all everyone that knows you knows who you are! You supposed to have been the winner! You are a champion EVERYDAY!“.

John Koymentos:“ Only those who are blind they saw he had to win the dude in the fight the rest is for those who do not know the game, pity for the judges showed that did not respect the hard work of Maggos and the second made him first a pity for them that were affected by somewhere to give professional card in wrong athlete“.





Let us speak about some of the very important historical moments of the World bodybuilding and let You judge about us by our works done, not words spoken.We will present „World Bodybuilding History“ articles in the folowing way:

-          Part 1. Ben Weider

-          Part 2. Prohibited Sport

-          Part 3. Communist Party Proclames the Champion

-          Part 4. Bodybuilding Lithrature

-          Part 5. First Through Iron Wall

-          Part 6. Your Own Oppinion

-          Part 7. Bodybuilding Future Decided in the Balcony

-          Part 8. Vatican Notices Our Efforts

Later will folow historical articles of the most important bodybuilding countries.

Part 6.


There are different point of views, there are different oppinions. But on what basis they are built? Often people discuss the history of bodybuilding never themselves being involved in any historic process. Often they only have heard something...
International President WFF-WBBF DSc. EDMUNDAS DAUBARAS personally took part in many important International Sport Events and still is. Many superior International Bosybuilding Events had happened not only with the participation of DSc. EDMUNDAS DAUBARAS, but often he himself was the initiator of those Historic Bodybuilding Events and Happenings.
For many decades among all USSR Bodybuilding Leaders DSc. EDMUNDAS DAUBARAS was the only one to know several foreign languages. That gave the opportunity for DSc. EDMUNDAS DAUBARAS to communicate direct with all International Bodybuilding Leaders through the World. Let us remember the famous International Press Conference when the IFBB (International Federation of Body Builders) Owner and President BEN WEIDER came on official visit to the USSR first time. Then in front of public and journalists this long lasting Press Conference turned into a two hours lasting dialogue between BEN WEIDER and DSc. EDMUNDAS DAUBARAS.
Today the President WFF-WBBF International DSc. EDMUNDAS DAUBARAS is in contact with nearly all known International Bodybuilding Leaders of the World. This prove thousands of documents saved in the historic archives of the WFF-WBBF International. The WFF-WBBF today is involved in important International Bodybuilding activities to change the basic position of our sport, to get the official recognition for Bodybuilding. That is why there is no enough time to be spent working on the documents of the History of World Bodybuilding.
Having another University Low Degree DSc. EDMUNDAS DAUBARAS studied the Juridical Background of every so called „International Bodybuilding Federation“. The statements about the WFF-WBBF being the World‘s nearly Sole International No Profit Bodybuilding Federation are proved by juridical documents. Not everybody like this. But do not talk, do not blackmail us – just go and register Your own International Federation according the International Law requirements, work for the bodybuilding sport at least fivety years as we did, have definite results of Your own work and then we will agree that all is ok with Your federation. But we do not think the real „owner“ of Your International Federation, who owns it as his private property, will let You see in public the real documents if there are such documents at all. In most cases – no.
For example, all of us know, that NABBA (National Amateur Body Building Association) is registered as a UK public club, not as an International Sport Federation. It looks unserious.
It looks unserious when WABBA (World Amateur Body Building Association) International for many yeras had only it‘s name and logo registered. Nothing more.
On the official level we may call this „international bodybuilding humour“. Every ministry of sport of any country and every serious Governmental Sport Official will have nothing to do with such „International Federations“. And it is so until they do not cheat the Governmental Structures telling and presenting them false information about their federations.
Having new ideas and based on the correct juridical registration International WFF-WBBF works for the official recognition of our sport. For the last two decades other federations use to copy the ideas of WFF-WBBF: model fitness, bikiny categories, classic bodybuilding and fitness, „fit-kids“, disabled bodybuilding etc.. We have nothing against – take and use them. But again it proves the WFF-WBBF is on the right way.

 (to be continued)



More information on the International Site, see forum topics. Also information available on the Facebook pages: WFF-WBBF International, WFF-WBBF North America, WFF-WBBF South America, WFF-WBBF Asia, WFF-WBBF Europe, WFF-WBBF Africa, WFF-WBBF Asia Continental Federation, WFF-WBBF Pro Division, International Sport University (ISU,, WPSF World Power Sports Federation.




2018. Celebrating fifty years of the WFF-WBBF International Activities and confronting the coming New Year of 2018 -  Congratulating Words of the President WFF-WBBF International DSc. Edmundas Daubaras.

Closing the year of the 2017 I want to thank all of You for the huge work that was done. We have been working much and achieved good positive results in 2017 again. Today the WFF-WBBF (World Fitness Federation, World Body Building Federation) International federation unites national organizations of 129 countries, that represent all Continents. Imagine – we organized 60 International Events World Wide! The Official Flag and the Official Himna of the WFF-WBBF International federation were presented at the most important World‘s Events. Especially important to the World‘s official sport were the our sport live history the 50-th „Amber Prix International“ (1968 - 2016, «Янтарный приз», «Gintarinis prizas“), the World Amateur and Professional Championships, the „Universe“ and the 2-d BRICS Championship. No one other International Organization, that represents our sport, can not be proud of so long history of it’s International activities. No one of them has so many Country - Members. No one organizes so many official International events. No one other organization seeks developing of our sport on official level, but the WFF-WBBF. They even do not try to do this. To say more – today all International Federations have chosen the commercial way and they are private commercial profit companies today, not sport federations.

Especially I would like to underline tremendous work done by the WFF-WBBF  International VIP Officials Lalit Soni (India), Andrej Basov, Svetlana Pugacheva and Ksenija Skvorcova (all Russia), Edita Sendriene and Vytautas Mikuckis (both Lithuania), Alireza Rasa (Iran), Pibe Rodriguez (Paraguay), Gianni Almeida (Brazil), James Davidsom (South Africa), Angelina Romanovic (Latvia), Gvidon Alvantzian (Cyprus), Valentina Kozlovskaja and Vladimir Kurilcik (both Belarus), Sergej Medvedev (Uzbekistan), Wojciech Nadolski and Zaneta Balsewic (both Poland), and many other our sport personalities.

In 2017 the Parliament Republic Lithuania organized the Official Meeting for the leaders of the WFF-WBBF International. Also at the Lithuania National News Agency ELTA  the International Press Conference was held.

In 2017 at the 50-th “Amber Prix International” Contest we celebrated the  fifty years of the WFF-WBBF International activities. The WFF-WBBF International goes on working on the unbelievable huge unique work – the “World Bodybuilding Encyclopedia” (“Pasaulinė kultūrizmo enciklopedija”, «Энциклопедия всемирного культуризма»).  It will be published in various languages. Until now nobody in the World ever dared to do such a tremendous project.

In 2016 under the initiative of the WFF-WBBF International the International Sport University (I.S.U., Tarptautinis sporto universitetas, Международный университет спорта; ) was established and registered in the European Union. Under the guidance of talanted administrators and scientists now it works succcessfully. In 2017 the ISU became the Associated member of the UNESCO organization at the UN (United Nations). Professor Vasilij Bespalenko works  activelly at the International Sports University.

We work with various power sports over 50 years. In 2012 under the initiative of our representatives of Canada, India, Italy and Lithuania we established the WPSF (World Power Sports Federation). In 2017 it organized the first World Powerlifting Championship in Lithuania.

Various International and National Social and Governmental Institutions notice huge efforts of the WFF-WBBF International. We were presenting and publishing  information on this many times. For the International activities in 2017 the President WFF-WBBF International DSc. Edmundas Daubaras was awarded with the “Order of Christ”. The Respect Award was presented to him by the Order of the Christ which is an Associated Member of the UN (United Nations) in New York, USA. Some time ago the Chairman Parliament Republic Slovakia Mgr. Art. Andrej Hrciar sent his congratulating words to the WFF-WBBF International and also he awarded the International President DSc. Edmundas Daubaras with the Honour Award of the Parliament Republic Slovakia. After several years we would like to remember that in 2012 through His personal letter the Roman Pope Benedictus XVI (Benedetto XVI)  blessed the WFF-WBBF International activities.

Representing World‘s Fitness and Bodybuilding Sport the WFF-International and the WBBF-International are the only ones World Wide Officially Registered International Non Profit Sport Organizations that work well for our sport so long time. New ideas and tremendous work done for the International Sport make the WFF and WBBF to be the today’s International Leaders in Bodybuilding and Fitness World Wide. The WFF and WBBF do not live yesterday’s life. We have lots of  new Global Bodybuilding Projects ahead.


God bless all of us in our sincere pray!





Some time ago we were writing that WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) sent Holiday congratulations to the WFF-WBBF (World Fitness Federation, World Body Building Federation) International federation. What does it mean? Official International Sport Institution congratulated Official International WFF-WBBF Federation. Do You know any other International Federation of our sport that was congratulated by WADA?

Before we were writing many times, that most so called „International federations, Associations, Committees etc. Are not official International Sport Organizations by Law. Most of them are private commercial companies. As IFBB (International Federation of Body Builders; read International Page articles and forum topics „Illegal IFBB/EFBB juridical and financial deals“). In 2009 after inner fights IFBB was split into two parts and in 2017 IFBB was split again  in two parts (of the Spanish RAFAEL SANTONJA‘s IFBB and the USA NPC, National Phisyque Committee of JIM MANION). All new structures fight in beween and go their own way.



There are only few Global Players in the World. Some time the „World Rullers“ decided to make a Global Player of Russia too. It is evident. The old World Rulling structures do not like this. They fight, but they have no chances to stop the Global Changes (get to know the „Bible World Rulling Concept“, which detalized all events through the last 3000 years).

There are lots of evidences of the Global Changes. Many people do not understand what is going on. Among them today‘s scandals of WADA in Russia. The World is changing and it is changing rappidly. The sport also is changing on Global, International and National level.   

Let us speak about our sport in Russia. From 1987 bodybuilding sport was represented by Russia IFBB and it was supported by the Sport Ministry of Russia. In 2016-2017 due to a multiple doping scandals and a number of athletes deaths the Sport Ministry refused to support IFBB Russia any longer. A famous Hollywood Actor and Producer, three time “Mr.Universe“ Champion (called „Russia Schwarzenegger“) ALEKSANDR NEVSKY writes about this:

„Только что, президентом "федерации бодибилдинга Санкт-Петербурга" избран А. Вишневский, уличённый в приёме запрещённых препаратов и лишенный титула чемпиона мира. Президентом "федерации бодибилдинга Москвы" уже несколько лет является О. Макшанцев, также лишенный титулов за применение "химии". Не удивлюсь, к сожалению, если один из них (или им подобный) вскоре станет и президентом "федерации бодибилдинга России", которая, кстати, получает финансирование от государства. Нужно ли объяснять, почему этими "федерациями бодибилдинга" не ведётся никакой анти-пропаганды анаболиков в российских СМИ, а единственным молодым "культуристом" на ТВ сейчас является несчастный недоросль с огромными руками, которые наполнены синтолом?“

Today Russia starts developing a new programme to develop bodybuilding. That will be much different from the old one. We will speak of this some time late ras we are sure the Russia process will change bodybuilding on International level too.



More information on the International Site, see forum topics. Also information available on the Facebook pages: WFF-WBBF International, WFF-WBBF North America, WFF-WBBF South America, WFF-WBBF Asia, WFF-WBBF Europe, WFF-WBBF Africa, WFF-WBBF Asia Continental Federation, International Sport University (ISU), WFF-WBBF Pro Division, WPSF World Power Sports Federation.




Today the WFF-WBBF (World Fitness Federation, World Body Building Federation)   International unites National Federations from 129 Countries that represent all Continents. Some time ago National Federation WFF-WBBF Republic Equatorial Guinea  became the 129 -th Country-Momber of the WFF-WBBF International.
Every year the WFF-WBBF International holds over 60 International Events World Wide.
some time ago  the WFF-WBBF International Headquarters were addressed through it‘s representative by Sport Ministry of one Asia Country. Working with the National WFF-WBBF Federation of this Country the Sport Ministry wants to organize the WFF-WBBF World Amateur Championship. Such contacts are possible only with the WFF-WBBF International. Relations with the National Olympic Committees and Sport Ministries are evident only of in 2009 split in between IFBB-1(International Federation of Body Builders, Owner and President RAPHAEL SANTONJA  from Spain) and IFBB-2 (Leader PAUL CHUA from Singapore) and working from 1968 WFF-WBBF International. By the way, in 2017 IFBB-1 split agai between NPC (National Phisyque Committee) of American JIM MANION (owner of the NPC) and the mentioned above RAFAEL SANTONJA. So today we have three International IFBB federations, that fight in between. All other so called “International Federations” and “International Associations” can not work with Sport Ministries as they are not International Sport Federations by Law. Have you ever seen a single other so called “International Sport Federation” working with Olympic Committees and Sport Ministries but these three spoken above? No! Maybe somebody will register a new one real International Federation, but it is a long long way until it will get any recognition.

Now we will speak about various International Federations and we will start from ourselves – the WFF-WBBF International.
We have spoken to the International Sport Society many times about the history of the WFF-WBBF International in the International Internet Page, our multiple Facebook Pages and in the International Magazine “Sport of Fitness and Bodybuilding”, that is issued in various languages since 1989. In all the World International historical materials about our sport collect and publish only the WFF-WBBF. Nobody else has so huge historic documents as the WFF-WBBF has. Other commercial federations care only about themselves and the Global development of our sport does not interest them. The WFF-WBBF International is the only one unique exception.
Crowning it‘s 50 years of  International Bodybuilding activities, the WFF-WBBF  works on the unique Global Bodybuilding Project -  the  „World Bodybuilding  Encyclopedia“ («Энциклопедия мирового культуризма»).
Our  „World Bodybuilding  Encyclopedia“  is based on the fivety years collected Archives of the WFF-WBBF International, the Archivic Documents were presented to us by the Owner and the President of WABBA (World Amateur Body Building Association) SERGE NUBRET (France),  the Heads of the UK Public Club NABBA (National Amateur Body Building Association) OSCAR HEIDENSTAM (England) and IVAN DUNBAR (Ireland), the Owners and Heads of the IFBB Commercial Company  BEN WEIDER (Canada), PAUL CHUA (Singapore), ALEX BAUER (Austria), JOSE PARDO HIDALGO (Spain).
Starting with EUGENE SANDOW (1898) our  „World Bodybuilding  Encyclopedia“  covers the period of over 100 years time. It presents over 8000 known International Bodybuilding  Sport personalities who were very important for the World Bodybuilding Sport during the last Century. Important - all these 8000 Bodybuilding Persons are representing all historically known traditional International Bodybuilding Federations.

 Now the WFF-WBBF International presents a new Global Sport Educational Institution – the INTERNATIONAL SPORT UNIVERSITY (Международный Университет Спорта, ). The ISU is registered in the EU and in 2017 became an Associated Member of the UNESCO at the UN (United Nations).

(Article will be continued).



More information on the International Site, see forum topics. Also information available on the Facebook pages: WFF-WBBF International, WFF-WBBF North America, WFF-WBBF South America, WFF-WBBF Asia, WFF-WBBF Europe, WFF-WBBF Africa, WFF-WBBF Asia Continental Federation, WFF-WBBF Pro Division, International Sport University (ISU,, WPSF World Power Sports Federation.